Oreo Cupcakes

Arghh where do i begin... we got home safely late last night.. couldnt even be bothered to do my laundry .. unpacked.. showered and went straight to bed.. this morning i got up pretty early.. did my laundry.. did my typical housework and took my butter out.. baked abt 50 cupcakes that were ordered by sis Rita and by half past 5.. sis lyn and family came over to discuss abt this weekend (we are celebrating Sonia's 3rd birthday party and as always both hb and my BIL will be in charge of the adult and kids games)

By 8pm sis Rita came over to pick up her cupcakes.. this is one teacher that gets agitated with her students but at the same time showers them with love hahaha... ty sis Rita for the order.. hope ur students love it!

Anyway back to my first statement of where do i begin.. u see i generally received quite a number of emails every single day but today was the first time that i received a not so good email.. honestly i really dont know if some ppl are just trying to piss me off or they hv a bit too much time on hand.. In todays email I was accused of writing bad about someone's online business and "bringing down their business". Worst part is that I have never heard of this person/business and apart from the picture thief two months ago.. I did not mention anybody else. Guess there are weirdos all over..

I am not gonna attach the emails that i got fm this person.. if he/she wants to try any recipe in my blog.. be my guest.. recipes here are meant to be shared anyway .. taking photos fm my blog is prohibited and do not accuse me of something that wasnt done in the first place!

So ok lets move on to a positive topic.. i hv been approached to go back to work.. shud i or shouldnt i?? hmmmm i love my job as SAHM but.. but...

On our last day in bkk.. we got to meet up with my best buddy Justin and Ping.. i hv known Justin for more than 12 years and since he moved to bkk 7 or 8 years ago.. we get to meet up whenever we are in bkk..

Sonia has no issues or whatsoever when it comes to strangers.. shes outgoing and she gets attached pretty fast.. dont even know if thats good or bad lol .. i guess she must hv got it fm her mama and papa hehe (note though: she gets comfy with "strangers" whom mama and papa greet and talk to - not random strangers)

Lastly pics of the cupcakes that i baked for sis Rita.. its oreo cupcakes with buttercream.

250g butter ( I use Anchor)
1 cup sugar
2 cups self rising flour - sift
1 tsp baking powder – sift
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

8~10 oreos – crushed (with the cream)

Whisk butter, sugar, self raising flour, baking powder, eggs and vanilla essence for 2 mins.. dont overbeat ok..
Stir in ur crushed oreos and thats it..
Pipe batter into cupcakes casing
Baked in preheated oven of 170C for abt 10 to 15mins

This recipe was given to me by someone that doesnt want her name to be mentioned here.. ty ty ty dear.. not only its super easy to prepare.. the taste is delish too.. my hb loves it and oh bef i go.. i would like to wish bibik Silvia happy bday!!.. we didnt forget my dear.. we just got the date wrong ahaksss.. enjoy ur bday ok .. hugs fm all of us.. love you!!

I wanna also thank everyone for dropping by my blog.. i will be super busy for the next couple of days preparing Sonia's bday party (this year its all abt dessert hehe) hopefully i will find time to do my rounds and to update my blog.. till then hv a good week ahead dearies!


Yat Maria said...


welcome home!!!

alamakkkk...kok u dun dapat email weirdo..ihsishish...dun pedulikan that email..dah mmg dari wierdo nak kata apa kan..menda yg kita tak buat or cakap pun dia orang salahkan kita jugak..buat bodoh sua!! elehhh ai cakap pandai ek..kemarin bila ku dapat ha ko!!! bertaburan^&^&^&&&$##%# sebab boringzz dgn org yg antar email tu..heheh...that's life babe...sometimes nice, sometimes not nice..anyway, humban ke laut jer itew weirdo..dah sah tak der keje nya orang..

arrrr..cakap pasal keje...alahhhhh tak yah keje arrr babe, SAHM much2 better, get to be with Sonia 24/7..itu lebih afdhooolllll..unless keje u yg dioffer involves baking & kasik kita orang sumer makan free..hahaha...yg tu buleh aja!!

this week pong ai akan terbuzy makcik perut mulat nak adakan bday now nak kena pikir plak tentang cake dia... yg asyik bertukar2 hari2..hishhh..

ok babe, sebelum panjang lebar ni comment jadi posting, baik aku ciao dulu...kang aku plak dapat hate mail orang komplen ai comment panjang sedepa kat blog u plak..meuehehehehe...takottttt makkkk!! hehehe

June said...

hi kak rima ! want to ask i can replace the oreo cookies something else right if i want to make varieties ?

Sizuka said...


Wow! must be really tiring, came back from long journey and had to do baking. the cupcakes look lovely. i'm pretty sure, the students love it! :D

I think some people memang takde keje, that's why they have the time to concoct a hate later to others. just ignore them. i think their job is trying to make others as miserable as them.

hope to see more beautiful cakes and desserts from u now that u're back in ur kitchen :)

ps : i just realised that my nephew Shariff and Sonia is of the same age except that Shariff will be 3 in Nov :)

Yan said...

uhh... i hate this. tried to post my comment via hp but my comment did not go thru. well... happy belated birthday dear sonia, may u grow up to be anak yang solehah. and may ur mom still have the strength of iron woman to bake and bake everyday... aminnn....

Ria said...

Alhamdulillah da slmt smpi..blik2 je membaking ye..pnt pn xpe kn sbb da suke..biaq p la email tu kak..kalu kite wt baik pn org kte, wt jahat lg la d kte..yg pnting kite tau pe yg kite wt..
Ria pn bz gak dis week sbb kene kemas ofis, nk pindah new ofis yg kt ceruk hutan..huhu..xyah keje la kak..dok umah dgn Sonia je..Ria kalu bole xnk keje but..but..tertiru lak ayatmu..hahah
hopefully dpt tgk kek Sonia yg cantekk n special..ambik gamba byk2 ye kak..

ninazsyafinaz said...

Kak Rima..welcome back!!
Jeles tau tgk Kak Rima as a SAHM..Teringin nak kerjaya mcm nih..tapi belum tercapai lagi..2 -3 tahun lagi perhaps :))..(Penat keja dah nih )

Wishing Bibik Silvia Happy Birthday!! tak sabar nak tgk apa dessert for Sonia Bufday this weekend.*wink

Mat Gebu said...

Rimaaa....boleh pengsann lah tgk apa2 u buat...

K.Nor said...

mmg tabik la.. balik penat2 terus masuk gear dan baking!! wahhh.. hebat betul la..

mmg tak faham dan mmg pelik dgn perangai sesetengah manusia ni..

Rima said...

I dah delete itew email after i replied to him/her.. tdy dia masih suruh i pi delete nama dia fm my blog.. ape ni.. dah kita kata kita tak tahu menahu tentang business dia.. he/she still keep on asking me to remove his name fm my copyright.. lahhhhh tak faham lah makcik ape yg dia nak so ape yg ku buat.. ku click on delete.. its like a never ending story lah with weirdos ni..

Part kerja tu.. i actually tak nak but hb suruh i pikir kan dulu.. entah lah.. dah tua tua macam malas pun ade nak jadi working woman.. kerja yg tak dicari and rezki yg akan datang tergolek golek memang susah nak ditolak tapi kan.. ku rasa ku lagi mulia duduk kat ruma lah.. bake and take order whenever i feel like it..

Oh ye ker makcik perut mulat tu nak bday.. happy advance bday for her.. hari ni ku nak prepare macarons shells first.. semalam ai sempat bake chocolate chip cookies.. will hv to bake two more batch today cos i think 3 adonan also tak akan cukup for kids to munch on sonia's bday.. if ade masa lagi i nak buat tarts shells too.. lahhh macam macam nak buat kahkahkah

Rima said...

Of cos u can.. if u nak vanilla cupcake u tak yah add oreos.. if u nak try with different kinda of fillings.. i think it wont be any probs..

Rima said...

Actually kan i tak tahu pun ape yg dia nak fm me.. first email tu dia tulis in english.. i hv to read sampai berkali kali cos tak faham ape yg dia tulis.. he kept on complaining that dia tak leh print the recipe here and if i tak nak share then dont share kat my blog.. then came the second email and tuduh i nak ruin his 20yrs business cos i cemar kan nama dia kat my copy right.. lahhh when i click on copyright.. mana ade nama dia kat situ.. ape lah orang orang ni.. how can he tuduh i nak ruin his business.. i tak kenal and tak pernah dengar pun nama dia.. he said his friends went to my blog and told him that i am trying to bring down his name.. i very the siong one lah with this kinda ppl :o(

Shariff was born in Nov.. macam Hairi pulak.. my son was born on the 3rd of nov

Rima said...

hehhe ty ty for the wish.. sometimes i hv probs sending comment thru my iphone too.. lagi selamat if u use lappy to do the dirty job ahakss

Rima said...

busy busy pun akak kau ni redha hahaha.. anything for dessert.. macam mana punya busy pun ku suka..

Yes i know.. u can never satisfy ppl lah.. gasak lah kan.. tak kuasa makkk.. am too busy to layan this kinda ppl

Rima said...

Ty.. tengah lintang pukang ni buat kerja yg tak habis habis.. nanti if dah jadi SAHM baru mu tahu betapa byk kerja yg harus mu buat kat rumah ahahhaa BUT being SAHM is one satisfying job lah nina.. I loikeeee :o)

Rima said...

Cik Mat.. ai still got long way ah to hias a perfect cupcake.. menghias cupcake ni lagi byk kerja lah cik mat .. i much prefer mendeco one big cake.. :o)

Rima said...

My cousin order waktu we were in bangkok.. lucky semua barang dah ade kat pantry if not how to bake for the students..

Memang tak faham betul betul ni.. i think dia tak leh copy paste the recipes and i think he felt that i had banned his name tu sebab dia tak leh print the recipe in my blog.. lahhhh thats what i think lah cos sungguh mak tak faham akan ape yg dia maksud kan when he said "cancelled my name in ur copyright".. err say what??

CS said...

You ada beli lempok dari Siam tak? Kalau ada you taulah kat siapa you patut lemporkan that thingy to *sekali sekala membazir takpe kot?*.

Sonia n her rantai/gelang memang tak dpt dipisahkan, auwww.

Rima said...

Cik Som
Eh part part cam gini memang harus ku membazir kan lempok ku itew but kan i never buy.. how abt if i lemporkan sotong sotong ku yg pedas tu.. ok jugak kan :op

Sonia and her ever growing rantai and gelang - tahu tak pe hahaha

Anonymous said...


Luvvvv your cupcakes, they're so pretty. My granddaughter loves decorating cupcakes whenever I make them (I'm a beginner tho).

Oh, thanks for the birthday wish too :)


Anonymous said...

that's a serious accusation, i don't see any posts close to that in this blog. to be honest your posts can be jealous minds :} hallooo SAHM, my missus is desperate to be one but apakan daya hubby die cukup2 makan, hehe. you plak pikir going back to work.

AzLiN said...

Hi Kak, I'm so looking forward to see this year's Sonia's dessert theme birthday party. I'm sure its gonna be a blast!!! Boomz!!! & as usual, jng lupa upload gambar & recipe, k....

Btw kak, how do you do the piping on your cupcakes, esp those that look like flower? So nice!! Wilton tip nombor apa?

God bless!!!!! Take care!!!! :D

ninazsyafinaz said...

Fuhh..habis baca komen nih..sbb nak tahu cerita pasal si beliau yg perasan tuh..Tak boleh print resepi from here? tau tak kaedah click kanan paste then print lah berapa copy yg kamu nak..(dgn keizinan untuk ulang cetak yerk ) tak pun buat mcm saya nih..amik pen..salin dlm buku nota..habis cerita.

marina anakcikbob said...

tindakan bodoh.. saya boleh je print..
mungkin problem datang dari printer dia..

Anonymous said...

Oh Rima, Lovely cupcakes...soothing to my tired eyes.

Just ignore the weirdo, but if he/she keeps disturbing you, just track the IP address and report them to the police, within minutes, they will be caught for disturbing people. This will stop them from doing this nonsense again...


DeLLa said...

hi kak rima...cun la cuppies u...topping dia tu buttercream je ek?rata kan saje then deco with nozzle..betul ke? said...

Salam Rima
Sekali singgah diblog ni membuatkan akak nak singgah berkali2 lagi. Gambar2 nya, resepi2 nya and gaya yg bersahaja tu membuatkan akak tertunggu2 akan new entry....keep it up..i likeee..

I, myself also chocoholic...nampak resepi yg ada coklat jer, sure belum berkesempatan lg nak mencuba nya...I MUST TRY !!!

BTW, product Valrhona tu banyak beza ke dgn Van Houten? Price wise ? Tak tau la pulak kat mana nak cari Valrhona di KL ni.



cik cek said...

Rima....little cuppies...cute sgt... :-)mesti sonia suka kan...

hana said...

kehadapan rima yg dirinduiii... woooo patut la bizi eh! tp aku suka kije yg byk masa boleh soping! wakakakakaka.. saper la yg sanggup nk menggaji aku ! hahaha....

wehhh tak abes lg cter makcik tuhh! huh! apa punyer olang lah.. wat bodo suda la rim.. cam aku jugak aritu.. selagi tuh nak ckp tak puas ati... tp aku buat tak layan.. lama2 dier boring then senyap! gasak lah situ! but diam tk bermakna kiter salah! tul tak rim?? kdg mmg tk phm perangai org2 nih.. huh!

eh! swirl yg beso tuh ko guna noozle nombor bape eh? bentuk star kan? aku wat jd secotet! tak gheti nk buat beso2... ker aku silap noozle tak tau ar....

Rima said...

Ty ty .. i am not a big fan of cupcakes actually.. my baking time is sonia nap time.. so baking cupcakes plus decor tu kira i will do it once in a blue moon lah.. tu sebab decoration nye tak cun melecun lah

Rima said...

Tell me abt it Noir.. tak pe.. mak sabau aje lah.. if kita melayan.. kita yg jadi tak keharuan.. so best thing to do.. IGNORE

No i dont wanna go back to work.. i was approached..

Rima said...

Lahhh ape yg de boomz hahahha.. biasa aje lah.. dak sonia ni belum go to school so mana ade kawan sebaya dgn dia.. yg ramaikan nanti orang tua lah tu sebab dessertnye dessert orant tua hahaha

Rima said...

opssy azlin.. the flower tu akak pakai wilton tip 1M.. pi tengok kat you tube how to swirl it ok..

Rima said...

actually thats how i did it too.. i will jot it down in my book.. alah am not bothered anymore pun.. thats yesterday news.. if he kacau i lagi i will just click delete.. habis cerita :o)

Rima said...

Honestly i dont even know what he wants.. tak faham makcik..

Rima said...

So far today he only emailed me once.. i deleted his email and hv not heard anything fm him .. i bet tmrw there will be another "love" letter for me hehehe

Rima said...

yep.. u bake the cupcake.. then u use ur buttercream for the topping.. flatten it and then semprot kan icing pakai ur fav nozzle..

hv fun!

Rima said...

Salam KFatimah
Ty for leaving footprints.. appreciated it..

Of cos theres difference between valrhona and van houten ..for example.. the colour.. the taste of the cocoa powder.. i think u can get valrhona fm hilton kl.. price sudah tentu berbeza.. i paid 200g of valrhona for $11.90 err maybe $12.90 eerr wait hahaha

Rima said...

Ahaks.. cara mu karang surat macam waktu dolu dolu ku dating dengan kekasih lama hahaha

Eh the email is not fm the same person lah cos nama dia lain.. his/her web site also lain.. yg ku heran.. ade ke dia suruh kita cancelled name dia fm my copyright.. APAKAHHH??

Itew bunga besar ku pakai nozzle wilton 1M.. ah ah nozzle star yg gedek sebab tu swirl nye jadi gedek.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Can you share your buttercream recipe please?
Thanks very much :)

Rima said...

Hi Anonymous.. cud u pls leave down ur name so that i can adrs u properly??

The buttercream recipe u can get it fm my previous post.. look under spongebob cake ok..

DG said...

I simply love anything with oreo, this cupcakes sure yummy! Love the unique colours of mini flowers on your cupcakes. Really looking forward for your post of this coming Sonia's birthday party :)

Edi said...

i love cupcakes! hehehehe...
and yours cute miut la rima! love the colors :)

Rainani said...

Hi Sis Rima..
i mmg admire ur cake n blog..dont stop blogging tau.. dh try recepi ni but xbuat cupcake.. buat as cake biasa.. Tq for d recipe..

Unknown said...

Dear Rima,

I love to see your blog and always eager to see your baking items. Your baking skill is very skillful. Thanks for sharing with us. Look forward for more surprise from you.

Best Regards

zarin said...

i pun rasa orang tu memang sungguh2 tkdak kejer tau! saja iri hati kat orang lain kot
if i were u pun memang i delete delete email dia..and kalau boleh dgn dia dia skali pun i nak delete :D

Rima said...

Well its up already but not the entry abt the party.. will do it tonight..

heheh cute mute and the kids loved it.. ty wink wink

Oh ye ker.. i heard fm the owner of this recipe that it tasted better as cupcake then as base cake.. tak cuba lagi so i dont know.. :o)

Welcome and glad u enjoy ur stay here..

Eh kalau boleh bukan nak delete dia.. kalau boleh nak nak err hahaha

Rainani said...

sedap gak k.rima.. licin kek i..buat utk ofcmate nyer besday.. tp gmbr xletak dlm blog pun..:D segan aa..hehehee

Unknown said...

hi kak rima..
i love yr blog..and the food..ahhh! dont mentioned all look so sedap sedap.
just 1 question about this oreo cupcake..when u said whisk..does it mean whisk using mixer or just pakai whisker? i nak try buat ni..coz it look yummy and ingredient pun x banyak..n i'm sure my kids will love it.. TQVM

Rima said...

Ohhh good to know that.. lain kali i will try to bake it as base cake..

Ty dear and yes u whisk pakai stand mixer.. whisk at high speed for 2 mins max.. not a minute more heheh

WanYgBest said...

Dear K.Rima...

I made this recipe yesterday. Since I dont have a mixer, I just melted the butter and follow "the wet & dry method", and it turned out great! My friends love it and they are asking for more!! Thanks for the recipe.

Rima said...

Really?? well done! maybe next time i will try ur method.. :o)

yummylittlecooks said...

Hi Rima,
Thank you for this wonderful recipe.I'd tried, and it was so delicious!!!

hawa said...

Salaam K.Rima....I just did this cupcake today! It's very very yummy! My hubby, kids and grandma give thumps up! They really love it! Thanx Kak for sharing and teaching!;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Recipe for the icing takde?


Rima said...

Ty for trying!

Hehe yes its very yummy on its own .. taste better with buttercream hehehe

Buttercream recipe i use the one fm my spongebob cake entry

hawa said...

Insyallah will try to do it again wif the buttercream topping! Thinking of omitting the oreo and do it plain with strawberry or blueberry filling in it coz my grandma x like anything to do wif chocolate! Hehehe...

Rima said...

the recipe is vanilla cupcake.. adding oreo is just an option.. u can add just abt anything u want.. try it lah ok

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, ty for the wonderful recipes...had wanted to bake this cupcake but found that i ve ran out of self raising flour. I ve cake flour, plain flour and sponge cake mixture though...can i substitute the self-raising flour with any of these? Pls advise. Thank you once again!

Rima said...

Anonymous i wud appreciate if u cud sign off with ur name.. tks.. I dont use self raising flour either.. dont know why i am not a big fan of SRF.. u use plain flour and add 1tsp of baking powder..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

I tried this cupcake yday night. Was easy as it didn't require many steps. Tasted good too. I loved it. But, I noticed my cuppies shrinking as soon as they cooled. Do you know why they shrink?


Rima said...

Hi Frieda
Its normal for cuppies to shrink a little but.. hmm i hope u follow the steps to the T cos ur not supposed to whisk it for more than 2 mins or ur cake will be dense and shrink.

Cookie said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I just baked it this afternoon, and I love it.

Rima said...

Glad u liked it Cookie.. i just baked it for an order!

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