Addicted to...

We all hv some kinda addiction.. I know for sure that i am addicted to baking.. err well besides my addiction to travelling and hb.. ahaksss... others may be addicted to electronic gadgets... some ppl like my sis are addicted to handbags.. some ppl like my other sis are addicted to cell phones lol...

Then there are some ppl who are addicted to Beef rendang... yes u heard me right.. addicted to rendang.. hb's German supplier who lives in Bangkok has asked me to cook them rendang time and time again and since i didnt think that he was serious abt it.. i chose to ignore him lol.. so last week when he was in Singapore.. he called me to remind me to cook for him rendang and take it to Bangkok lol.. oh by the way.. we are heading to Bangkok in a few hrs time and will be there for a couple of days.. yayyyy its going to be full on hols for us as hb is not there for work plus this weekend Sonia is gonna be 3!!

I on the other hand have spent the entire two days finishing up all my ironing.. was hoping i could find some time to bake layer cake out of my 30 eggs but unfortunately i was too tired to do so.. err well thats not all true actually.. i baked Macarons to take to Bangkok for friends too.. now everything is packed in my luggage and as ur reading this.. we are already on our way to the airport.. so i guess thats it.. i see u guys at Pathumwan Princess.. i heard theres a good cafe at Siam Paragon that serve good dessert.. will definately take pic of their dessert!

Addicted to her new toy.. bibik Silvia bought it for her as her advance bday present in replacement of her iTouch that drowned in the fish pond last month...

Bibik...did you hear that the iPad 2 was released yesterday? hehe


izahdaut said...

have a safe journey..dan selamat bergumbira dan berfoya foya di sana kak ek..
sonia..unty nak jugak nak jugak..jom share jom..cute la warne pink..
eh mat kulit putih pun suke rendang ye kak rima..hehe..bagus betul.nanti akak leh jadi supplier rendang pulak..waduhhh..

Sizuka said...


Have fun in Bangkok! Take loads of photos and upload it tau. Cantiknya sonia's ipad, pink somemore. Happy advance Birthday Sonia!! Stay pretty and semoga menjadi anak yg solehah :)

fara dean said...

besttnya si sonia tu..hihi..cute je dia gna i touch..

Jun said...

ello rima..hahahha, mcm dah berkurun x jalan2. hmm, i think i'm addicted to so many things..depends on d situation n time..always tukar one, hahahhaa. dat must b really dangerous ey? nway, happy holiday to u my dear..have a good n safe to n fro journey orait?

KG said...

rima...ko ni mmg tak leh duduk diam! samalah aku! hmm must meet up whn you are nxt in kl...tak ouah wek borak over the phine jek! nice time in bangkok :p

SurayaCoghlan said...

Damn...Sonia got ipad!!! tak leh jadi ni Rima..i pun nak satu...Ipad 2..harusss ..

have fun in Bangkok babe...

Ria said...

p dolan lg ye kak..enjoy ur holiday k..geram je tgk chin Sonia..Hepi besday in advance a gud girl..

Maizatul said...

happy birthday are so adorable....

K.Nor said...

salam rima, have a save journey & a pleasant holiday ya.. & happy advance birthday buat sonia yg makin comel tu :)

Anonymous said...

Halo Rima,

Happy Birthday to lil Sonia :)

Have a safe journey and enjoy your holidays.


Ribbon and Circus said...

Oh no..I'm behind Sonia?!!? I must get that Ipad2..huhu

Have a pleasant holiday in bangkok !!! :D

Unknown said...

haf fun sis! wah.. ipad sonia menggoda jiwa & kalbu auntie lah!

Yat Maria said...


wahhhh i oso want that touch thingy!!!

and nice packaging for the macs!!

have a safe journey & enjoy..

3E said...

wow! Sonia dapat Ipad tuuuu...Aunty 3E cuma ada MacBook pro daughters pun sibuk nak Ipad jugak...

marina anakcikbob said...

wahhh.. sonia.. ipod rosak dapat ipad..
tapi bibik beli xkena masa.. da kelaur ipad 2..
tapi xpe.. thanx to bibik.. :)

Anonymous said...

Salam Rima, misah here wishing cute lil Sonia Happy 3rd Birthday ya n hope u all r having a gd time...

muzhirah said...

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Maya Marisa said...

Rima dear, aiyo, lama nyer tak singgah ur hse. Ooh otw to BKK pulak. Re Siam Paragon, not only the dessert, the crispy fried fish pun sodap!
Re ipad my IT dept just gave a few to the BOD. Then 2 weeks later, steve jobs whose on LOA sudah kluarkan ipad2. Very good mktg & product launch. Also thank god i declined my hb's offer on ipad :-p.
Hv fun in BKK yea! Kalau terjumpa, i'll say hi ok dear. Am also heading there for mtg next week.

Rima said...

Eh mat kulit putih memang lagi over part part makanan kita hehehe.. bagus kan when our food get international attention heheh

Rima said...

Ty dear... shes a big girl now hehe

Itouch dia dah kena baham ikan hehehe

Sonia said.. ty auntie Jun.. mama said its dangerous when u hv an addiction to many things in life hahahah

Eh nothing new mahhhh... u also the same.. kata same age catagories.. if lemah lemah susah tauuuu :op

Tks babe.. memang harus enjoy bkk... kan this place my shopping paradise hehe.. sonia kata "eh pi beli ipad 2 auntie.. jgn tak beli tauuuu"

Rima said...

ty ty.. will do of cos hehe

Ty auntie.. u too hehe

Ty ty.. akan ku sampai kan si dak SOnia ni.. haizz how time fly.. dah besar dah sonia ni..

Ty for the wishes and will do of cos hehe

Ribbon clown
eh dont wait any longer.. pi beli ipad2.. if dapat per lagi best hehe

Mrs plain june
Ipad sonia also menjadi pujaan hati papa dia hahaha

Eh u busy bangat eh this few rounds?? hv a good weekend babe.. sorry i am in the hurry ni.. papa dia dah jeling manja lagi tadi hahaha

Budak budak memang lagi untung dari kita.. i dah tua kerepot also tak dapat ipad lagi hahah

yep tks to bibik she got ipad instead of a new itouch.. :op

Thank you!

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