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Kitchen Aid Sale!

Hey peeps.. am sorry for not replying to any of my emails or comments.. i dont even hv the time to post any new entry for the past few days... my SIL is back fm KK and we hv been out and abt since then.. today we had a small gathering at our place and when i say gathering it usually means we did korean bbq as thats the easiest and fastest way that i can think off.. well not really.. it was more like... out and abt half part of the day.. came home.. no cooking needed = more time to prepare desserts hehehe.. am just glad that everything was done bef 7.. phewww

I still had opera cake in my fridge since we are hardly home to enjoy it.. i baked 2 batches of macarons and also baked creme brulee.. oh by the way one batch of my macarons decided that its too hot to wear any skirt.. the other ones decided to wear a nice skirt.. (i had used two different recipes for these macarons).. and oh another thing.. u guys shud really try to use lemon curd as fillings cos oh la la.. the combination is truly awesome!

Macarons with different types of fillings.. lemon curd, white chocolate ganache and also espresso ganache.

Anyway lets not get into every single detail cos i hv only one reason as to why i decided to post an entry at this very hr (after my last guest left) eventho i am dead beat.. earlier today i got an sms fm Mayer.. they are gonna hv their annual warehouse sale starting tmrw till sunday.. i hv been waiting for it for a year and am definately gonna get a kitchenaid foodpressor tmrw morning.. so if any of u guys are looking to get a kitchenaid mixer.. i wud suggest.. take the morning off and go and get it during the warehouse sale since they are usually going for $499 (well that was last year's price during their annual sale)..

Ok dokie. i thought i share this great news to everyone thats looking into buying the ever so sexy Mr Aid hehehe..

Kitchen Warehouse Sale up to 70% off
Ariston, Indeset, Elizia, Kitchen Aid, and more
18-20 feb
10am - 6pm
11 Changi North Way

Good night.. eh morning everyone and hv a super uber good weekend!


Yat Maria said...


sejak beli KA kemarin kan, they all pun ada sms me the a/m sale..i didnt go to last year's one, so i wonder do they also sell the assessories?
anyways, skirt or vogel those macarons still look good..eheh..our friend pon dah buat taw, tinggal ai jer lagi pikiak nak try ker tak :)

hana said...

rimmm..... aku nak kirim boley tak???! siyes nih weehhhhh... hihihihi

CTZee said...

Hopefully you'll get that pasta attachments yg you idam2kan tu. Happy Shopping K. Rima!!!

Mat Gebu said...

Salam rima...KItchen Aid cake mixer memang gojess, sexy and hot as usual, lepas tu tahan lama, i dok guna dah masuk 12 tahun, tak de masalah apa2....yang best sebab ada pelbagai ragam warna...kannn. Kat JB ni susah nak dapat...huhu

izahdaut said...

morning kak rim..
wah wah wah.....sopingg jangan tak soping kak..hehe..sangat suke tengok hasil macaroon kak rim..saya bagi gelaran ratu masaroon lah kat akak..tak pernah try buat sendri..sebab bila baca yang cuba banyak fail dari suksess..ishh ishh..dah terbayang2 dah disaster kalau saya buat macaroon..hahaha

farra said...

hi k.rima...huhuhu since tgk macaron k.rima time2 berjinak2 dlm blogger ni memang makin ramai pulak buat macaron ni and classes...moh la dtg kl buat class disini..kekekek...ill be the first who will register with u kekekekeke :D

Madam Sooyaree said...

I love KA! :D

KG said...

oh kitchen aid...i urve the one in yellow and prrple....lemon curd yup saya suka...nanti nak buat eh tarok dl macarons! nice weekend rima!

The Brownie Babe said...

salam kak reen frm kl. been following ur blog for quite sometime now..
erm, do you take orders for ur lovely macarons? they look so delicious and im tempted to have a taste..hehehe (^_^)

mariah said...

Aiyoh Rimaaa.... i mau itu macaroon yg pakai skirt.. so seksi aaaahhhh... *slap3x in my face.. splash3x water on my face.. i'm a woman..

Rizd said...

Fuyooh....thanks very very much babe for the information!!! I'm definitely heading changi north way happen to b on half day afternoon...hehehe hoping to catch u der :))

Anonymous said...

Dear Rima

If the price of Kitchen Aid cake mixer is at that price, seriously, could you please get me 1 set red in colour.

Email your detail and I can make online payment. Delivery wise, when you are in KL, I go n pick from you.


Anonymous said...

the missus and i were just discussing about a place to go to this weekend. if she does get to this blog, i hope she tak nampak those letters in bold :}

Aqil said...

wow beshnyer...KA wat sale ;D

Aishamirafiq said...

thanks for your info...
btw, how much is the kitchen aid price? any idea?

Aishamirafiq said...

opss sorry... just notice that you mentioned $499.00 (so excited till never notice... hehehe)..

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Hi Rima, I macam tak ada kerja, looking thru yr blogs over and over again. How I wish I ve the time to bake the cakes. Each time my doter came back from college, know what she said,"not that blog again" I'm addicted, he,he. Nway, if u ve the time, do visit me *blog*. Bye for now!

MANISAH said...

Rima... alamak, macam ni I terkena pergi ni(ter? kamus bahasa kata: perbuatan tidak sengaja hahaha) ermm... will be back down there this weekend. Macam nak beli aja additional bowl (err... agak2nya berapa harga dia masa sale ni?) cuma takut tak tertarik purse keluar dari handbag (exchange rate makin naik). Bundt pan yg dibeli masih dalam plastik bag dia namun the best thing is that it ended that my other half terbeli (again ter? hehehe) the Naturai machine. Nampak gaya kedai tu makin mendapat perhatian coz we shared the good things we bought there with friends. Really great to have met you there. Hopefully we could meet there again (hehehe, free parking on Sat)or at other places. I used to advice to my students, kalau nak menuntut ilmu kena jumpa tok gurunya.

To Enchik/Chik Mat Gebu (maaf kalau salah cara saya address you): memang KA gagah... tapi bila suruh uli roti tergugat juga dia... kepala dia terangkat2 (hahaha) tapi badan dia tak bergerak. Tuan rumah ni Puan Rima yg banyak kasi advice pada saya sebelum beli. Thanks Rima for that.

To all... have a good weekend ahead

cek chun said...

anyone going to spore?
want to order the sexy chrome mr aid :p

CS said...

Takperlah, I kompol duit beli *FA dulu eh?
BTW, my mixer starts with alphabet K juga, hehe. KRUp (delete 'P' so I perasan KRU yg bagi mixer tu kat I, ok tak?).

*First Aid :-)

Rima said...

Tengok lah .. sesungguh nye kita hanya boleh merancang.. niat dihati nak gi pagi buta but tadi waktu subuh ku diserangi stomach flu.. haizzz.. walaubagaimana pun ku menunggu kepulang suami ku dari sholat.. harus pergi jugak lah or else melepas benda yg ku hajati..

THey do sell accessories lah babe.. pi lah if u hv the time..

Oh siapa yg dah buat?? cik som ke?? woahhhh.. salute salute

Rima said...

serious?? when are u coming back to tanahair mu ahakss.. email me can?

Rima said...

Last year i saw it during their annual sale.. fist off i wanna get their food processor lah.. pasta maker tu idaman suami ku ahakss

Rima said...

Oh ye ker cik mat.. then where did u get it fm?? urs memang gojes.. merah menyala lagi.. sebelum mr aid i used kenwood chef.. more than 20yrs and masih lagi in good condition.. now mr aid menjadi penganti cik chef..

Rima said...

You never know ey.. siapa tahu first time cuba terus menjadi.. memang cerewet sikit but if ade jodoh macarons mu akan pakai skirt.. if skirt dia jadi pendek its ok lah.. u add filling to it and ngap.. rasa sama aje.. chewy gitew

Rima said...

Adehhh farra.. ramai yg buat class kat sana.. i cannot be teacher lah nanti nervous breakdown pulak hehe

Rima said...

Madam Sooyaree
I love Mr Aid! hehe

Rima said...

U pergi try ok... rasa dia shiok.. masam and manis mix.. tak overpowering kemanisan nye itew.. everyone likes it alot

Rima said...

Can u email me? u do know that i am base in S'pore? hehe

Rima said...

LOL Mariah.. cannnn lucky skirt dia pakai ken ken hehe

Rima said...

U going later?? sungguh dusssss kamu ni hahaha...part shopping semua orang pun dasss dusss hahaha.. biasa dia!!

Hopefully cos niat ku nak gi pagi tak kecapaian.. perut sakit bangat

Rima said...

I hv emailed u back.. dont think they hv it in red waktu sale ni.. last year it was in torques and also orange.. if tak silap lah.. anyway i will find u in google chat later when i am there..

Rima said...

Muahahha NOIR.. harap harap she sees the ad kahkahkah.. selamat berjuang NOIR ahaks

Rima said...

Once a year thingy is hard to just let it go by.. dont want to be like last year.. waktu sale tak beli.. waktu tak sale pulak akak kau beli .. haizzz

Rima said...

Yep thats how much it cost last year..

Rima said...

Art lover
Insyallah akan ku gegar blog mu bila ade kelapangan.. well my SIL flying back this weekend.. so by next week i will be back to my normal routine :o)

Rima said...

It was nice to hv bertembung pipi with u the other time.. small world ey.. if u tak sapa i.. tak dak chance i nak berlaga pipi with u hahaha

Belum pakai lagi bundt pan mu itew?? ahakss... no need to tunggu lama lama ok.. pi buat cake this weekend pakai benda tu ok..

Rima said...

cek chun
so ade orang gi tak?? mai lah turun beramai ramai.. hehe

Rima said...

Kahkahkah cik som.. FIRST AID.. ku tak suka makan ubat.. sakit also tak suka gi jumpa doc..

u peminat KRU ke?? i thought only pak aaron buah hati mu?? ahaksss

Ribbon and Circus said...

Oh I pun dapat sms tuh.. tunggu next year nyer warehse sale for our new house..!! this year boleh cuci mata je hehehe aim nak beli foodprocessor plak.. delonghi nyer product pun cam best kan..

MANISAH said...

Laga jangan tak laga Cik Rima hehehe. Aisayman weekend ni mana boleh baking, outstation ke Temasek lagi , hmmm macam nak terpergi ke Changi tu...(hopefully can squeeze time). "Papago here we go!" young man's new motto when daddy bought mummy a new Papago, GPS navi system. Reason being? Mummy can drive where mummy wants to go in daddy's land.

Anonymous said...

Sis Rima...., nak kirim satu KA..kat KL rege nya RM2399!!! Lots of diff!! Kalau boleh, please email me ( ~ Aishah

Kak Nik Ja said...

nampak nye rima kena borong all d KA available lah!!!hihihi..tapi memang murah berbaloi beli..m'sia, mahai terduduk!! hepi shopping, n grad the biggest trolley!!

Bintangjauh said...

Salam Rima, ya ampun itu macarons jelitanya, sampai sekarang Ratna masih tak berani membuatnya, takut berlawan dengan Pierre Hermé, alang tu!!

Selama Ratna menetap disini, hanya 3 tahun lepas Ratna kenal itu KA, sedia maklum Peranchis ni "particular" sikit pasal products dari made in USA ni, kerana disini sikit sikit brands-nya Miele, Gaggenau, Magimix, KWood et cetera et cetera.

Sejak Grands Chefs kata KA teramatlah top, Ratna pun tergoda juga, baru-baru ini ada pub mengenai model baru Artisan yang ber-bowl pyrex (Ratna opted pyrex dari métal) Ratna terus jeling-jeling manja ke mon mari chéri, lansung kata oui, avec plaisir..alang tu!!

Magimix Ratna tu nak diletak dimana?

Bravo Rima, Ratna masih belum boleh lagi ditahap Rima, mungkin biscuits boleh buat tapi cakes "haute" seperti Rima Ratna masih lagi di-tahap baby!!

Salam manis manis madu.

farra said...

k.rima,have u been to kitchen aid sale tu ke..adesss hajat di hati mcm nak beli gak.nak kirim malu tapi bila k.hana nak kirim nak tumpang sekaki boleh much after lebih kurang sama after exchange sing to rm?heheheheh :D

Miss Cool said...

nak macaroon!!!!

hana said...

rimm... dah send emel... aku tak tau la sampai ke idok nyer... coz aritu aku ada gak anto emel... nnti check eh.. thanx beb!

Rima said...

Sorry peeps... i was down.. semalam stomach flu berlarutan sampai ke malam.. pagi ni baru ok.. semalam i did went to the sale walau pun ku sakit ahaksss.. the price was a little disappointing lah.. last year they were going for $499.. cuma ade 2 colours.. this year they came in with 3 colours.. going for $659.. thats abt $1570 ringgit.. cuma ade green and white colour.. the other colour dah habis!.. the one that is worth paying was kitchen aid heavy duty.. that one is in white of cos.. going for $659.. same price..

Ku tak sangka rupe nye all my emails hilang di alam maya cos i reply it via my Iphone.. i hv reply to ur email via my lappy so hopefully u will get it lah

Nak?? mai sini hehehe

I dah reply to ur question

Dont say like that lah.. u also pandai membaking.. i didnt know that mr aid also comes in pyrex.. better ke?? i much prefer the metal long hv u been living in france?

Alahhh tak yah pakai trolley... angkut and letak kat counter hehe

Woahh so ex ah.. kat sini not more than $1k pong.. original price abt $899

Woaaahhhh ape lagi... pi lahhhh.. u hv till tmrw dear hehhee

Ribbon clown
Ur not missing out much actually.. harga nye tak se shiok last year lah

Bintangjauh said...

Salam Rima, telah cukup 20 tahun menetap di Peranchis!! Circa 1990.

Tahu dan pandai segitu sahaja Rima, teringin buat itu cake seperti Rima akan tetapi kekurangan teknik!!

Bon week end en famille. salam manis manis madu.

Bintangjauh said...

Oops, KA in pyrex baru keluar awal January.
Ratna lagi senang dengan pyrex kerana boleh nampak apa saja didalamnya.

Salam lagi.

MANISAH said...

Rima... sampai juga kami ke Mayer tu, yeah u're right harga tarak syiok ler, ingatkan byk beza dari yg I beli rupanya hehehe I ada sikit kurang hari harga tu. Attachments byk yg habis. Nak shredder tak dapat, nak bowl pun tak dapat. Akhirnya dapat pressure cooker pulak. Yg ni harga amat syiokk apalagi boleh pakai on induction top.

Anonymous said...

Salam Sis, nak order macarons...I'll self pick up nxt wk when u're in KL. Choclate macarons ya...anything pls drop me an email ya Sis...~aishah

Rima said...

Ohhh lama betul tu.. 20yrs is 20yrs yah hehehe.. sure speak french macam air.. my hb speaks french like air too.. hardly get to speak here of cos but when we go to france kira dia tunjuk skill lah hahhaha

Just like u.. i hv never belajar baking fm outside.. self taught dari anak dara sunti lagi hahaha.. nasib sekarang ade you tube.. boleh learn lots of there..

Pyrex.. so true.. boleh look inside eh bila kita whisk our batter.. brilliant! i hv two of the metal ones.. ingat nak beli lagi satu during the sale.. tak dak.. they only bowl that i saw was for the heavy duty one.

Rima said...

LOL sempat!! hahaha tu pressure cooker memang worth buying.. attachment memang fm the first day pong dah byk tarak.. bowl tak nampak yg for artisan... cuma for heavy duty one aje.. shredder also tak nampak.. not as shiok as last year lah.. haizz dissapointed lah

Shal said...

hi rima,
r u serious harga KA mixer RM1570?? U tau tak kat KL RM2500+-. meleleh air liur i nak beli. eh kalau harga x diskaun brapa yek? mana lau tau worth turun s'pore. bukan ape RM1570 tu nak beli Kenwood pun blum dapat lagik. Keenwood lebih kureng RM2000. terpaksa lah i pakai mixer cap ayam yang nak mix telur n butter pun terhegeh hegeh uwaaa... sesape KLrian nak order i charge RM100 xtra hahahkss...

Ria said...

salam Kak Rima..
Best ny ade sale KA..bru pg ni bce entry ni..melepas tol..kalu tau ria da order 1..ria minat wrna putih..kt KL mhl gile..xmampu den nk membeli ny..skrg ni mmg dok kumpul duit nk beli KA..nti kalu de sale lg let me know..then bole la minx Kak Rima tolg blikn..hehe

Rima said...

Can u email me dear?

LOL ni dinamakan business woman hehhe.. yes well it cost S$659 so u do the conversion urself ah.. tak pe.. cap ayam also can mix mix.. spin spin hehe

Insyallah.. next year ard the same time sure they all hv their annual sale again.. u keep a look out ok

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