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6 Corner Senibong Seafood

Of all the places to have seafood its weird that we always come here whenever we feel like having seafood - in JB.. tks to my BIL who recommended us this place a long time ago; but unfortunately sis Lyn and family couldnt make it yesterday.. we ate on ur behalf dearies hehe... oh and to those who had written to me and asking me the whereabout of the seafood place that i usually patronage.. well this is it ..

I love how this photo turned out.. niceeee

Whenever we wanna go there we will always say.. "eh wanna go No 6?"

Seafood was fresh and they cook it well too..

To both.. ty too.. we enjoyed ur company and it was nice to meet u Cam.. Sonia loves u to bits hehe.. wud u wanna be our babysitter when we go to Perth? :op

Yes SIL.. we know ur hungry.. u got ur chilli crab and we got this "feeling" that u liked the fish too kahkahkah

So here is the address: Gerai No 6 Kg Senibong (Tepi Laut). Tel: 07-352 8991 MAP

....and no I don't get a free meal out of this lol... Just sharing a good seafood place. Enjoy!


CTZee said...

ahhh droolz tengok the food. Geram.

Thank you for sharing this K. Rima. I nak check this place out next time.
Since you go to JB quite you think it's safe to drive with Sg plate/cars tak? Entah eh, I'm afraid coz all my friends & family are afraid to drive there. Kalo nak pun kita drive to KL. We hv experienced & seen scary things done to Sg cars kat JB sampai jadi was2 pulak.

Hv a great weekend!! Ciao...CTZee

Mamasya said...

Salam Rima

Seronok jln2 cari makan ramai2...tambahan pula meraikan tetamu jauh..kena cari tempat mkn yg bestkan.
Happy holiday!

Mas said...

seronoknya jejalan....
selamat bercuti kak rima.....

azLina z. said...

Had dinner once there too with family. Two thumbs up !

Maya Marisa said...

Rima dear,
concur with you, senibong mmg best!
hubby goes to pasir gudang a lot. cha cha & i would follow whenever the timing is ok with my schedule. senibong is our fav seafood hunt for dinner since hubby prefer to stay in jb rather than pasir gudang.
ur sil is such a sweet gal :). apakah nama gerangan tuan empunya badan nyer???? :P

Rizd said...

Wah piang babe!!!...I belum sempat jejakkan kaki I @ dis seafood place yet...bila lah agaknya yer...e other half mcm tak confident nak drive der ler...Akan ku show him ur pics n pujuk rayu him again...nak kasi excuse mengidam...tak boleh eh..kang nanti betul2 terjadi baru padan muka...buhahaha :)))))

noir said...

i used to enjoy going there everytime i service the car at permas jaya. sad to say, after my jb house was twice broken into, i avoided jb altogether and have since sold the property. now melaka is the nearest i would stop. just my luck i guess :}

somuffins said...


Lagilah weird .. I was born n bred in JB tapi tak pernah gi Senibong. That's nothing new of me, isnt it? hehe.. nasib badan!

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Sedih tau... dah lama x gi Senibong... sejak pindah KL, adalah 1 thn... I miss JB's soto, laksa johor and kupang kat tepi Lido... eh lupa 1 lagi, Mee Rebus Hj Wahid kat Plaza Angsana


Mat Gebu said...

Rima, dulu kan abah saya, kalau boring2, dia pi senibong, bawak jala dan pi tangkap udang...

Rima said...

Honestly? if nak terjadi keburukan it can happen anywhere... be it in JB or in KL.. we go to JB every single month so far alhamdullilah.. jgn lah pi part tempat terceruk.. just park kat parking lot yg sempurna.. insyallah tak de ape ape..

Eh the next time u balik kampung boleh lah turun no 6.. best in singapore and jb and some say batam tauuu hahaha

Rima said...

Lahh they all ni if turun asia.. ape lagi yg di ingin kan?? seafood jugak lah.. so kita took them there lah.. sedap and harga berpatutan :o)

Rima said...

Alah Mas.. tak gi jauh.. gi negeri seberang tambak aje.. pergi kul 4.. by 10:30pm dah sampai rumah.. makan makan and then pi pasar malam kat pandan city :o)

Rima said...

Sodap kan Azlina? sekarang dah bertambah fofular tempat tu.. ramai nye bukan main lagi semalam.. maklum dah masuk tv lah kata kan :o)

Rima said...

Teringat daku akan cerita pramlee.. siapa kah nama nya?? itu hari bawak gambarnya.. hari ini bawak orang nya.. hahaha

Her name is Silvia.. shes a sweetheart and she looks after Sonia well.. so kira if shes around .. i rehat sikit ah cos semua pun dia nak buat hahaha

If i jadi ur hb pun i wont stay at pasir gudang seh.. lebih mulia stay kat JB.. at least u and cha cha can cuci mata and cuci perut jugak hehe

Rima said...

Lahhh babe.. tak nak lagi ke?? u still young.. can what.. apa salah nye

I thought u guys dah gi sana.. rupenye belum tercapai niat mu nak menikmati seafood disana.. gi lah.. they are open fm 6pm onwards pun..

Rima said...

Sorry to hear that.. i think its just ur luck lah.. i dont live there so i dont know if its safe to just leave ur house empty.. i heard of stories too and i hv a few relatives yg beli rumah kat jb.. recently my uncle just bought a house there.. so far alhamdullilah

Rima said...

Cik Som
I dont know if dulu dulu dah de ke belum kedai seafood yg ade kat sana but i am not surprised if u tak pernah jejak kaki kat sana.. take me for an example.. ade tempat makan yg shiok kat singapore pun i masih belum try.. yg jauh jugak yg dituju hehe

Rima said...

Oh so u orang johor eh.. kat pantai lido tu masih ade business ke?? teringat waktu kecik kecik.. my father selalu ajak makan kat sana..

Tu mee rebus i biasa makan.. jarang gi angsana pun.. if bulan ramadhan i will go there.. tu pun satu dua kali aje.. saje nak check out juadah berbuka puasa kat sana..

Rima said...

Cik Mat
Tempat tu memang tempat orang pi pancing but dulu ade tak kedai kedai menjual seafood macam sekarang?? its always a good idea to hv a seafood place near pantai.. macam kat thailand..

Senibong ni sekarang dah ramai lah.. dulu masuk parking tak yah bayar.. sekarang ade orang jaga.. tak bayar tak leh masuk hahaha.. maju setapak dahh :o)

Anie said...


Tenkiu for dropping by blog and tanya kabar. I baru dpt JJ cuci mata bcos the past few days I sakit mata :( bengkak sampai tak boleh bukak mata, yg herannya tak sakit...apasal I also dunno lah ahakkkss tapi skarang dah ok dah :D.

Tak pernah pegi senibong ni, kalau balik sg nak pegi serang arh. Meleleh air liur tgk all the seafood...droolllzzzz ^_^

Rima said...

Lahhh kesian nye you.. eh jgn jgn u ngintip err err ahaksss.. glad u dah baik.. if not.. tak cun melecun lah kan :o)

If u balik kampung harus pi sini ok.. kira berbaloi lah even if u hv to go thru typical sg jb jam kat causeway hehe

Anonymous said...

Halo Rima,

Yummy seafood. if not mistaken, this place is near Permas Jaya, jaya jusco right? if that is the place, there is also a shop which sells steamed nasi lemak and it's awesome :)


Rima said...

Yes Sally.. its close to permas jaya, jaya jusco.. whenever i go there.. its always cos of this seafood place.. i know theres this shop selling steamed nasi lemak but never try bef..

Anonymous said...

Halo Rima,

I totally agree with you that the food here is delicious and the ambience is good. Do try the steamed nasi lemak. it is delicious.

Btw, a separate question, usually when u buy valrhona, do you buy the 100% cocoa content? or some other %?


Rima said...

I usually will buy 3 types in one go.. 55%, 64% and also 70%... i like to mix em in my baking..

Anonymous said...

Halo Rima,

Thanks for the info. Are you able to share some info on what is the difference between these percentage? if we are not planning to mix, which % should we use? is using 100% cocoa grade good for baking cakes?


Rima said...

If ur not planning to mix and if u r not into too bitter kinda.. advisable to use 55%.. i dont think there is such thing as 100%.. i saw 90% bef but definately not 100%.. i am not into using 70% either.. usually i will mix 55% with 64% or 55% with 70%..

Anonymous said...

Oh Rima,

I am doomed then. I did purchase the 100% cacao barry and valrhona and noticed my cakes turned out real bitter though I did not reduce the sugar. I think I may now need to buy some cocoa to mix them to make the taste even. How silly of me. Thank god you explained this to me. Otherwise I would have just thrown away the cocoa powders.

Thank you so much.


Rima said...

Are we talking abt chocolate or cocao powder here cos as far as i know theres no percentage or what so ever when it comes to cocao powder. I am using either valrhona or cocao barry or coco black

Papa-NtiQ said...

hi RIMA, saya baru jer upload gambar2 masa makan ngan famili di senibong kat topik blog ni pasal tempat2 makan menarik terutama di sekitar JOHOR (maklum la orang JB!) tapi tempat lain pun ada...kalu sudi singgah la yer blog saya nih dan kalau bolih follow ok TQ TQ TQ

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