Oh what a weekend...

I had intended to post an entry late last night but was simply impossible.. my little Sonia is feverish and to see her all quiet is a little disheartening.. me and my big mouth.. always telling others that my little one is a chatterbox.. :o(

Sooo my sis in law landed safely early yesterday.. Sonia was super excited and as soon as she saw her bibik she quickly ran and gave her a big big hug.. she must hv missed her bibik alot! tmrw if Sonia is a little better.. we plan to take her to the zoo.. will see...

Anyway after we got home and while everyone was taking a nap.. i decided to prepare a simple cheesecake.. the plan was to have it today but 3hrs after i placed it in my fridge.. Timo (hb's work colleague) came over.. so i quickly took it out.. sliced em and served it to him.. am so so glad that at least the cheese mixture had set and we are able to indulged in this super delicious.. ice cream like.. super soft in texture and super rich strawberry cheesecake... ahhhh need i describe more how this heavenly cake tastes like?? hehehhe.. recipe fm here

125g of cream crackers - i used digestive biscuit
1 tbsp powdered sugar - sifted
80g unsalted butter - melted.

375g cream cheese
125g powdered sugar (sifted)
250g whipcream - whipped till stiff peak
3 tbsp limon juice - i used 2 tbsp
1 tbsp powdered gelatin
50 ml water

3 tbsp strawberry jam - i used 6 tbsp
1 tbsp hot water - i used 2 tbsp
fresh strawberries

In a food processor, bliz cream crackers until smooth
Mix the biscuits, powdered sugar and melted butter, mix well.
Pour into a baking pan, flatten and compact with the back of ur spoon or use cake lapis presser
Place in refrigerator for an hour.

Microwave gelatin & water on high .. stir and set aside.
Beat cream cheese and sugar until soft, add lemon juice, mix it again until blended.
Pour 1/3 whipped cream into cream cheese batter and stir well.
Pour back cream cheese mixture into whipped cream mixture and stir well.
Enter the solution of gelatin, stirring until blended.
Pour the batter into an 18cm pan, flatten it and keep it in refrigerator overnight.

Mix strawberry jam with hot water, stir and let cool.
Pour into chilled cheese cake, flatten add fresh strawberries.

This is how my cheesecake looked like after only 3hrs in my fridge.. still not fully fully set but the taste.. uh la la.. we had a slice each as we were abt to go off to my uncle's place for rewang makan hehehe .. oh i will upload my cousin's wedding pics in my next entry and bef i do that just wanna update u guys on the episode with the picture thief..

When I posted the previous entry, I also alerted Facebook on a "copyright" issue. (If you click on a picture it says underneath something like "Is this your copyright"). I gave them the offending images and gave them the link to my pictures. Within 6(!) hours this was the reply from FB:

Hi Rimamelati,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have removed or disabled access to the third-party or user-generated content you have reported to us for violating our Statement of Rights & Responsibilities.

If you have additional infringements to report, please submit a new claim using our forms at:

DMCA (copyright):

Other IP (non-copyright):

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

User Operations

I was really surprised that when it comes to these type of things, even big organizations can be very effective.

The same morning I received the reply from FB, "Amirah" also replied, apologized and mentioned that it was not her intention to "steal" as she is not good in taking pictures and picked pictures randomly from the net. In a second email she again apologizes and asks to have the FB image removed from my blog.

So, Amirah, here is my response:
1) Apology accepted, but not your reasoning.
2) You seem to be smart enough to crop out my watermark on the picture so I do not see why you should plagiarize other people's images. If you take something which belongs to someone else without their permission it is called stealing - as simple as that. Also, your pictures are not really "random" - almost all were from my blog (including your profile picture).
3) I will not take it any further.. just want this to be a lesson for everyone..and Amirah, because of that I will not remove the FB image.

This episode should go out to anybody out there who think it is correct to copy and paste without acknowledging the source. Even I copy recipes from other places, but it is always accompanied with a reference.


dottology said...

yes! it's good to the let them know that you mean business. if not her, then other people might think that it's okay.

...err...nak cheesecake? hehehehe!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good job rima!! Yes dont remove the FB photo. I check her fb dah tukar gambar. Anyway not only the your cheese cake look good but the photo setting fantastic la....I always look forward to see your new entry everyday. rgds...

3E said...

Cantiknyer cheesecake kak Rima....sure sedap tu 'kan. Ya betul tu Kak Rima, kekadang tu kita kena tegas..kalau tak orang sure pijak kepala kita 'kan....

Rima said...

Nothing is ok when it comes to our private property.. so no point arguing.. nak cheesecake?? hehe come lah.. ade 2 more slices kat fridge tu :o)

Rima said...

Ty KSue.. when she replied and said dia picked picture randomly fm the net.. hati ni macam geram sikit tau.. its like u pilih and u crop watermark orang punya gambo.. u do things like this kan menipu and stealing namanye.. haizz

Rima said...

Too many incident like this.. kadang tu macam dah season bila u see others writing abt photo theft.. tak orang tak kita.. sure rasa hati sakit when someone took our hard work just like that and whats worst.. make business like that.. u take recipe orang u hv to link it back to them.. u take pic orang u hv to do the same thing too.. ni namanye iklas :o)

Edi said...

rima, i baru je 'mengamuk' kat fb pasal plagarism nie.. curik2 gambar nie mmg unbelievable la nowadays! mine, a university lagi yg curik and siap buat billboard lg. crop and edit my photo, tukar the model (i dengan my son, haha, model free my hb).. then tup tup kitorg nampak kat tepi highway gambar yg sebijik giler dengan gambar we all.. mmg tak tido mlm tu gerammmmm sgt2..

u can view it here:

ps: cheesecake tu... fuh!

CS said...

I baik kan? Takde nak curi2 gambar kueh you. I tetap dgn kamewa hp I yang canggihless tu. Takat kopi resipi, you mmg dah halalkan, kan??

Suka tengok dua beradik tu rapat. I plak yg rasa sebak. I wish my children will be like that when they get older.

Anonymous said...

anymore leftovers? i'm drooling

Rima said...

ah ah sehhh... hv u write to them?? dont know why they are like that.. memang dah jadi satu trend agaknye.. u better get it settle dear or else kesian pulak model free tu hehe

Cik Som
Eh resipe memang halal... kan sharing is caring.. but when it comes to gambar.. no sharing cos that one take up my energy and my creativity ... cheeebahhhh hahaha
I faham why u rasa sebak... i dont know how my kids wud behave nanti bila i dah takda.. sob sob

No more.. welp.. lain kali nak kena chop dulu tau hehe

Anonymous said...

Morning Rima, wow your strawberry cc ni really makes me cried...mengancam sungguh.
Will give it a try since the strawberry is already in the fridge..
So...bibiknya udah tiba...Ada masa buat mu keluar dating la ya bersama Mr GC you...extend saje permit bibik tu. Senang la ada someone utk monitor your Ms Chatterbox!
~ Aishah

Ribbon and Circus said...

S.Rima, I plak yg sebak tgk gambar Sonia lari gi kat bibik dia..huhu sure they both miss each other a lot kan.. [red flag mode..huhu]

Rima said...

LOL Aishah.. betul cadangan my itew but kan bibik nye not only gonna stay here.. besok lusa dia dah terbang ke KK and only be back in 10 days time.. nampak nye nak kene tukar bibik indon kot hehe

Rima said...

Haizz ku ingat ku sorang aje yg emo waktu waktu red flag ni.. ade ke tadi waktu bake kek lapis boleh melalak... ape saje lahhh.. nasib dah nak hampir habis ni.. 2 more layers and i am done.. no more CNY bakes for me!! yayyyy

Ribbon and Circus said...

haha.. I thot I sorang je yg melalak..yeay ade geng red flag kah kah..

i made your steamed rainbow cake just now and cont baking the pineapple tart now.. after this, no more CNY bakes for me too..I'm freee!! i baked those for my family in Melaka..tomorrow nak blk Melaka..yippee..

eh too much info haha penat sgt main tepung.. ;D

Fathin Aina said...

Salam kak rima, i've been ur follower since last yr, but x penah lg nk drop off some here it goes!

i really luv ur blog! n the recipes too! i've tried ur devil's choc cake too, n mmg best lah! i bake it for my friends n they're loving it too!

tqvm! n hope u n family will be blessed always!


marina anakcikbob said...

salam kak..
new silent reader starting last month. teehee..
anyway, bout amirah, dia tak nak letak reference akak sebab orang mungkin akan order from u not her after view ur website. that's what she's afraid of.. :P

Rima said...

Ribbon clown
Best ah balik kampung.. we were thinking abt gng to Melaka too but macam malas pun ade.. i notice every year during CNY selalu mood malas melanda ku.. tak tahu kenapa.. :o(

Rima said...

Salam Fathinaina
Alhamdullilah.. dah lama jadi follower eh.. ty dear cos sudi tinggal kan footprints... tu DFCC memang sedap.. never fail to impress others ey .. it got the look and the taste so kira bila u hidang kan untuk tetamu .. sure akan jadi hit semasa hehe

Rima said...

Salam Marisa
I dont take orders all the time.. when i do thats cos when i feel like it.. i dont want to be bounded by orders or i will be stuck at home and not being able to tag along hb for his overseas trip.. maybe u were right but stealing is wrong and she shouldnt hv done it in the first place.. oh well its over now.. well for now lah hehe

honey said...

Hi Rima,

My dotter has been asking me to bake this cheesecake.. Anyway, 'powdered sugar' is the normal sugar yang kita blend ke? (obviously, baking is not my cuppa tea LOL)

Rima said...

Hi Honey
u can buy icing sugar fm bakery supply shop... u can also get it fm any supermarket..

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