I see orange...

A short entry fm me.. am very tired and sleepy.. been coughing non stop since last night and i know i wont feel better overnight.. haizz.. whats worse my tooth is starting to ache.. ouch ouch.. pls pls.. i rather cough then having to go thru a bad toothache!! yikes!

So its chiffon cake day today.. i had baked it earlier to take to moms.. i think i might hv converted my hb into liking chiffon cake after all cos i saw him munching 3 pcs of this super delish chiffon at moms... there is something abt my chiffon as lately he no longer calls it a "chocking cake" lol.. anyway this orange chiffon cake is a must try among chiffon lovers.. light, moist and best of all the taste is so so refreshing! oh oh and this cake is as soft as a cotton.. good for someone who is having a toothache like me hehehe.. ty Jessie for sharing this wonderful recipe!

4 Yolks
80g Castor sugar
80ml Corn Oil- i used canola oil
160g Cake flour
1/4tsp salt
160ml Fresh Orange Juice
2/3tsp Orange zest
2tbsp Cointreau (omitted)

7 whites - I used 6 whites
60g Castor sugar

1. Preheat oven 175deg.
2. Yolks + sugar, whisk till sugar dissolved..
3. Add Corn oil + orange juice, orange zest and salt, stir till combine
4. Sieve in Cake flour, stir till combine.
5. Beat whites, add sugar in 3 addition till just before stiff peak.
6. Fold 1/3 whites into yolk mixture gently.
7. Fold remainder whites.
8. Pour into 20cm chiffon tin - I used 21cm
9. Baking time abt 50mins

Reference: 超Q润戚风


izahdaut said...

kak rima...tak mau makan manis ye..senyum manis boleh, makan manis nanti makin sakit gigi.uii tak leh la nak baking kalau sakit gigi dengar bunyi mixer pun rasa nak marah..hehe.. apa pun musti nak try chiffon ni.saya pun peminat chiffon

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Looks yummy.

Rima said...

Macam mana tak kena sakit gigi.. tak habis2 makan benda2 manis.. minum coffee aje 3 kali sehari.. desert lagi.. dah tu bila part appt dgn dentist .. adoiiii macam2 reason terkeluar dari mulut akak kau ini hahaha

Rima said...

Yes it was.. took it to moms and share it with my auntie and sis... its all gone now... will definately bake it again soon!

Anie said...


Waaahhh best!! Ni boleh masyuk love chiffon. :D

Biler lah I boleh convert my hb to like chiffon eh? Maybe mcm Yat slalu ckp, tahun gajah kot...hehehez :D :D

Yat Maria said...


I loathe toothache!! it gives u a headache & can turn u into an ogre..

I think this is a nice.. cake..actually I also think chiffon cake wlpn sedap & lembut ada that so called 'choking' effect, nak makan, ai musti sediakan air.. :) am thinking of making some kind of orange cake for my mom, kalo ku rajin chiffon, kalo tak sangat then butter la..

Sizuka said...

Rima, get well soon! :)

Hearty Bakes said...

Thank u for your shout out Rima:)
Have been a silent reader but an avid supporter of your blog. Absolutely love your blog, your beautiful bakes, breath-taking clicks, your happy family and trips abroad. At the edge of giving up blogging, So happy that u are reading mine. That's motivation to me ;)
Hope to learn and share our love, passion in baking;)

Anonymous said...

i'm 'stealing' work time this afternoon to go some place serving this cake and 'kaw2' coffee.

your pics...heavenly :}

Rima said...

Hehe Anie.. tahun gajah tu rasanye macam tak tahu bila nak game.. i think if u keep on baking and u keep on asking him to take a bite.. lama2 he will like it tak?? chiffon cake ni harus yg a little bit "basah" baru my hb sental if not.. teringat when i first bake chiffon... rasa macam nak terbegek pong ade tu sebab he calls it "chocking cake" hahah

kenari said...

salam kak rima
selama ni saya cuma baca n berangan nak baking macam u hari-hari. malangnya hubby dan anak2 saya tak suka nak makan benda2 macam ni. kek adalah salah satu masakan yg saya suka nak cuba.
saya dah 2 kali buat biskut suji u mmg best giler! keep up!

Ayu said...

salam rima,
wah dah lama rasanya tak menyiffon..
memang suka kek oren2 gini..

sakit gigi eh?..waduh, memanglah biar sakit lain jangan sakit gigikan..heheh..memang risau & rimaslah .. wisdom tooth ke? wisdom tooth i dah kasi cabut walaupun tak ada lubang ke apa, sebab it grew side ways and it hurts the gusi..heheh...anyway take care dear..

Mas said...

mas suka tengok kek kak rima,cantik sangat...

Rima said...

walau pun gigi ku sakit it will only turn me into shrek aje.. kira orge yg baik hati hahahah.. bedek kah.. if i sakit gigi.. kepala dah sakit.. air mata dah berlinangan.. siapa yg dekat pun i rasa akan mendatangkan kemarahan hahhaa

Eh babe why not try and bake this chiffon cake... sedap and kelembutannye terselah hehe.. ur mom sure suka this chiffon oren

Rima said...

Ty Sizuka... so far this morning my toothache kira bearable.. still batuk tho..

Rima said...

Ty Jessie for sharing this wonderful recipe.. we all loved it and ty for coming to this humble blog of mine.. I've tried two recipes fm ur blog and i really hope that u will keep on writing and sharing more wonderful recipes in the near future.. dont gv up just yet cos ur blog motivates ppl like me too.. cheers!

Rima said...

Hehe Noir.. that kaw2 coffee is a must in my day to day routine at home.. why do u think i hv 2 coffee machines at home kahkahkah

Anonymous said...

Halo Rima,

Get well soon! & maybe you should share some of your chocolates with us, then you will have lesser chance of getting toothache. hehe. just kidding :)


Rima said...

Mas ade kalanye pun cake ku jadi sememeh hahaha.. take monday cake for instance.. macam rubber pun ade haha.. part tu ku rasa macam stress giler :op

Rima said...

LOL Sally.. a good idea ey.. after all sharing is caring ahaksss

Ty dear for ur wish.. am better today.. toothache is bearable :o)

Maya Marisa said...

Rima dear,
Happy New Year! Having toothache and still taking sweet stuff? wah, salute betul la kat you. get well soon ya dear.
you know what?! i stuffed my little kitchen with all the baking stuff last sunday. akan tetapi, until today, satu benda pun i tak bake lagi. ouuch, wonder where's the mojo...hahhaa
the chiffon cake sure looks yummy. unfortunately its only me, myself and I yang suka chiffon cake. no kaki at all in my family. perhaps they will be charmed by this recipe of yours? lets cross our fingers!

Rima said...

Welcome Kenari...
Bab bab tak de orang minat makan cake yg tak shiok tu.. when we bake and when somebody else can appreciate it.. tu yg buat kita nak bake even more.. maybe u shud bake and gv it to other ppl to taste.. that will definately keep u going like me hehe

Ty for trying.. suji is my hb's fav too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, sorry to know you ada bad toothache. It's only new year dear so better pergi cabut. Takut nanti the whole year you asyik kena toothache. Afraid it'll spoil your baking mood!

Last nite, instead of baking muffins, I ended up with Victoria Sandwich's delicious!!it reminded me of my childhood's days where mum always baked this cake..nostalgia la Sis Rima..

Hope to meet you when you're in KL since Concorde is also our family's fav gathering venue..let me know in adv if you plan to come here ya Rima..okay..get well soon babe..~ Aishah

Rima said...

Salam Ayu
Ah ah seh.. biar denyut lain jgn denyut gigi hahaha.. my wisdom tooth lah ni.. the other time dah buat ragam.. then doc tak nak cabut.. dia nak repair.. if ikut i.. i nak cabut aje.. then now prob lagi.. dah de lobang again i think :o(

Try and bake this chiffon oren ah Ayu.. segar segar buah gitew ..

Rima said...

Have a blessed 2011 to u and ur family dear.. dah stock up ape lagi.. pi lah buat ni cake.. if i can convert my hb.. i am pretty sure u can do the same too hehe

Sakit gigi .. ishhhh dont remind me again pls... for now my sakit is still bearable.. if not.. nak dok depan lappy pun no mood seh :o(

Rima said...

Ty ty but my dentist ni tak suka cabut my gigi lah.. the last time he repair dulu then baru dia tutup lobang.. cost me a bomb.. ni if i go there sure he wud wanna do the same procedure.. yikes.. i dont like dentist lahhhh! haha

Yep victoria sandwich cake memang rasa dia macam cake lama2..

Insyallah.. still dont know when my hb kena go KL for meeting.. when its time u will know fm my posting hehe

KG said...

hmmm...bila oh bila....kereje kereja di opis and dapur telah melnadaku!

Unknown said...

Dah lama mengori. Just kali ni baru berani untuk say something kat sini.

Your gambar adalah super duoper cantik.
This is chiffon is heaven. Penah buat sekali.. gagal.. hope nanti bila i try yang ni will turn out a good looking one.

Get well soon dear!

Rima said...

Bila tu.. coming soon lah Yani.. thought this month u a little bit free and easy?

Rima said...

Ty Hann for living footprints.. ty for ur wish.. sungguh suka if someone say hi... welcome welcome..

Why not gv this recipe a try... insyallah menjadi.. important dont over fold ur batter ok.. jgn sampai batter dia deflate.. good luck!

Alicia said...

Hi Rima, I baked pandan chiffon using ur recipe n it was perfect. My family n I finished it in one sitting. Want to try this orange chiffon but noticed tat no baking soda is added. Will the cake rise w/o baking soda? Please advice. Thank you!

Rima said...

Hi Alicia
This orange chiffon cake is one of my fav.. sometimes i use this recipe to bake pandan chiffon and yes u dont need baking soda in this recipe..

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