Black Forest Roll

Earlier today Sonia came up to me and called me by my name.. "Rimaaaa".. i went quiet.. 5 minutes later she calls me again by my name "Rimaaaaaa".. 20 mins went by and the next thing i heard.. "Mamaaaaa" .. I went up to her room and asked her "Uhmmm why did u call me Rima and not mama??" and Sonia's answer..

"I dont know".. grrrrrrrrrr

So there u go.. shes almost 3yrs old.. talks like there is no tomorrow.. recognise her alphabets well and can spell out her name when u write down all the letters on a piece of paper without any probs.. she recognised shapes very well and shes in love with all kinda puzzle.. (seriously.. she can really sit still and do her puzzle till everything is done - good cos during that time her mama can do stuff in the kitchen)

If ur wondering where she gets the idea of calling me by my name... beats me.. i think she must hv been hearing ppl calling me Rima and thinks its ok to call me by my name.. eeekkk so not cool my dear.. u will... and forever will.. be calling ur mother.. Mama!

Anyway as always whenever hb is not in town, both Sonia and I will hv a girls day out.. we went to the florist.. also went to Beatty school to visit the teachers there and of cos to see mom at canteen..( oh how i missed being the 'chef' to mom in that school canteen!) did our groceries and went straight home after that since i hv tonnes of stuff to do.. i also managed to bake this swiss roll which i had wanted to bake since mid last year... wonder whats taking me so long to gv this wonderful recipe a try.. I will definately be baking this again soon!

5 eggs
100g sugar
1 tsp emulsifier
25g cocoa powder - i used valrhona
30g flour
1 tbsp corn flour
1 tbsp milk powder
100g melted butter

Filling and Topping:
Buttercream or Strawberry / Blueberry jam
150g chocolate coating - i used Marmer chocolate couverture
50g White Cooking Chocolate - melted - i used Marmer white chocolate couverture

- Beat eggs + Sugar + Emulsifier until condensed and tread.. off mixer.
- Add sifted Flour + Cocoa Powder + corn flour and milk powder - stir till well blended.
- Add in melted butter and continue to stir until well blended
- Pour into a greased 30x30cm pan - i used my baking pan the size of my silpat mat.
- Bake on a preheated oven of 200C for 10mins and then bake a further of 2mins using upper fire.
- Remove from the oven, turn hot cake onto baking paper, spread buttercream or jam, roll
- Cut into 6 or 8 parts
- Dip cake into melted chocolate coating, place it in the refrigerator for 15 mins till set.
- Once set.. pipe in streaks of white cooking chocolate as a sweetener ..

So ok.. i better sleep early today.. last night or shud i say this morning.. i fell asleep close to 3am watching youtube on how to ice a cake.. welp.. Apakahhhh??!!

Source: Ningnong


Kongkang Malaya said...

Due to too much food comsuption during the festive season, New Year, birthday... I've been restricting myself from coming here for quite some days now, in order to restrain myself from trying one of your recipes.. any of your recipes! But obviously I'm too weak! Wawawa! The black forest roll looks gorgeous!

Kalau skip milk powder and emulsifier, ok tak? Ada kesan ketara tak?

Aqil said...

Sis, seriously tergoda tgk BF roll mu ada nmpk umah Del wat coffee roll..sana sini meroll jek..hi3 ada esk kite plak meroll..cedapnyer ;D

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

That's so funny. Coz, my little boy pun pernah call me by name hehe.

Ummi said...

Alahaiii Rima...apasal kejamnya tayangan perdana kali nih...huhuuuu....mau lentok tepi dapur Rima ni tgk kek tuh.....cantik dan menggetar kalbu...uwaaaaaaaa

Yat Maria said...


hahaha..its a phase la...dudans dulu pon macam tu..and then bila their cousins panggil ai Aunty Yat, ada ker dudans pun ikut panggil ai Aunty Yat?!??bule gitew???

ishhh very2 beautiful la the cake pic..

KG said...

aduss....if only you live sepelaung away i wld hv. singgah ed your house....anyway, am tight wt orders tak taulah bila boleh leisurely baking lagi! hv a nice day rima :o

Anonymous said...

she's growing up fast, ain't she?
riimaaa...i'm waiting for the bakery to open

Anie said...


So kiiuuuttt lah Sonia all dressed like a fairy princess. Tapi tak kiut lah biler calls her mama by name. Pok vontot dia baru tau eh...hehehez. Sejajer nak pok2 anak org eh ahakkzzz.

Btw, I nak tanya pasal the callebaut chocolate. I finally sourced a retailer that's selling callebaut in bulk. 5kg slab for NZD100, cheaper compared to retailers yg jual $35-$38/kg. Tapi cuma ada Dark 53.8% and Milk 33.6%. Which one do u recommend? Tak kan nak tamak beli dua2 kan....overdose plak kan nanti :D and I dont think my hb will allow hahahaz.

Ayu said...

salam Rima,
I almost buatkan my hubby black forest cake, sebab dia pun suka black forest..
cantik your roll cake ni..biasalah tu kalau Rima yang buat mesti cantik punya..

Budak2 biasalah Rima, my kids pun dulu2 pernah panggil me by my name..and I know they didnt meant it...and yes mungkin dia dengar orang panggil us by our names....hehehe..

Rima said...

By the end of the day siapa yg untung?? U jugak cos tak yah waste money beli cake yg kurang sedap kat luar tu hehe

Emulsifier is a must untuk kelembutan texture cos this cake tak pakai byk telur.. U can omit milk powder if u want tho

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Rima,

ur blackforest role looks really Yummo and beautiful! :)
btw, if u dun mind, do u have nagasari recipe in ur collection?

tqvm!- Liza

Anonymous said...

Halo Rima,

Looking forward to your next bake :) Though I don't try all the recipes here, I just love reading your blog and looking at ur baked cakes. So far, tried the congo bars and the butter cake only and very happy with the result.

Is emulsifier = ovalet? Is it some type of chemical? Safe to eat it? If omit, is there other way of making the cake fluffy?


Unknown said...

salam, looks delicious & nice blog ..i follow n link..:)

Anonymous said...

Sonia is progressing well. Me too experienced the same thing like U. Whenever, they call me by name, I just keep quite. Have to tell them do's and don't(s) every now n then.

Haizzzz.. itulah namanya budak-budak.

Just want to share with U, sometimes when the night light is off, while closing my eyes I always wonder as to whether I can be a SHAM again like some of you. Working is tiring, indeed but the cost of living increasing every year.


Edi said...

rima dear,
ok ape sonia panggil u by name.. mcm omputeh gitewww.. hehehe...

always love black forest. yours look so tempting! mana nak cari ni..

DG said...

Beautiful fairy Sonia and delicious roll cake!

Rima said...

Ape lagi... go and do some rock and roll kat daput.. i am pretty sure u can do a good job too :o)

Rima said...

And then dia stop straight away?? today shes been calling me by my name aje.. haizzz

Rima said...

hehehe KUmmi.. lentok manja tak pe.. lentok sampai meleleh air liuq ku tak rela hahaha

Rima said...

Ty babe.. as beautiful as the tuan empunya punya gambar?? ahaksss

I hope its just a temp thingy.. today lagi worst leiii.. sampai tadi kat McD orang tengok kan gelagat dia bila dia call me by name.. nak buat bodoh also susah cos suara dia kan loud speaker hahah

Rima said...

Perhaps over the weekend ke.. or maybe late at night ke?? nothing compare then to be able to bake leisurely tauuu

Rima said...

Hehe Noir.. nanti if i ade bakery u will be the first one to know ok .. err tak tahu bila lah "op

Yes she is :o(

Rima said...

Alamak Anie i think its abt time i teach u a thing or two on how to get ur hb to allow u to buy anything that has got to do with baking.. wink2 hehe

Honestly i dont even hv any milk chocolate in my pantry... the highest percentage of dark cooking chocolate that i hv is 90% and the lowest is 54% err i think ah so i wud suggest u get the 53.8%.. if they hv the 60 odd percent u get that one also lah..

Rima said...

Alahhh Ayu i am pretty sure anyone pun boleh do swiss roll cuma nak kena tengok recipe aje..

I dont remember Hairi calling me by my name pun tu sebab bila se dak sonia ni call me Rima i was like.. whatttt???

Rima said...

Ty Liza and cud u pls email me so that i can email u back the recipe??

Rima said...

Hi Sally and ty for visiting my blog.. am honoured.. as for ur question.. lets be honest here hehehe.. if i dont hv any emulsifier i will use ovalette but that doesnt happen often cos i usually will do stock take on all my baking things hehehe.. is it safe?? of cos and well another alternative is the usage of more egg yolks..

Rima said...

Be my guest Nieza and ty for leaving footprints :o)

Rima said...

All my life i hv been working till i got preggie and since susah betul nak preggie si sonia ni my hb told me to stay home after we got the good news..

I like being SAHM.. am enjoying my time with Sonia and dont think i wanna go out and work again for now.. tak tahu lah besok lusa bila dia dah start sekolah and i feel bored at home sorang sorang

Rima said...

omputih with malay blood ahakkkss if this beterusan.. watch out! hehe

My hb also suka BF but the sponge cake has to be yg melt in ur mouth punya.. he very the cerewet lah part part desert ni..

Rima said...

Ty DG.. its a simple cake and i am pretty sure u can do it too.. :o)

lena said...

it can be amusing when we hear kids calling our name..sonia is really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Halo Rima,

Thanks for your comments on the emulsifier explanation. Appreciate it very much.

As for lil Sonia calling you by your name, do not take it to heart. Kids at her age love to be mischevious..However, if it continues, you can sit and explain to her...I think if they call me name once in a while, it is okay and funny, but if daily, then i think it will be painful to the ears :)

Mas said...

comelnya sonia tu.....geramm mas tengok....
kek tu...cantiknya....nampak sedappp la kak....

Anonymous said...

tak boleh jadi kalo sonia continuously ter jerit2 call u Rima especially when u take her out. Bayangkan time tu u only in simple jeans n T..takda yr LV kat tangan...Kang nanti case mistaken identity....bukannya Mummy but pretty Pilipino helper....wakakaka

MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

jalan2 cuci mata kat sini...
geram tengok sonia yang comel & juga kek yg menggiurkan itu....

Rima said...

Yes she is Lena.. the funny bit whenever she calls me by my name the first thing i feel like doing is giggle :o@

Rima said...

So true sally.. today shes ok.. not too bad .. 60% Rima.. 40% mama hehe

Rima said...

Kuih Mas lagi sedap hehe.. nak buat kueh macam weak ah this few rounds.. tapi bila dah start bikin juih asyik nak try different type of kuih aje

Rima said...

Sooner or later it will stop Laksa.. for now its still bearable :o)

Rima said...

Cuci mata harus pakai eye mo tauuu hehehe.. welcome welcome.. hope u are here to stay!

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