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Its all abt Sonia...

Time: 7:40pm
Venue: one more night in this lovely hotel..
Weather: as expected.. snowing heavily!
Mood: Hibernation mode.. no way are we gonna be driving to the nearest mall since its still snowing pretty badly outside.. looks like we are gonna hv maggie for dinner hahaha
Peak Agenda: Sonia's first trip to Disneyland..

We got there slightly past 9 am.. it was drizzling when we got there.. no parking fee (Eur15) if ur a guest at the Radisson htl..

Little Sonia with Minnie.. she has developed the liking to Minnie while here.. weird since all this while shes a big fan of Mickey.. hmmm

She managed to take almost all the rides there.. well the kiddie ones at least...

...and when i say.. she managed to take all the rides.. that includes the parents hehe..

..and then it started snowing...heavily...

Eventho the weather was super cold we were all feeling excited.. there is something magical abt December+snow+Disneyland+family (Hairi.. wish ur here with mama) = what more can u ask for ey...

Train ride bef we decided it was time to head back to the hotel.. Sonia lovesss it.. she was singing jinggle bells till the end of the ride lol

It was a looong walk to the carpark and look at what happened to my little "snow" princess.. poor girl!


Anie said...


Oh me, oh my....its my dream to visit Euro's and Japan's Disneyland...haiizz sampai dah tua ni pun blum sampai2 lagi...hehehez. Sonia is such a lucky girl, I'm sure she enjoyed herself. ;)

Tinggal satu hari ajer u & family dah nak time flies seh. I hope u dpt fill up ur shopping bags despite the snow...hehehez

Rima said...

If u hv been to the one in the US.. honestly ur not missing out on anything.. the first time we went to euro disney i rasa macam kena tipah tertipu hahaha.. tak de mickey house.. tak semeriah yg kat US.. nevertheless to go to the one in the US lambat lah cos my hb is not a big fan of that place.. typical european :op

I wish tinggal satu hari ajer.. but thats not the case.. we r gng to the factory outlet tmrw and will be driving to frankfurt where we will be staying for a night..

Yat Maria said...


wahkahkahkah..laaa..kesian nyer si Sonia dipenuhi ais kacang puteh!!!

if lagi longer walk, ku rasa tukar jadi air baru m'sia plak..

its a magical feeling indeed (dec+snow+disney) takper nanti ai suruh my boys tabur confetti tissue bila ai ngan dude main kejar2 kat umah to replicate that feeling k?

Rima said...

u know when we got to the car.. then bila nak keluarkan dia fm stroller instead of kesian tengok anak.. i ketawa terbahak bahak hahahah.. funny betol.. nasib tak jadi air batu m'sia hahaha

Eh ok ape if u suruh ur boys tabur confetti.. at least u tak boleh jadi air batu kahkahkah

Anonymous said...

Hi rima,

I've been a silent reader of ur blog for quite a while now. Lurvee....everything abt it. Lurvee... to see pics of ur lil' princess too.. She's ssoooo adorable.

I've baked sicilian orange cake and congo bars. Alhamdulilah menjadi. Lurvee it!! Anyways hv a funfilled and fantabolous holiday!!

Sue A.

hana said...

ya rabbii kesian aku tgk dak princess tuh! mak ko kijam ah buat cenggitu! wakakakakaka.. mmg syookkkk g disneyland! tp time salji lebat2 gtu adehhh... wa pulang dulu dehh.. hihihi

Rima said...

Hi Sue A
ty for leaving footprints.. glad this humble blog of mine menjadi pujaan hati mu hahaha

SOC and CB is my fav too.. good choice.. both non fussy recipe and sure menjadi one..

Rima said...

Memang betul lah Hana.. part dah turun dgn lebatnye kita pun ape lagi.. cabuttt.. sejuk yg teramat lah.. dah tu bila my hb terpeleset aku boleh ketawa terbahak bahak.. kejam kejam hahahha

Kesian budak sonia .. dah tu dia sampai nangis cos jari dia sakit.. i hug her and terus tertidur.. kesian lah.. still bila tengok gambar.. mama dia boleh ketawa kan lagi :op

CS said...

Kitorang nak ikut you on your next holiday during winter. Rela payongkan Sonia from the falling snow... (good scheming eh?).. Ntah2 kitorang yg lebih2. Sonia kemana, kita kemana, kah3.

I've been to Japan D'land abt 25 yrs ago... That song "it's a small world" (tul x namanya?) is still lingering at my cuping telinga... Owh well... TWTDays!

Bakericious said...

looks so enjoyable especially with the joy but is it freezing cold! I just went Japan Disney but quite disappointed, still love California Disneyland, my next target is Florida!

BEAUTY said...

its sooo fun to read your blogs sis...hope you back home sooon.miss you and sonia.take care and chaoo chaooo

izahdaut said...

kak rimma..apa dah jadi dengan sonia..snow princess.haha..aloo aloo ciann soniaaa..but she still smilinggg.. tak menangis pun walaupun dah penuh satu badan dengan snow... hahhaa..bagoss betul sonia nihh... kalau anak saya entah la..satu disneyland dengar suara nangis dia kot..hahaha

KG said...


The pictures look like you peep were in enid blyton's books!

Anonymous said...

wat a lovely geraaaammm. insya'allah next year must go,my girls asyik tanya bila blh tengok snow,i bilang kat snow city pun blh pe.kha3.anyway cuma nak tanya due to the heavy snow,any of the ride kene tutup tak? atau all rides is still available? tks
sabaria :]

Belly Good Cooking said...

Ooo..... very very cold!!!

deedah said...

ooohh..sejuk giler tu !

Anonymous said...

Hai Rima

U are on hibernating mode? Takkan nak mengeram lagi. 2 cukuplah. Letih oi.

Nape gambar U cam malu-malu gitu?


Edi said...

oh disneyland and snow... PURE MAGIC! macam fairytale lah rima!

Rima said...

Cik Som
Hahhaa nanti baik2 ade orang payung kan sonia aleh aleh si budak sonia yg payung kan diri sendiri ..

U realised that walaupun kita dah makin tua kita tetap akan feel excited abt disneyland.. i tak pernah gi japan disneyland and i heard tak shiok sangat.. to be honest yg ini pong tak seshiok yg kat anaheim punya.. but yah as long as 'its a small world' boat ride tu akan akan jadi lah buat budak sonia ni :o)

Rima said...

You were right.. the first time we went to euro disney was 5yrs ago.. i felt the same way too.. nothing compare to the one in Anaheim let alone in florida..i hv been to the Anaheim disneyland twice in my life and still talks abt it..

Rima said...

sis beauty
well thats the main reason why i try to update my blog as often.. at least u guys know that i am ok here.. hope bapak is feeling better tho..

Rima said...

Nasib waktu kat disneyland budak sonia ni tak rewel sangat.. mana nak rewel.. she gets to ride on almost all the rides.. dah tu when it comes to heading back dia tak byk songeh cos dah kesejukan agaknye but she started crying after kita put her in the car.. tangan dia sakit cos sejuk sangat :o(

Rima said...

Enid Blyton's books.. teringat waktu i kecik.. i like enid blyton books..

Rima said...

u heading to the ones in anaheim or euro disney??

waktu snow kat disneyland is nice but u tak akan stay that long.. i plan nak tengok their parade but tak jadi cos tak leh angs kesejukannye.. the small rides still operate.. all the indoor ones are open too.. i tak tahu pulak if the roller coaster bukak ke tidak cos i didnt bother to go that area takut sonia nak naik pulak.. :o)

Rima said...

tell me abt it belly good cooking and deedah :o)

Rima said...

dah tua harus selalu on hybenate mode tau hehe

Me malu2?? tak ah.. where got malu one.. that pic i like cos thats how i jalan.. tunduk cos snow masuk mata sakit tauu hahaha

Rima said...

memang bila kita tengok ape gambar pong if got snow and disneyland memang pure magic but disebalik tabir itew ade kesejukan yg tak leh digambarkan hahaha

anie,Nagoya said...

cian Sonia di biarkan diluputi dek salji.mama Sonia kejam ya?hahaha....ggrrrr...sejukkkk

mazlina said...

After having studied abroad,now I understand the meaning of sitting by the fire place while sipping hot cocoa. Lepas tu instead of studying....terus hibernate!!(zzzz away..)

Your pictures brought back those memories to me.hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, I love reading your blog. It keeps me sane. I should say you are like the "martha stewart" of singapore :) You rock!

Btw, why Hairi did not join the trip.


Anonymous said...

cantik ahh sarong tangan Sonia...meriah colors. If i yg dah tua ni pakai sure nampak awful on me. I've always loved Dec for its cold hols, de festive mood in the air..n yr pics managed to capture all those

Anonymous said...

4got to sign off...that was me just...LAKSA

Anonymous said...

Hai Kak Rima,

a silent reader of you teehee :) I adore you so much! You and how you're managing your family, I adore you. Sonia is lovely! I could just eat her if I were to meet her! Haha.

I love your cakes and stuff. I love how you photographed it. I love your style ;)

Mind if you share what camera did you use? And the lense?

Jb :)

Rima said...

If only i can selubung dia Anie but i cant.. nanti orang ingat i mendera budak pulak haha

Rima said...

Hibenate memang shiok kan.. now dah balik sg rasanye nak berhibenate sungguh susah.. ade aje nak dikerja kan :o(

Rima said...

Awww Sally.. ur too sweet.. Hairi is in the army now doing his national service.. so no travelling for him for 2 yrs but thats ok.. i took him to disneyland twice when he was 8 and 10yrs old..

Rima said...

Ty Laksa
Sejuk macam nak rak and kadang bercinta nak bukak gloves and take pic but cos i wanna capture the moments.. ku ambil pic juga.. :op

Rima said...

Ty SM and welcome to my humble blog.. glad ur here to stay..

I am using Canon Eos 500D.. i use 50mm F1.8 for my food photography and 18-55 lens for my landscape photography ..

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