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So whats new really?? i must admit its not easy to update my blog on a daily basis.. well if i am free .. yes .. but if i hv a full on week.. blahhh.. i really salute some bloggers who make it a point to do it on a daily basis.. sometimes u can see them updating their blog 3 times a day.. how on earth do they do that?? arghhh... Time management Rima!!!

Hairi celebrated his 20th birthday 2 days ago.. he was in his camp and i am pretty sure hes not happy abt it.. hes a sour grape when it comes to army.. well what to do son... a duty is a duty.. even if u hate it.. u still hv to do it.. one more year to go and ur out of it..

So anyway.. yesterday after half of my day was gone doing laundry and cleaning up our place.. i managed to baked financier for the Seibels.. they come and visit us every single year and every single year i will get new schuhstrecker aka shoe tree fm them.. this year however.. i got something special all the way fm Vienna.... hehhe.. remember the Mermer couverture chocolate that i bought there.. well they bought me 4 packs of that.. i was like... yehhhhaaaa... am so gonna bake opera cake again one of these days.. so yeah.. danke danke danke!

This morning hb flew to Jakarta for an urgent meeting and got home a few hours ago.. his flight was delayed and thank goodness Sonia wasnt fussy at the airport while waiting for papa (way past her bedtime!).. i on the other hand have been busy preparing for tmrw's bbq birthday party for Hairi.. I baked for Nyai pandan chiffon cake and up to now I still dont know what kinda cake to bake for Hairi...

Oh and I also managed to prepare this pudding as one of the desert for tmrw gathering right after i got home fm my groceries shopping.. am planning to do another simple desert for the kids tmrw morning tho..

So ok.. its already past 2am and i need to get up pretty early to bake Hairi's cake.. heres the recipe taken fm Primarasa - Seribu Rasa Puding

200g durian flesh
75ml air
300ml santan dari 1/2 butir kelapa
150g gula pasir
3 1/2 g agar agar bubuk putih

300ml santan dari 1 butir kelapa
100g gula merah/melaka ( will add chocolate colouring next time for darker colour)
1/2 lembar daun pandan, potong2
3 1/2g agar agar bubuk putih
1/4tsp garam
2 kuning telur

- Siapkan 2 pasang cetakan, masing masing terdiri dari 2 cetakan segitiga volume 500ml dan 200ml, basahi dgn sedikit air matang. (I used semicircle type)
- Adonan A - Masukkan daging buah durian ke dalam blender, tambahkan air, proces hingga halus dan licin, angkat, keluarkan, sisihkan. Masak santan, gula pasir dan agar2 dalam panci, aduk, jerang diatas api sedang masak hingga mendidih, kecilkan api. Masukkan adonan durian, aduk dan masak hingga mendidih kembali, angkat.
- Taruh cetakan kecil di tengah cetakan besar, beri pemberat (biji-bijian atau sendok) agar tidak naik ke atas. Tuang adonan ke dalam rongga di antara cetakan hingga cetakan penuh. Biarkan hingga agak mengeras.
- Adonan B - Taruh santan dalam panci, tambahkan gula, daun pandan, agar2 dan garam. Jerang di atas api, masak hingga mendidih dan gula larut, Angkat, saring dan buang hampasnya. Jarang kembali di atas api kecil
- Ambil 50g adonan gula melaka, campurkan ke dalam telur kocok, aduk, masukkan kembali ke dalam panci agar agar. Aduk dan masak terus hingga mendidih, segera angkat. Aduk aduk hingga uapnya hilang.
- Ambil cetakan segitiga kecil dari atas adonan durian, tuang adonan gula melaka ke atas adonan durian. Sisihkan hingga dingin dan mengeras. Keluarkan puding dari cetakan, potong2 melintang tebal 1 1/2cm. Sajikan puding dgn saus santan jika mahu.

To those who is celebrating Deepavali tmrw.. have a joyous one ok.. :o))


zarin said...

owh i memang tabik spring toinggg toinggg tau kat u ni...
bz bz pun sempat lagi bake itu dan ini ;-)
if it was me, sure dah fengsan babe!

blu4sky said...

hi rima,
i only eat durian as in durian buah..klu buat bubur durian mmg tak tertelan but this pudding durian looks very tasty..yummy..yummy...
but haiyo i tak paham recipe tu...byk words yg tak tau it in indonesian..

btw i finally tried out the chocolate truffles..buat for my son's birthday party... tq tq...all my guests kata son tanya apsal chocolate dia cepat abis..dia makan sikit je...hahhaha..

Yat Maria said...


happy birthday cake project got cancelled..tuan tanah tu sakit, so no partayyy..anyways, u have a great time baking..and wat yg sedap2, nanti post entry so that the rest of us mere mortals can try..ahaksss..

Mat Gebu said...

Salam Rima...
as usual, ur food styling, masya allah...superb!!..ikhlas tulis ni..nak penggsan kejap..hehe

Rima said...

Kadang time penat lah teringin nak buat itu ini apatah lagi if benda yg kena buat harus ku buat hehe

Rima said...

lol.. kesian ur son.. benda truffle tu senang nak prepare cuma time consuming aje.. happy bday to him ok..

Puding ni mendapat sambutan hangat.. maybe u can try.. siapa tahu u suka :o)

Rima said...

Alah babe.. bila badan tengah betul betul penat.. dah tu mood pun tak shiok.. cake pun turned out ikut mood kita.. now i am too tired sampai tak leh tidur pulak.. ade ade aje.. am really hoping to sleep in tmrw.. ni semua gara gara baru balik KL dah tu ade hati nak buat bday party.. padeh muka aku hahaha

Rima said...

Cik Mat.. nak pengsan kejap tak pe.. tak leh lama lama tau.. nanti karang tak berasap dapur cik mat hahaha

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