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Lapis Blueberry Cheese and a trip to Pontian..

So my super duper hb is back.. he got in safely and I hv done the "handover" without any delay muahaha.. we later went to town to get a few new books for Sonia and Marissa (my god daughter).. hb was in high spirits and I dont blame him since he had a successful business trip.. alhamdullilah..

This morning I woke up pretty early.. we had planned to go to Pontian at 8am and I woke up at 5am with a mission.. A mission to bake something for Mak (ex mil).. At first i had wanted to bake something simple but typical Rima.. she always likes to try n bake something new.. I decided on Blueberry Cheese Layer Cake simply cos i hv all the ingredients in my pantry.. I started baking it at half past 6 and by half past 9 we were ready to go to Pontian.. I know I know.. we went out later than we expected.. well what to do.. I didnt know that the batter was going to be lots.. thank goodness hb didnt make noise and off we drove into JB with a warm cake.. got there safely bef lunch.. My parents and sis Wati were already there waiting for us.. As soon as i presented it to mak.. she sliced it eventho the cake was still warmish and to my surprise my cake didnt even look like how it was supposed to look.. eekkkss!!

Look at the colour of my cake.. soo soo pale!! its supposed to be white and dark purple and my purple turned out like grayish purplish... yukey colour indeed.. I was frustrated at first but after eating it I felt better.. this cake is soft and delish and I am gonna bake this cake again soon.. err of cos I plan to add blueberry paste to enhance the colour too.. haizzz we really love the taste and the texture of this cake.. if only mine turned out as pretty as Bro Rozzan blueberry cheese layer cake. Anyway the pic abv was taken at my ex PIL's house.. i dont get to see them all the time but I am happy each time i do.. so nice to sit and hang out with Mak.. hope u guys stay in good health always.. ty for having us and hope to see u again soon!

450g butter
250 Philadelphia cream cheese (Kraft brand)
1 tbsp ovalette
170g sugar
10 eggs
1 can (about 400 grams) sweetened condensed milk
300g Hong Kong floor
100g Horlick
250g Blueberry pie filling
1 tsp blueberries essence (optional)
a few drops of purple coloring (I will use wilton or powder colouring next time)

Preheat oven 180C.. greased 8x8 baking pan
1. Beat butter, cream cheese and ovalette well.
2. Add sugar a little at a time and continue to beat until fluffy.
3. Add eggs one at a time and continue to beat until fluffy and smooth.
4. Next, slow speed mixer and add your condense milk.
5. Lower speed and add flour and Horlicks. Mix well.
6. Divide into two parts. One is left plain and the other one add blueberry pie filling, blueberry essence and the color purple. (i ended up having a lot more of bluberry portion than the white one eventho i weigh my batter.. the blueberry pie fillings added to the weight of my batter)
7. Bake first and second layer with plain batter using upper fire (108g each layer).. bake third and forth layer with blueberry batter.. repeat the same step till the end. Bake last layer using upper and lower fire for a further 10mins.

You know what.. eventho right now I am having gastric flu.. I am still thinking abt todays cake.. grrrrrr!!!!


zarin said...

hi rima
OMG...banyaknya kek lapis kat sini and the photos are superb!!
suka i :-)

Rima said...

Ty Zarin.. do try out some of the recipes if u hv the time yah..


hana said...

pontian?? yuhuuuu rindu jugak sama itu kampung my MIL. eh pontian johor kan? ker ade pontian lain? hihihi... owhh br ku tau u hv exMak.. nak tanya lebey2 takot..baek duk diam2 ajer.. heeeeee...

Rima said...

Hehehe pontian johor ah.. ade lain ke?? muahaha komfus komfus..

Of cos i ade ex mak kalau tidak mana datangnye si Hairi muakakakahhhh

Maya Marisa said...

Rima dear,
Lama i tak jengok ur blog. Wah looks like u've been busy - open house & baking la apa lagi.
Anyway, the Jap Cotton cheese cake look so yummy. I'll give it a try.
p/s - nice to see that you and your family are still on good terms with your ex-PIL. Same goes to ur hubby who is willing to drive all the way there. Wah, i salute betul.

Rima said...

Hi Maya
U shud gv that a try cos its so sedap..

I hv known my mak family since i was only 15 so of cos theres no way i am not gonna hv any contact with them n hb has no issue what so ever hanging out with their family.. If nawaitu kita iklas insya allah tali persaudaraan kita akan berpanjangan... Chheeebaahhhh hahaha

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Hi Rima,

Masa you busy-busy haritu malas nak kacau, kot-kot terganggu your beauty sleep. Tapi lepas tgk the latest kek lapis being posted tak bleh jd,mcm nak jugak try jgk. Tak pasal-pasal tahun ni rumah I pun byk kek lapis sbb being influenced by you.... hahaha. I'm not complaining though...

TQ ~ Murni

Rima said...

Hi Murni
Did u managed to find kacang phool resepi?? I totally forgot all abt it dear.. sorry eh..

Seriously u shud try cos tak rugi.. u know lah any cheese recipe yg u combine with blueberry sure sedap one cuma dont use liquid colouring or u will get that ugly pale colour.. use wilton or powder form colouring ok

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Dear Rima,
No worries about the recipe. I managed to find it in Ayu's blog as suggested by you.I will certainly heed your advice regarding the usage of colour.

Thanks a whole bunch Sifu.

Rima said...

Alah Murni jgnlah panggil I sifu.. so malu one hehe.. good luck dear!

Anonymous said...

hai Rima, Misah here..just to tell u mase raye haritu i tried kek yg sama tau cume strawberry i told u b4, its my 1st ever lapis..mmng sedaaap sngt kann??? nk try yg blueberry lah pulak..bye..

Rima said...

Memang sedap.. I guess the blueberry fillings n creamcheese yg buat u rasa ur eating cheesecake..

blu4sky said...

hi rima,
i baru balik dari pontian semlm... klu i tau you ada kat pontian..bley i menyendeng minta kuih lapis blueberry cheese you.. hehehe...

Rima said...

Hehehe ape salah nye if u sudi makan lapis ku yg pucat lesi itu :o)

when the night light is off said...

Wa tabik spling sama lu, sebab masih mengekalkan siratulrahim with ex-FIL n relatives. Agreed with 100% - nawaitu. I ada satu je FIL & MIL. Harap kekal satu je.

Kesian kat Princess Sonia. About the supernatural happening in yr house, if you don't mind give me yr email and I will forward the ayat-ayat Al-Quran.

Rima said...

I like that tabik spring word.. Always buat i tersengeh.. Insya allah i doa kan semoga jodoh u hb n wife berpanjangan.

My email adrs is Tak rahu apasal that night.. Maybe got something maybe shes too tired.. Entah lah.. Now alhamdullillah..

Anonymous said...

HHmmmm master yg duduk kat kerusi yg pakai baju putih macam ku pernah nampak..tapi di mana yaa...hehehe hello daddy..

BEAUTY said...

dad..u tak leh lari ha...dah terang2 u ngah tido.bukan exercise kepala as what u claim..bapak!!bapak!!

CS said...

Salam Rima
Dah lama I tak 'turun' ke Pulau Temasik nih, ahaks.

Bila laptop buat hal asyik fengsan2 aje, kita nak bercanda pun tergendala. I dah katam 2-3 entries yang I tak boleh baca... Conclusionnya .. kahkahkah .. dari cerita roti boleh masuk cerita han-han-tuu... kih3.

I pun ada cerita hantu. Cumanya I takleh nampak but my son can. Yang syoknya I tak rasa takut bila dia kata "tu dia kat dapur Mi..". Pendek kata kat mana2 aje 'being' tu ada. Agaknya being tu ada dalam oven tak? mueheheh... Sekian ..

Rima said...

LOL Anonymous.. master yg duduk tu my all time fav.. chill aje hehehe

Rima said...

Heheh Beauty.. hes exercising lah.. cant u see?? :o)

Rima said...

Alamak CS lappy u sakit tak baik baik ke?? kesianlah.. suka tak suka kita terpaksa ngaku yg lappy is part of our everyday life.. boleh jadi marah tau if benda tu buat hal..

"being" kat oven?? hahahha patut lagi tiap hari dia memanggil manggil .. Rima Rima Rima.. cabutttt

KG said...

la rima...ada jugak sangkut paut org pontian, lalu tak ayer baloi, got a glimpse of our hideout?

episode kek lapis kena pause sementara...kek kahwin dok panggil panggil!!

hv a briiliant week rima!

Anonymous said...

tak rugi berbaik2 dengan keluarga, walaupun ex, tetap tok nenek pada anak u. apatah lagi dapat sokongan ur husband. sampai bila2 pun tetap bersaudara :)
kita sayang orang, orang pun sayang kita :)


Rima said...

Tak lalu .. i did tell my hb abt ur place tho..

Masih banyak order lagi?? shiok lah dapat buat kek kawin.. boleh main dgn icing and fondant.. :op

umiyumi said...

Salam Kak Rima,
suka sgt tgk food dan baca blog akak. Umi follow yer :)

Rima said...

Memang betul Awin.. all of us memang in good terms pun.. insyallah kalau kita iklas.. orang sayang kita.. ahakss

Rima said...

Sila kan Ummiyumi.. welcome onboard! :o)

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