Lapis Mandarin Orange Moscovis

Busy everyone?? I know I am! Sorry for not being able to update my blog as regularly as I want to.. cleaning is like a never ending story.. tks to hb.. he managed to help me clean all our windows and doors last weekend.. Sonia helped me to scrub our stairs railing hahaha and for the past couple of days I hv been baking layer cakes non stop.. its like I am baking and the same time been out and abt to get a few things too and finally today I was able to finish up baking all my layer cakes.. I also managed to sew my curtains today and come tomorrow I will start to bake a simpler cake and hopefully by thursday I will be able to go to moms place early to help her to cook for Eid.. eh wait.. I still hv to make agar agar for her!! eeekkk

Every year this is how it works.. if hb plans to invite his friends over on the first day of Eid.. I will be busy cooking at home.. but if he says that he will invite them some other day.. I will hv to help mom to cook instead.. sooo really no matter what.. I cant run away fm it muahahah

Anyway for the past couple days.. this is what I hv been looking at.. cans of Golden Churn butter and WIJSMAN brand butter (i dont think u can find wijsman here in Sg) and also trays and trays of eggs.. not just an ordinary egg mind ya.. these eggs that u see here weigh 75g each without shells.. I love it!!

And yes this cake uses abt 34 - 36 egg yolks in total.. I know its crazy but hey u wud hv the urge to bake it too if u think ur up for the challenge.. the only thing that makes me feel a little frustrated was when i forgot to change the setting for the last method.. dangggg... always the case when ur too careful lol.. anyway I am planning to bake it again tomorrow cos u know what??? this is the top.. and I mean the top in my list for the best lapis cake ever!! super melt in ur mouth and the taste is so so indescribable.. heavennnnnn

I am posting the recipe now even tho i am kaput.. so hopefully u guys can try and bake it for Eid too..

200g egg yolk (12 eggs)
75g caster sugar
160g butter - cubed and keep in fridge (I used WIJSMAN)
25g sugar
30g flour
15g milk powder

75g of mix fruits - soak rhum (or water .. I used orange juice) for abt an hour or so, drain, sprinkle with flour to prevent sticking.
1 tsp rhum (I didnt use)

350g egg yolks (abt 20 to 24 egg yolk)
60g egg whites
150g caster sugar
160g butter - cold - cubed (I used WIJSMAN)
50g sugar
60g Flour
20g cornstarch
20g milk powder
2 tbsp Mandarine Orange consentrate (Sunquick)
1 tbsp orange essense (I used paste)

4 tbsp lemon or orange jam (I used orange marmalade)

3 - 8x8x3 baking trays

Ingredients A:
Beat egg yolks with 75 grams of sugar until thickened and white
Meanwhile, beat cold butter with sugar with a speed of medium, for 10 minutes
Mix the dry ingredients to the beaten eggs, mix well
Mix the butter and stir well.
Weigh as much as 75g for each layer and pour in 8x8 baking pan, spread them evenly.
Bake using grill mode (Upper heat) for about 7 minutes.
Every second layer.. sprinkle with Fruit mix.
Bake until the last layer.

Ingredients B:
Beat eggs with sugar until thickened and white
Meanwhile, beat cold butter with sugar with a speed of medium, for 10 minutes
Mix the dry ingredients to the beaten eggs, mix well
Mix butter, and orange essense consentrate, stir well.
Divide batter into two portion and pour it into two 8x8 pan
Bake it at 175C using upper and lower heat for 20 minutes. (remember to change the setting.. I had forgotten and only realised 10 mins into it!!)

Brush the cake with lemon jam, stacked with a layer cake.. spread lemon jam again.. top it with another cake.

Note: Remember to change the setting for the second part of this recipe.. heat ur jam for easier spreading..


Yat Maria said...


I nak jadi tokeh jual tulur...nak ada kedai sebelah golf course....

baru 10 ai dah terkedu..20?? 30?? mau pengsan trus..

thanks for the wish friend..gumbira ria ai..kira u 2nd kopek lah..1st kopek, nih org2 kat umah dah steam kodok baru nak berlayar..mika2 nyanyi bday song stroke of midnight dengan suara garau pecah bujang tul2 kat telinga ai....trus terkejut beruk ai..baru nak belayar..tapi muka ai maintain senyum ahhh...nanti kecik ati plak kan..coz the thot is gd..nasib baik mika tak sambung nyanyi lagu raya... :)

Rima said...

LOL Babe.. kira kira muka musti maintain.. hidung kira kembang kuncup lah.. lidah macam terkelu lah muahahahha..

Eh if only there is a kedai jual telur next to guard house lagi best.. hahaha.. tak renti nanti ai beli telur!

Anyway sungguh tepat tekaan ku.. have a good day dear and bake more! hehe

Yan said...

alaaa sedapnye ropa kek lapis nih. rasa cam nak datang beraya rumah u aje. hikk... dah tahap meroyan tengok kek lapis u nih. terasa2 kat tekak.

Rima said...

hehehe jaga jaga.. bila dah tahan meroyan tak pasal pasal petang karang u pecah kan 34eggs to bake this cake hehehe

Memang sedap kek lapis ni.. susah nak describe.. kira manis. masam, lemak bercrime semua cukup.. melt in ur mouth gitew.. tak sadar boleh ngap 5 keping at one go heheh

hana said...

huwaaaa..meroyan haku nengok kek2 u rimm.... gojezzzz!! nway, Selamat Hari Raya jugak wat u skluarga. Maaf zahir batin jugak sbb ai gonjeng2 sama u sblm2 nih n maybe sampai bila2.. hahahahaaa..... epi eid mubarak!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

34-36 egg yolks? Wow that's lot. But hey, looks yummy :D.

Rima said...

Kahkahkah.. same same here wokey Hana.. gurau gurau ke.. ketawa terkah kah kah ke.. i mintak ampun dari hujun rambut ku hingga ke hujung jari kaki ku.. Selamat Hari Raya wat u and ur family too!

Yan said...

Rima, i definitely WILL NOT bake this cake. So u kena simpankan i a slice ok? Kalau tak kang meleleh air liur sbb kempunan. Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya yea, and thank you for all the recipes and the advice. and ohh... i "ter" advertise ur blog to my fb friends last 2 weeks kalo tak silap. he he.. terlupa nak mintak permission first. sorry ek.

Rima said...

The more the merrier hehehe.. worth my effort of breaking and seperating the egg yolks .. :o)

Rima said...

One fine day u shud gv this one a go.. its worth it lah.. and kesian nye.. how to simpan kan.. besok dah nak kene hantar kat rumah mami I hehe

No worries pasal ter advertise.. ilmu untuk dikongsi and selamat hari raya buat u sekeluarga ye.. :o)

DG said...

Alamak! Sedapnya! Looks super delicious, can I have 2 slices please .... hahahaha greedy a bit here.
Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya buat Rima & keluarga.

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Tgk kek-kek you ni membuatkan se mangat I berkobar-kobar nak buat. Ntah jadi ntah tak, ye-ye jer...

Rima said...

Alamak how come I forgot to reply to ur msg pulak .. oppsss.. Selamat Hari Raya to u too!

Of cos u can hv 2 slices the next time i bake it hehehe

Rima said...

Mrs &amp, Ms Vanilla
Try lah.. belum cuba belum tahu.. dah cuba baru tahu betapa senang nye nak buat kek lapis.. cuma nak ade kesabaran sikit lah hehehe

Hesti HH. said...

Rima...I really love your blog. You are really a queen of lapis legit. Thanks for sharing, wanna try it oneday...

Rima said...

Hesti HH
Awww ty for coming to my humble blog.. am not the queen lah.. i just love to bake kek lapis hehe..

Oh my.. ur talam labu pic is it!

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