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Is it just me or is it the weather that makes me feel really really tired during day time.. I dont feel like doing anything but always end up cleaning.. today i did Sonia's room.. putting aside her old clothing that she can no longer wear.. placing it in a box to be given away.. some she didnt even get to wear cos her mama simply loves to shop for her.. tsk tsk

Looking at all her clothing makes me think of the time I had her.. she was such a beautiful tiny little baby and only weighed 2.4kg.. eventho she was tiny.. I still had to undergo emergency c section cos her heartbeat was getting slower and slower.. I never thought that I would go thru that after taking the epidural but.. oh well.. she was out within a couple of hours and papa didnt get to go in the operating theater.

Sonia is two and half years old now.. she has two wardrobes full of clothing and I dont think I can ever stop buying clothing for her as long as I get to travel with hb (cos thats the only time I shop for clothing and cos we're both girls...) :o)

So anyway.. I baked this cookie last night and after I was done covering all the almond london with chocolate I had abt 1/4 of melted chocolate left.. so what did i do?? I added cornflakes to it and now I hv another type of cookie.. hehehe

125g butter
225g flour*
1 tsp emplex* (*sieve)
70g icing sugar
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
150 seeds shelled almonds (i get abt 100pcs out of this recipe)

300g of cooking chocolate (I used valrhona 55%)
1/3 tsp vegetable fat - shortening (I used cocoa butter- 80g)
Adequately chopped almonds, roasted (i didnt use)

Preheat oven 175C.. bake almonds for abt 15 mins.. Let cool.
Whisk butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence until well combined. Add in egg yolk and beat until well mix. Turn mixer to low speed, add flour a little at a time till it form a soft dough.
I used measuring spoon to scoop out dough to get an even size (1 tsp).. roll dough and press toasted almond in the middle and cover it back n shape it oval.. arrange in a baking tray.
Bake at 175C for 20 minutes or golden. Cool completely. (mine was done within 12mins)
Using double boiler method.. Melt the cooking chocolate.. once melt add vegetable fat (cocoa butter), stir well.
Take a piece of almond london, put in a small paper cup, Spoon 3/4 tsp melted chocolate and pour it over almond london. Arrange almond london close to one another. Sprinkle some chopped almonds while the chocolate is still soft. Let chocolate harden and store in airtight container. (I dipped each almond london into melted chocolate and placed it into a paper cup)

Note: Chocolate was too runny after i added 80g of cocoa butter.. next time I will only use 30g..

Source: CMG


Maya Marisa said...

omg! wat a coincidence. my girl weigh 2.3kg at birth. i had to undergo c-section becos her heartbeat was declining whilst my bp was on the reverse. and the worst part of all my hubby was not allowed to go into the OT , as they have another planned c-section after me, hence the OT has to remain sterile (ntah yea ntah tidak).
and gues wat my hubby did at the recovery room? setting up his handy cam on the tripod - capturing the very moment of me being wheeled out from the OT room! siap interview my gynae and the nurses. bole tak?

Rima said...

What a coincidence! actually when I was 6 months preggie my cervix dah tergagah.. then my gynae suruh i bed rest cos i tak reti duduk diam.. membaking non stop! mana cik Rima boleh bed rest kan..nanti i tak keharuan baring aje hahaha.. so she gave me jab.. cervix tutup balik.. but bila nak give birth my cervix tak nak bukak.. hard open and not soft so they had to wheeled me into OT.. memang kat sini tak leh masuk if its emergency c section so hb had to wait till they wheeled me out of OT..

Anonymous said...

Dun forget 1 Tupperware for me!! Hehe.. Muacks, Li-Lin

Rima said...

Eh mimpi eh.. dah pi tido.. besok nak buat bulu mata hahahah

Yat Maria said... I come..tomorrow pun 1 of my fav..sejak mini popiah dah abis..hopefully AL ni pun tak senasib cam MP tu..if not sesaper nak dtg umah, I nak soh bawak biskut raya sendiri...

Rima said...

Lol to be honest i am not crazy over AL.. I used to but semenjak i terbeli AL yg tertengek i macam kena sumpah gitew hahaha.. Ni buat pun for the sake of trying.. Taste alright since its a simpler version kinda AL but lain kali i will not use 80g of cocoa butter.. Chocolate too runny n messy bila salut.. Will only use 30g next time ah ..

when the night light is off said...

Rima, I thinked you face C section in once only. Me, 4 times already. Kali pertama..argh..aku terkejut beruk dan takut..sampai meracau-
racau lepas keluar drpd OT room. Jenuhlah husband helped me to calm down. My son weight at 3.5 kg. His mummy wight only 55 Kg. For 2nd, 3rd and 4th..I am ready to face it. Experience make me a strong woman and mother.

Ai like AL, so is my family. Biskut tu la yang akan habis dulu. Ai simpan biskut tu dalam grobok baju sekarang ni. Mlm raya baru boleh bawak keluar.

Yan said...

AL ni is one of my to do cookies. ahhh... ntah bila la masanya ek. sume nak kena tunggu weekend. Lucky u Rima. u get to bake every single day. Thanks for the butter tips. I pun amik resipi CMG gak.

Rima said...

cukup lah sekali.. I gave birth to Hairi umur i masa tu baru 21yrs old so i think cos naive punya pasal.. semua pun boleh handle.. tak yah pakai epidural lagi.. normal delivery and he came out weighing 3kg.. si budak sonia ni i gave birth when i was 39.. so not much of energy.. maklum dah tua heheh.. so bila my cervix tak leh bukak betul.. i kena tolak lah.. memang kat dalam OT tu terasa betul keinsafan.. i was half awake so i can see and feel the sensation.. nak nangis pun ade and kept on thinking to myself.. eh eh kita nanti kalau mati pun sorang sorang.. subhanallah..

She came out super blonde.. i thought she botak licin hahaha

Lahh ya ampunnnn.. sampai nak kena sorok kat dalam grobok muahahha

Rima said...

yeah i am lucky that i get to bake every single day sampai every weekend my hb will ask me if i hv to go to bakery supply shop.. kadang tu he has to drive me to 2 different shop.. kesian but since hes the main person that give me encouragement to keep on trying out new recipe.. he doesnt mind lah.. :o)

CS said...

Owang pempuan bercerita, kelas gitu. Dari biskut AL or LA, ke OT ke epidural, walla..

Shaz said...

Hi rima, what's emplex?

MissQee said...

dear rima,

can you teach me how to make Red Velvet cake? i've try most of you cake and it taste good :)

Rima said...

Hahaha cik som.. kalau bulan puasa cerita harus yg macam gini.. berunsur wanita terakhir gitew haha

Rima said...

Emplex is like a white powdery stuff to make ur cookies more crunchy

Rima said...

Ms Qee
I tak pernah buat red velvet cake but i do hv a few recipes which I can share.. hmm I will try to bake one after raya lah.. insyallah but if u nak recipenye sekarang u let me know ok :o)

Unknown said...

kak rima ... ur kuih kalau cantik sey ... my vision of my almond london and my end product is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay of hahahaha ....


Rima said...

Alahh ilah.. Ni u kata cantik?? This is the most messy one that i hv tempted.. Chocolatenye tercair n susah nak handle.. Bikin TCCC lagi senang nak handle chocolatenye.. cameranye yg buat gambar cantik hehe

Unknown said...

nak buat nie kene after buka hahahha ...
kak rima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this morning i made the putri salat and its a success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
alhamdulilah after 3 tries hee hee

Rima said...

Alhamdullilah .. well done! next time boleh lah buat berloyang loyang putri salad hahaha

KG said...

rima, tq for this recipe mcm tau tau saja...i had one but was waiting for this he he!

inshaallah my baking will start tonight finished all orders this am after sahur, pheww.....

Rima said...

I ni sibuk membaking kek after kek lapis since last sat.. penat badan.. if a day i can get 2 to 3 layer cake kira i dah happy lah.. nampak nye sampai pagi raya baru habis ni..

Try ak buat this almond london.. its a simpler version.. jaga jaga not to put too much cocoa butter if not selekeh dibuat nye..

u banyak order this year?? working and bake.. tabit sama u lah

Yat Maria said...


cld u give me yr email add? need to ask some qns..tanya kat sini kalo nanti jadi rancangan class membaking sebab my questions nih pretty many lah..muahhah..maybe ada some silly ones kot..

Rima said...

Hehe.. Lots? Macam nak ambik exam haha.. Its

MissQee said...

its okay.. i wait till after raya :))

thnx ya! :)

btw, Selamat Hari Raya! :)

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