Weekend pics..

Ramadhan month is one busy month I must say... there is so so much to do bef Eid.. I am taking this opportunity to do as much as I can since I'm not fasting.. been cleaning one floor at a time hahaha.. anyway last friday we took Sonia to see her doc in Paragon.. shes having flu and feverish.. now shes better.. a quick recovery.. alhamdullilah.. took my parents out to do a little bit of shopping yesterday and had our iftar in one of the Lebanese restaurants in Arab Street... Dad was talking non stop abt the day we had Labanese food in Melbourne n that he enjoyed it very much.. yes dad.. I got the hint.. kalau ade rezki we will take u guys there again hehehe

Anyway I cant stay long.... my mind is tired.. pls pray for me that everything is gonna be ok tomorrow.. that this is just a bad dream.. that all the dissapointment be put away.. that whatever it is tmrw.. it happens with God's will ... Ya Allah I am having anxiety thinking abt tomorrow... I hv to think positive.. keep calm and be strong.. pls help me dear God..

Hv a good week peeps!


Yat Maria said...

My prayers with you..whatever you are going through, mudah2an dipermudahakan, insyaAllah..have faith babe!

Rima said...

Ty babe and Insya'Allah..

izahdaut said...

insyaAllah..smoga Allah permudahkan semuanya buat akak tomorrow ye... tumpang risau membacenya...:(

Rima said...

Ty Izah.. semoga kita sama sama doa kan yg terbaik..

BEAUTY said... have my prayer..keep me update..luv u guysss

Anonymous said... have my prayer...keep me update and luv u guysss

Yan said...

I dont know what it is but i hope everything will be fine & semoga sis n family dilindungi dan diberkati ALLAH sentiasa.

Anonymous said...

salam rima,

when God grants us our prayers,
He listens to us,
when God delays granting our prayers,
He is testing us,
when God doesnt grant us our prayers,
He has a better plan for us.

insyaallah, everything will be fine ;)
hugs n kisses to lil sonia from auntie yan - dsara

Edi said...

rima, whatever is it, i hope u'll get through it ok..
do take care and my prayers to u and your family

Anonymous said...

Its gonna be BIG OK!! Dun wory... I noe it will..
Muacks from Li-Lin..

Rima said...

Salam to everyone..

Thank u for all the prayers.. Alhamdullillah .. Shukur pada Allah.. :o)

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