Mango Pudding

A very simple desert that u can prepare any time of the day.. well bef iftar of cos hehehe.. Hb has been wanting me to try out this jele brand instant pudding for the longest time but I had my doubts abt the taste and to be honest after tasting it.. i really find they are ok.. i mean i had it on its own.. nothing special.. add cubed mangoes and voila.. u got a tastier pudding :o)

Jele Instant Mango Pudding
3000ml water (I will use lesser next time)
400ml evaporated milk
100g sugar

Boil water and sugar.. add in evaporated milk and wait till its slightly boil.
Turn off fire and add in instant pudding.. stir for 5 mins
Pour pudding mixture into mould
Let it set..


CS said...

With that kind of acuan, puding tak sedap pun boleh jadi sedap; what more if the puding memang sedap maka bertambah2 sedaplah puding tu, kan??

Ramekins.. mmmm...

Rima said...

Haha CS.. memang pun.. Gaya mesti ade baru shiok nak makan..

Pstt.. My hb makan lajuuu aje waktu iftar.. Dah dia yg teringin kan hehe

when the night light is off said...

Duh! Simple resepi tapi buat aku lagi terliur tengok ni. Dah tu pestime lak tengok ramin berwarna cam tu. Mine, left 7 pieces and white in colour ceramic only. Beli kat mana ni?

My son happily left the nest in May 2010to further study. Kalau I tak call, he won't call me. When I call him, he said, everything OK je. I think he is enjoying uni life.

aida's said...

kak rima, where do u get all the remekins tuh..cantik lah kaler2 dia. i dunno where to get dorg2 ni kat kl.. dh merayau kat ikea pun i tak dpt cari..

Rima said...

I hv lots of white colour remekins.. different sizes bought in aussie land.. dah tu lately i saw it kat Daiso here.. cheap and comes in different sizes too.. yg colour colour ni pun ceramic type.. i bought it in one of the shop selling kitchen supply kat Chinatown.. think i paid like maybe less than $5 each..

Boys will always be boys lah Melati.. kita yg kena cari they all and not the other way round.. where is he at?? how many years to go??

Rima said...

I think u can get it easily kat Daiso kan.. hmmm let me think kat mana eh ade Daiso kat KL.. u try and google ok and find out the adrs.. its ceramics and comes in 2 sizes..

I bought mine in australia cos masa tu susah nak cari yg murah kat singapore.. yg colour colour tu i got it kat one of the kitchen supply shop kat chinatown here.. ceramics.. cost less than $5 each and comes in 3 colours.. green, orange and baby blue.. yg plastic ones pun they sell.. ade 2 colour but i dont like plastic stuff ah.. at least with ceramic u can bake something in it :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Pics of ur masterpieces r well tempted! Thumbs up, gurl! N yes i wud like to know where did u get the small colourful casseroles where u did mango pudding? I love em'...:-)

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