Bolkus 101 Dalmations

Dont u just love recipes that only use egg whites? I know I do cos I hv lots to spare and this recipe is definitely a keeper cos it produces a super soft bolu and we simply love the taste too..

What actually intrigues me to try out this simple recipe?? honestly?? 101 Dalmations hehehe

120g egg whites (from eggs 3-5)
1/4 tsp salt
225g sugar
2 tsp emulsifier
300g flour
1/4 tsp double action baking powder
200 ml Sprite
30g chocolate rice (I used more)

1. Heat steamer..
2. Whisk the egg whites and salt until soft peak (abt 3 mins). Add in sugar a little at a time and add emulsifier, beat till batter fluffy and thick (abt 7mins).
3. Add in sifted flour.. alternating with the sprite. Stir well. Add in chocolate rice.
4. Pour batter into individual mould.. top with more chocolate rice and steam for a good 10mins.


hana said...

alamakk rimmm... cunnyerrr! cup tuh pong cun! xde sprite la pullakk! haiizzzz...

Rima said...

Hana.. pi kedai beli sprite.. boleh buat sekarang jugak! hehe

Unknown said...

so cute!!! hee hee the muffin paper cups familiar hee hee i bought it too buat jerok hee hee

Rima said...

Of cos familiar .. Who tak gi Ikea kan hehe

Moralle said...

Salam sis....been here for few times already, silent reader...luv yr cooking the way u present it here in yr blog...keep it up ya...oh yr doter so cute...selamat berpuasa :)

Rima said...

Salam to u too Moralle and Selamat berpuasa.. ty for dropping by.. come back again ok :o)

CS said...

Siapa lebih excited dgn mini Dalmatian tu.. mamanya, papanya atau anaknya Sonia??

when the night light is off said...

Cam ne lah dia/kueh ni boleh dapat nama 101 Dalmations. Tak leh lupa pada Glen Close mata juling dalam lumpur. Ha..ha..

Will there be 101 Dalmation II? Don't you agree with me, being SHAM is a lot of benefit? and you are creative too.

Rima said...

Hehehe of cos Mamanye lah CS.. Sonia as always part part bolu ni she will lick it and kept on saying.. mama.. ice cream.. mama ice cream hehehe

Rima said...

Ah ah seh Melati.. teringat part part mata dia juling.. haha

Dont know eh.. hopefully ade lah boleh kita tengok glen close in action again..

Dont know if being a SAHM tu ade lots of benefit ke tidak.. yg pasti i get to see Sonia grow depan mata.. kadang macam tak de life cos tak dapat hang out with friends but kan kadang rasa macam ok jugak lah kan.. for now I am happy being a SAHM.. :o)

DG said...

Pretty bolkus! The paper wrappers pretty too. :)

Rima said...

Hehe u can get the paper cups fm ikea :)

Anonymous said...

Yum yum... I AM LOVIN THIS! I want shome more of this ok--My favourite.. Muackss, Li-Lin

Maya Marisa said...

greetings from kl. been ur silent reader for quite sometime. also been trying out the recipes that you posted, and guess what? it turned out great. my familia like it so much.
will definitely give it a try on this new dessert...btw i am a dessert person.

Rima said...

Dont we all Maya ... Dessert is our middle name haha.. Gd to know u hv tried a few n turned our well.. Gd job! I am pretty sure u will like the 101 Dalmation bolu :))

Maya Marisa said...

Rima dearie,
guess wat? i was so tempted by the pic, that i started baking last nite! hahaha. bought the ingredients during lunch break (thank god for the long friday prayers break) and started whipping the egg by midnite...kena tidurkan anak dulu kan? if not, she'll be the chef and me the sous chef. to cut it short, its so so yummy. concur with you, this is definitely a keeper.

Rima said...

Kahkahkah kadang2 tu kalau dah kena seru macam tak keharuan gitew.. Anak tido dgn cepat mama mula kan operasi membaking hehehe.. Congrats n glad u se taste dgn kita..

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