So its Putri Salat once again...

So Paul was right after all... that I shud sleep instead of staying up to watch the match first hand hahahhha.. hb was smart enough to go to bed instead cos he has an early meeting the next day and guess what happened to me yesterday... I got really tired cos I ended up sleeping for two hr or so... I was fasting and for the first time in the longest time.. I took an afternoon nap.. a quickie 15mins nap as what i call it.. enough to get me going for the next few hours to do my typical housework.. prepared lunch for my two kids (as always.. when my son is home.. its always rice and a few dishes) .. I didnt even hv the energy to bake anything.. sigh.. Well enough abt Paul ... lets just hope that his prediction is right that Germany will win over Uruguay on Sunday :o) If not... Sushi!

Anywho last night after dinner.. I decided to make kuih puteri salat.. I used the same recipe fm the last time and added more flour to the sekaya recipe...

500g glutinous rice - soak for an hr with 1 tsp of alkaline water (i didnt use alkaline water)
1 tsp salt
340ml light coconut milk
screwpine/pandan leaves
1 tsp sugar (i added)

1. Prepare the steamer. Combine glutinous rice, salt, sugar and coconut in a square or round cake pan. Mix well. Place the screwpine/pandan leaves on top of the rice and steam over rapidly boiling water for about 30–35 minutes or until cooked through.
2. Discard pandan leaves. Fluff up the rice, and then press rice firmly down with a banana leaf or aluminum foil until it is compact. Return it to the steamer.

250g sugar
6 eggs (abt 60g each)
60g flour (I added 5g more)
10g sago or corn flour (I used corn flour and added 5g more)
750ml thick coconut milk (i used KARA 350g and add 400ml water)
pinch of salt
1 tbsp pandan paste
a few drops of green colouring
one or two drops of rose essence (i added)

Stir eggs and sugar until well combined. Add the coconut milk and the rest of the ingredients. Strain the batter to remove any lumps.
Cook it over low heat till slightly warm... stirring it occasionally so as to avoid any lumpy batter..
Scratch the surface of the steam rice lightly with a fork. Pour in the batter on top of the rice. Steam over medium heat for an hour or until set.
Set it aside to cool completely before cutting into serving pieces.

All packed to be given out...

Enjoy the weekend peeps..


elissa said...

Hi Rima, I stumbled upon your blog while google-ing for a recipe. Your baking and photography skills are very impressive! Your husband must be very proud of you:)I am looking for some reliable Malaysian/singaporean recipe books for a newbie like me, any suggestions?

Rima said...

Ty Elissa.. still learning on photography skills.. can do better hehehe..

To be honest I dont hv that many malaysian/singaporean recipe books.. most of the recipes that i hv tried here are fm online aka blog hopping or fm non asian recipe books but I do hv a collection of Alex Goh recipe books tho.. his books are all reliable

izahdaut said...

woww...cantiknya!! sangat creative..ha ah..tak terpikir untuk cetak kuih talam sebegini..cantiklah acuan cetak kalau saya buat putri salat agak lembik kalau nak buat cetak camni.. nnti bleh try resepi ni plak..good idea.. happy weekend!!

Unknown said...

morning babe...

eh eh ... soooo cute modern putri salat hee hee

Rima said...

morning babe..
Harus di permodern or else kids macam boring nak makan kuih oldies hehe

Rima said...

Izah.. kadang kadang ade recipe yg terlembik sikit ah but this recipe i like and i added a little more flour lagi to make it a little stable for me to gunakan cetakan (aduh malay ku.. berterabur hahahha) try ah this recipe.. our family loves it..

Yat Maria said...


my internet connection SUCKSSSSSSS @ home!!ni musti gara2 my kuali antenna!sheesh!! cant wait fr the WC final so that I can remove that kuali and hopefully the connection will be ack to normal!

anyways, ai neva make this kuih although makan byk kali..u see..thats a long feud btw me and pulut..tak tau asal tak 'jel'..

Rima said...

Eh dear u can remove it already liao.. They r showing it on channel 5 mahh.. Eh my connection also the other time probs dah tu si king of complaint in our hsehold kacau si provider sampai they tak leh angs hahaha.. He said i am just helping them to do more 'work' haha

Last time i am like that too. But cubalah.. Who knows this time ade "jel" .. Hehe

I am on my way to sunlik now.. Nanti i tengok if they hv thar decorarive chocolate or colorful wafer yg u asked me the other time ok..

Unknown said...

we call this kuih as seri muka in Malaysia :D

Rima said...

Ah ah QueenB.. Serimuka /putri salat same aje :)

silcleo said...

I actually can get all ingredients! I'll give this a go, since I love this :-)


Rima said...

Heheh good luck Sil but ah u need patience u know.. cannot open and close the steamer just like when u open and close the oven door lol.. anyway the whole process takes abt 3hrs and u hv to leave it overnight or at least 4hrs bef u slice it..

PS: i didnt know u hv steamer.. i cud hv done this for u when we were there :o)

Unknown said...

hello kak rima... i try this recipe this afternoon ... rupe dia sungguh tak cantik tak tau ape pasal ... rasa ok boleh tahan ... rupe dia horrible ... besoh lunch time i post the end product hee hee ...

Rima said...

huh tak cantik Ilah?? ape kau dah buat dek oiiii hahahha.. did u wrap penutup kukusan dgn towel tak?? did u use a medium fire?? did u follow the recipe to the T tak?? hmmm..

Unknown said...

???!!u have to wrap the kukusan with towel???!!! ... ah ... i din do dat hee hee ... so the top look super ugly ... is dat y its ugly cos the water droplets drop on it?

Unknown said...

tgk rupa putri salat ilah

Rima said...

Ilah thats the work of water droplets .. Try wrapping the cover with lampin bayi or tea towel.. Api must medium high ok.. Kukusan cam tu pun tak recommeded.. Do half adonan if ur steamer too small..

PS: Teringat first time buat kuih ini.. Mine lagi mengerutu hehe

Za said...

Oh so pretty! Such a creative presentation of something I consider traditional.:)

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