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The product of last night...

Woke up today with a mission.. not that I am gonna pester him to build me a pantry next to my kitchen by tomorrow.. its just that now is not the right time.. hb is sooo stressed these couple of weeks that yesterday he had to go and see his doc to check his blood level.. thank goodness everything is norm except doc said he is very stressed and needs to learn how to relax and also he has to be on medication.. poor him... sigh.. all this happened eversince that ungrateful can I say this here?? male B**** decided to quit just like that.. work load.. upcoming overseas tender.. double crossed... sigh.. well what do ya know.. in corporate world.. no one is indispensable ..

Anyway back to my mission... since I cant even do anything except to accept my fate of not having a pantry like Julie's (for now that is).. I decided to tidy up my kitchen, my pantry, my rooms, my toilets and also my living area.. hahahhah ok ok thats a bit too much right for a woman that is desperate to hv a kitchen as huge as Julies kahkahkah.. oh well since I am in the mood to do it.. why not ey.. I finished everything within 7hrs and by the time I was done.. I was too exhausted to even cook dinner let alone bake.. we decided to hv our dinner in town since we hv been planning to take Sonia to the toy sale in Takashimaya :op

Come rain or shine.. this is what I do everyday after my chores.. on my lappy.. blog hopping.. jot down recipes while having my afternoon coffee.. have a good weekend ppl cos i know I will..


Anonymous said...

so clean..neat n tidy je kitchen u kak rima.. mcm kat show room aje. mcm boleh golek2 je kat lantai. bersih..
kot kalo aida..seharian kat dapo cmtu pun takpe. i rela u...

CS said...

7 hrs of non stop spring cleaning? Wow, where does that energy come from? Dapur dah spotless cam tu, I would not want to cook anything ever at least for a month :-)

Yat Maria said...

sweet!!! a nice neat tu bukan gambar my kitchen ke?? muahhahaha..tak salah verangan kan..kan... :) ai adalah verangan nak kemas & tidy everything in my kitchen but always ada lagi 'pressing' issues to do..biasalah excuse kan..

monday ni ai on leave..nak kena 'molest' pat hate doing mammo, everytime my body feels batterred after the 'molest' sebab nak kena jadi acrobat..bend my body forward, backward sideways..haiz!!! terpaksa aku tempuhi this monday.. i hope this time round, they find nothing that requires the insertion of needle in my boobs..wish me luck babe :)

Rima said...

Aida .. why do u think i bake everyday heheh.. tak lah.. i like it like that.. clean and all... dah di nama kan OCD .. betul tak Yat?? kahkahkah

Rima said...

I tak sadar it was that long until i rasa penat bangat heheh.. energy tu datang bila ade mood.. if only waktu nak dekat dekat raya i got lots of energy to kemas :o(

Rima said...

GOOD LUCK dear! the last time i do pap was last year in June.. ni tahun belum gi lagi.. so far my gynae tak hantar i gi memo after i gv birth to sonia.. she said i am all good but kan i think if i hv the time i nak buat lah memmo.. sesekali kena "molest" for kebaikan I rela u kahkahkah

KG said...

i dream to have your kitchen, modern and tidy...mine was like that abt 13 yrs ago when we first moved in, but now....i need a new kitchen, ha is so full of entah ape bende...btw i attempted the macaron AGAIN this morning using your recipe and method, hey it jadi! got the foot, but i didnt colour it and i piped a bit too big so, by the time they dried, they became like a huge meringue...the small ones tt didnt join got the foot, yeay! guess i hv to do it again complete wt colour and filling nxt time!

Rima said...

Woaaaahhhh CONGRATS!! for a starter kira bila dah ade frill tu dah ok lah.. nanti kalau u dah mahir and dah add colour powder and any kinda fillings sure jadi cute mute si macaron tu.. once again well done!

Hmmm did u outline it first bef u pipe?? it works well if u wanna get an even size..

Haizz pasal kitchen ni wanita selalu macam penasaran hahahah

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