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Konnyaku Jelly

Paul you crazy German Octopus I hope YOU ARE WRONG... U TRAITOR!!! hehehe

Tonight's desert.. Remember the jello heart that I made yesterday?? Sonia kept on peeling the jello part and munching on it.. leaving the rest for papa to munch.. err not that papa is complaining heheh.. so right after zohor, I decided to prepare this super easy no brainer desert .. there is no recipe for this jelly as I had bought those instant ones that already has sugar in it (Jele brand) nevertheless u can try out the recipe below if u cant find the instant one nearby.. (dont worry abt the recipe below.. I've tried and tested it many times bef) .. Soooo go germans goooooooooooo .. if u guys go to final I am gonna be one busy mama this weekend muahahah

15 gm. Konnyaku jelly powder
80 gm. fine sugar
170 ml concentrated fruit syrup (i used fruit syrup fm lychee's can)
730 ml. water

Mix konnyaku powder with sugar and stir well.
Boil water with fruit syrup till it boils.
Pour in konnyaku powder and sugar mixture and stir till dissolves.
Place cut lycee into mini jelly moulds and pour mixture.
Leave to set.
Chill before serving.

And "Bibik Lyn... this is for ur eyes only".. BURPPPP.. opsssy bibik lyn.. Sonia ate ur kitty muahahah


Yat Maria said...

sedang tidur lena, pintu bilik ai dibuka, sempat ai tanya dude..saper menang...spain he said..oh ok..terus aku tido balik...haha...

Rima said...

5 mins bef match.. I switch on my tv in our room.. Put on my headset n watched the game sowang2.. Sekali sekala kedegarang .. "uhhhh arghhhh... Ehhh" ...Germany hardcore fan disebelah i tido n tak bergerak pun.. Habis match.. I took off my headset .. He turned ard n asked.. So? .. I said.. Spain.. Terus he tido balik hahaha.. Gd match.. The spanish did well.. Sotong paul prediction betul dahhhhh hahaha

CS said...

bolehlah you berihat dari membaking bila WC final nanti. Jgn lupa masak sambal tumis SOTONG, heheh.

Did I watch the game? Hummm...

P/S: I like my lengkong hard but sker yg lembut2 jenis jelly-O. Apa pulak 'keletah' you kat dapur hari nih Rima?

Rima said...

Kahkahkah memang hari ini akan ku masak si sotong itewww.. I think bola tengok u tak?? At half time i tertido dah tu nasib baik i terjaga balik 5 mins after they started.. Haizz bola punya pasal.. Rima rima.. Now kepala pusing cos cuma nap a few hrs.. Boleh kah ku membaking tdy??

Anonymous said...

uwekkk...uwekkk... Sonia... dat kitty kitty is meant for bibik... dats not shasha tau... u dun have to wallop dat kitty!!u just have to wallop shasha!! hehe...
Li Lin..

MamaFaMi said...

Lovely looking jelly you've got there!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Cute hehehe.

Rima said...

Bibik Lyn.. burrrpppp.. hehehe

Rima said...

Ty Mamafami.. its just a simple looking jelly.. macam orang nye hehhe.. come again mamifami.. glad to hv u onboard! :o))

Rima said...

Cute kan SJB.. Sonia keep on saying kitty kitty kitty hehehe

izahdaut said...

comelnya jelly ni..hi ..slaam suke tengok menu in ur blog.Aniway, saya ada cube resepi marble banana delicious.. dan mintak izin link ke sini. thank u!!

Rima said...

Salam kenal Izah.. Dah try ke?? Sedap kan.. Jgn nak cakap kita.. My hb punya customer yg fm aust pong makan banyak.. Lapau kot hahaha.. Anyway no worries.. Do the link ok.. Ttyl :)

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