French Macarons

I have been lazing around in my bed and I have this feeling that today is gonna be a much more relaxing day since I've done the cleaning part last night.. last week hb's aunt sent us a few photos which she took when we were in Graz... shes into photography too and I love this pic to bits!

Anyway yesterday eventho I said I was feeling tired and all, I still felt like baking a few types of desert.. seriously.. I dont hv the answer as to why I am like that.. some peeps wud just prefer to laze around when they are tired.. but not me.. :o(

Besides chiffon cake.. I baked hb's fav desert too... not been baking it for a while now and dont want to loose "touch" either.. once in a while I hv to bake it so as to remind me how the texture shud look like bef I pipe em' plus I'm thinking of baking it for Eid too

Swiss Meringue
80g egg white (at room temperature)
65g caster sugar

80g ground almond
140g icing sugar
1/2tsp lemon juice
orange yellow colouring powder (i did 2 batches.. used purple in the other batch)

Chocolate Ganache
100g dark chocolate (i used valrhona 64%)
50g whipping cream

Swiss Meringue Macarons:
1. Line 3 to 4 baking trays with silicon sheet. (i used baking sheet)
2. Use a round cookies cutter, press it into some cocoa powder or flour.
3. Use the cookies cutter to make some round imprint on the silicon sheet and set aside.
4. Sift icing sugar and almond together and set aside.
5. Pour sugar and egg white into a heatproof pan and place it over a saucepan of simmering water.
6. Stir constantly until sugar has dissolved and the mixture is warm to the touch (about 50 to 55C).
7. Pour the egg white and lemon juice into the mixing bowl with the whisk attachment and beat on medium-high speed until soft peaks then add in the powder colouring. (this time i used purple and yellow - shud hv added more powder as it turned out to be pastel purple lol)
8. Continue to beat until the egg white has cooled down and it look smooth and shiny. (medium peak but not dry)
9. Fold in the sifted mixture in 4 portions into the meringue. Do not over fold batter until it turn watery, batter should be slightly thicker than cake batter.(I hv tried dumping the sifted mixture all at once.. it works too)
10.Spoon batter into a piping bag and pipe it within the round imprint which had made earlier on.
11.Let the macarons to rest for 30mins.
12.Preheat oven to 150C.
13.Bake a tray at a time for 20-25mins, depend on individual oven. (i baked mine for 12mins)
14.Remove macarons and cool on a wire rack. (if ur having difficulty removing shell, spray a little water (mist) under baking sheet.. let it sit for a few sec and peel it off)

Chocolate Ganache:
1. Heat up the whipping cream.
2. Pour it into the dark chocolate and stir until it melted and smooth.
3. Leave it aside to set. (Slightly thicken for piping.)

Assemble the macarons:
1.Pipe the chocolate ganache on the macaron.
2.Sandwich with another macaron together.
3.Keep in the fridge to let the filling firm.


Anonymous said...

kak rima, macaroon u tu look so tempting... post sikit kat kl. hahaha. nway, aida dh try bake chiffon cakes n choc chip kukis u. SEDAP okeh.. thanks akak.

CS said...

The 1st few lines part method tu I dah 'hilang arah'. I dah tak paham, tolonggg.. my CPU enggan berfungsi.

Nice n classic pic of father n daughter (that reminds me of my late father acukan kasut kekaki emak dia semasa diMekah. Ada orang melihatnya in awe). I cherish that story.

KG said...

oh these are gorgeous...take a look at mine at, i did the frecnh way, ienot using the hot syrup, and i didn't use a baking sheet...think the taste was there, not the look, the foot/frill was not there!must try your method!

Rima said...

Aida why not create a blog since u bake too.. But having a blog macam full time work tau hehehe.. Congrats! Glad cake n biscuit menjadi.. :))

Rima said...

Somuffins gambar classic macam gini harus disimpan baik baik so besok besar dia ingat.. Mudah mudahan bila besar dia jadi like ur late father.. Sarungkan kasut kat kaki papanye pulak..

Eh follow method one at the time sure ur cpu working one hehe

Rima said...

I used to follow the french method but only once it turned out perfect.. The swiss method is the best.. Tak pernah fail.. Try ok.. Sure ur macarons pakai skirt hehe.. I hv baked it a couple of times actually.. Check it out under cookies in my blog :)

Maizatul said...

Rima, I always wanted to try making macaron, but after reading the recipes and method mcm complicated and I don't have the confidence to try out. But looking at your version, either you make it sound easy or it's memang easier than others,I'll definitely going to try this out. Actually dah ada 2 resepi you yg tgh queue, the pandan chiffon cake and sonia's mickey mouse cake.Nicely printed and currently waiting for some action heheheh...btw, for the rainbow mickey cake, what is the loyang size that u used?and you said you bake it 3x to make it 6 layers. ie, 1 bancuh split to two multiply by 3 right?well, it seems like you also need to master Maths to bake hehhe....thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I want your MACAROOOONSSS... you noe i will purposely buy macaroons at Cedele or Bakezin eventhou deir's r ok ok... I can go BONGERS if i didnt eat them..:(

Rima said...

Baking macarons ni kira ikut nasib tau.. sampai sekarang pun whenever i wanna start baking it hati i tertanya tanya.. wondering if my macaron akan pakai skirt or tak.. its like that lah when it comes to baking macarons.. probably cos benda ni cerewet sikit but i guess if u dah biasa buat chiffon cake.. insya allah u will know how ur egg white shud look like and the folding method to abt the same.. so yes the recipe that i used tu senang sikit pada i.. cuma u must hv the thermometer to get the right temp when u double boil ur egg white and sugar..

The rainbow mickey mouse cake tu i used rect pan 14x10".. u need to prepare 3 times the recipe that i put up.. each recipe u dapat 2 colours.. baking pun harus buat kira kira tau especially when it comes to layer cake.. semua pakai timbang and calculation hehehe

Rima said...

Anonynmous is that u sis Lyn?? hehehhe i know.. i know.. u can come by to get the macarons but must be fast cos ur BIL can eat lots at one time :op

Maizatul said...

oh ya, regarding the macaron,in most recipes that i read, the eggs white need to be aged, how about yours? tak payah nak age kan ke?
so nampaknya, i kena start with the chiffon cake first la kan....hehehe...

Yat Maria said...

Having a pantry & kitchen like yours, mustilah ai pun akan terasa nak bake wlpn penat.. Cik kak u lupa ker yr OCD tu..nosweat, kemas lintang pukang..baking2 pun maintain kitchen kemas..tak gitew, beb?

Edi said...

rima, those macs are gorgeous!!!

Rima said...

Maizatul i selalu ade age egg white kat my fridge so most of the time when i decided to bake macarons i used age punya.. there is someone who left a comment in my previous macaron entry and told me that she ever pakai egg white baru for this swiss method.. hmm i rather age it for at least 24hrs..

Rima said...

Eh lupa pulak patut lah I laju aje dah tu bila malam buta suruh my hb picit my shoulder and tangan cos denjut denjut kahkahkah.. dah tua lah

Rima said...

Edi to be honest i prefer the previous mac.. lagi cantik the colour.. yg ni i thought nak do double colour jugak.. purple/yellow .. the purple jadi pastel pulak haizz

hana said...

ishhhh.. apesal la tgk orang lain wat macaron cam sonanggg ja! tapi klu aku buat mesti tk jd! ateh dier tuh kan dah macam biskut biasa kedut2! tak licin gtu!kene pakai skII ker rim??

Rima said...

Hana kira ur macaron nampak tua lah eh.. tu bukan ape.. nak kena pakai SK2 tiap hari kahkahkah..j/k eh.. i tell u what.. why dont u try the swiss method.. musti licin berseri macaron u tu.. bukan cos of skill.. its nasib lah.. benda ni cerewet sikit.. sejuk udara pun tak leh.. sensitive gitu.. but if u dah tahu buat u sure know what to do.. how the texture of ur batter look like.. hmm texture of batter macam magma like gitu.. anyway keep on trying ah.. sure menjadi :o)

Anonymous said...

Yesss sis... D "mistery" blogger is me, ur sister li-lin! Hehe

Rima said...

LOL I knew it!

zawani yusoff said...

hai...=)xpnh mkn lg macaron ni...mcm best je...hihihi...takut la nak buat,tkt xjd..hihi..mcm ssh je...

Nomie Aziz said...

Hi, salam kenal rima..hmm..nak cuba resipi macarons u ni:D..thanks a lot ya!

Rima said...

Hi Nomie
Pls do cos this recipe works like a charm... good luck and pls take precaution when u fold in ur almond and icing sugar...

Happy baking!

kak reen said...

Salam Rima.
I have tried doing macaroon today tapi cam tak menjadi. tak de kaki gitu. and leper je. any idea what/where when wrong. also, i ada draw circle on the baking paper tapi it doesn't turn out to be round. all sorts of shape.camne nak jadi kan bulat. thanks.

Rima said...

As Salam KReen
I dont draw circle on my parchment paper.. i used cocoa powder dgn round cookie cutter.. u dip ur cookie cutter in ur cocoa powder and then u press kat ur parchment paper.. insyallah u will get a proper round shape..

Hmmm did u use thermometer?? if u dont hv.. u are better off with french method.. tak yah masak gula and egg white.. just whip egg white sampai berbuih.. then add sugar a little at a time sampai stiff peak.. add colour powder.. then add ur sifted icing sugar dgn almond powder.. fold in not more than 50 times and ur good to go!

ros@JMC said...

salam kak rima, ros mintak izin copy resepi macaron ni kt blog ros ya kak, thanks a lot ya

LeHa said...

salam k.rima, say dh cuba method akk..mmg best..mac da kaki tp tggi plak...

tp akk, mac sya berlubang d tgh2 nya..knapa ya???

Rima said...

Berlubang? hmm berlubang meaning melopong.. the back u tak dapat flat surface ker?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima
Just wondering can i use nutella for the filling?


Rima said...

Yes u can tho nutella ganache taste yummier

frizzkiss said...

hi kak rima, remember i penah tanyer u kalau pakai oven baby belling boleh ke tidak? i try with the oven kak....n jadi!!! my first attempt no cracks at all! but feet a litlle bit high siket...heheehe

Rima said...

alhamdullilah.. ty for the infor.. at least if someone email me.. i will let them know that baby belling works well dgn macs hehe

Kongkang Malaya said...

Kak Rima,
When I think of macarons, I think of you. Serious tau! :D

Am thinking (if I have the guts) of baking some for Christmas. One question tho, do I use both high + low fire for the oven? With fan too?


Rima said...

Hehe whenever hb kata we nak gi barca.. i think of u too hehe

Good choice.. bake it in red and green.. warna christmas hehe..

My oven - Temp use is 110C.. i use top and bottom fire for the first 7mins and another 10mins using low fire.. no fan function in my oven hehe

sandy Koo said...

Hi Rima,

I was wondering, what do you do with the leftover egg yolks?

I always make swiss meringue buttercream with meringue powder so i was wondering if i could use meringue powder for this macarons?

Thanks :D


Rima said...

hi sandy
u shud ask me the other way round lol.. i baked lots of layer cakes for my customers.. keep the egg white in my freezer and when i hv to bake macs for customers.. i took it out and use it..

Never tried using meringue powder .. i dont know if it will work..

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