Banana Lapis Legit

Mom likes lapis rempah ALOT... she only likes it if its wet and has the texture of "melt-in-ur-mouth" type.. she doesnt like any lapis with fruits unlike both my sisters and I.. we much much prefered lapis prune then any other type of lapis..

Now eventho mom hates any fruits in her cakes.. shes likes steamed fruit cake for some reason and she wouldnt mind any cake that has the taste of fruits eg banana cake.. durian cake.. etc etc as long as the fruit is mashed.. so last Friday I decided to bake lapis prune (of cos) and also lapis banana since I had bought lots of ripe bananas while in JB... Make a guess how many of these suckers went into moms tummy? hehehe

4 egg white
12 eggs yolks
110g flour (I used HK flour)
200g vanilla ice cream powder
1 tsp baking powder

400g butter
240g caster sugar
200g bananas - mashed
1 tsp banana essence
a few drop of yellow colouring (I used yellow and green colouring)

- Preheat oven 170C and greased an 8x8 square pan
- Sieve flour, baking powder and vanilla ice cream powder and mix well - put aside
- Beat butter until soft and add mashed bananas. Mix well and set aside.
- Beat egg whites until fluffy. Add sugar little by little and continue to beat until thick.
- Add egg yolks one by one and beat again until it thick and fluffy. Turn speed to low and add sifted flour a little at a time and continue to beat till well combined. - Stop machine and add the butter mixture, a yellow colouring and banana essence and mix well with rubber spatula to blend well.
Bake layer by layer using grill mode - abt 100g per layer.. (I divide batter into two parts and add yellow colour to one and green to another - each layer abt 106g)
- Bake last layer using upper and lower fire for a further 10mins.

And since last year one of the lapis cake that i baked for mom during Eid was durian layer cake.. this year her household is so gonna have this banana layer since she likes it alot!

Oh bef I go.. ty Lyn for taking care of Sonia today.. bec of u guys.. both me and hb got to go out on a date hehhe.. and bec of u guys.. I got to bake the triple choco caramel cake again.. hope u like it Ms.. errr.. better not mention her name here.. CONGRATS! :op

Source: NCC banana week
Original recipe fm Asmah Laili


silcleo said...

what'd u do on your date?

Rima said...

Hehe what we do best SIL.. It starts with S n ends with ... Muahaha no no nooooo... not that! S*******G

hana said...

fullamakkkk...kompom sedap glossss! tapi wa tak mo gloss yg lg satu tuh! uishhh melampau! hahahaha... tp lapis legit mmg la gune telur byk kan rim kan kan... klu aku wat kek nih, kompom laki aku terkujat berok sbb dier nak wat telur goreng tgk2 bekas telur kosong! hahahaha.....

Rima said...

Kahkahkah.. U very the funny one.. I like cos i can ketawa kuat kuat.. Kek lapis legit ni lah paling save cos cuma pakai 12 eggs.. Paling banyak i ever use for one cake is 32 eggs.. U better dont bake that one cos wait ur husben lagi frust tongek cos tak leh goreng telur hahaha

Unknown said...

yey!!! i will get to taste the cake today Ms.... brought to work whooohooo!!!

Rima said...

Well enjoy.. Eat pelan pelan ok hehehe

Ain said...

thanks Kak Ima....cake tu yummy!..eheheh...

ilah...takmo makan sensorang eh...share ngan cik abang tau...hahah

Rima said...

No worries Ms Ain.. Ahemmm. Hehe

Ain said...

ekekeke...skrg da bole type nama tu...haha...rahsia da terbongkar..kononnya tat time nak surprise kan Cik Ilah tu...ehehe

Unknown said...

hee hee inya-allah tak luper nak share

Unknown said...

1 word ... pure AWESOME-NESS!!!

Rima said...

Glad u guys like it.. lepas ni boleh lah try bake this cake hehehe

Unknown said...

er .... hee hee im going to try my luck ... kak rima ... hee hee ... erm ... =D ... do u take order? ... i nak bagy my mom ... biler2 pun boleh ... =D ... boleh tak?

Rima said...

hmmm insya'allah.. email me when u want the TCCC ok..

HomeKreation said...

Hi Rima. Thanks for sharing. I've just made it today & turned-out very moist & tasty.

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