Banana Doughnut

Something sweet for the kids... Hairi said it tastes like jemput jemput... err duhhhh of cos dear... didnt I tell ya that this donut is called banana donut?? hmmmm anyway this is gonna be my last entry for today... I am gonna rest now after a super tiring day and hopefully I will be wide awake for the World Cup final... I am hoping that Spain will win but hb said it wud be good if Netherlands win the Cup.. oh well...

Tomorrow I will be officially "on leave" fm my daily routine... finally after 2yrs and 4 months I get to go out on my own.. do my own things.. hang out with my sisters without my little princess and dearest hb... dont get me wrong yah.. i love both of them to death but I do need a little time on my own.. ya know to let down my hair and just do stuff which i used to do.. ty dear for giving me the chance to chill... ty to both my sisters for taking leave to spend the time with me.. cant wait.. am super excited to see both of them and my cousin Nasyita tomorrow for lunch!!

100g cake flour
400g bread flour
100g sugar
11g instant yeast
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp bread improver
100 ml water
3 egg yolks
100g butter
300g banana, mashed (I might use 200g next time)
Oil for frying
Sugar donut for topping

1. Sift both flour and stir in yeast.. add sugar.
2. Add in salt, water and eggs, stirring constantly, add in 50ml of water first.
3. Add in mashed banana, stir well, lastly add in butter and continue to knead until smooth.
4. Test the dough, if its still hard add the remaining water and knead until smooth
5. Let it stand for 20 minutes until the dough double in size
6. Weigh 30g for each donut.. shape and put it aside or u can use donut cutter.
7. Shape, and make holes in the middle and place it on a dusted tray
8. Let it stand again for 10 minutes.. deep fry till golden in colour.. let it cool
9. Sprinkle sugar on donuts

I dumped everything into my breadmaker... which of cos in this situation was a big mistake... dough was wayyyy too sticky that i had to add more than 100g of flour to my dough.. eeeekkk next time i will use less than 100ml of water..

Source: NCC banana week


Yat Maria said...

Hooray for Spain!!!! although ai tertido wlpn beria2 nak nonton!

Rima said...

Hehe me too.. I was awake till half past one tho but ape kah daya.. Tertido pulak :))

Bedah Jonet said...

oooh your banana doughnut looks so sedap! :) will try soon

Rima said...

Try lah Bedah.. just dont forget to use less water ok.. siapa tahu u will like the taste of this donut too.. :o)

izahdaut said...

interesting nyer...donut rasa jemput..waaahh..hehe..i'll try soon..soooooon...hehe...penggemar donut dan jemput pisang..apatah lagi bila bergabung rasa nih

Rima said...

Izah I also like donut .. i also like jemput jemput but i hardly goreng jemput pisang cos my hb tak berapa suka.. tak macam jemput udang/bawang.. tu dia makan laju macam train hehe

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