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To finish off....

Time: 23:30pm
Venue: Rome
Mood: Gut - one more night in Rome .. we will be flying back home tomorrow :o)
Weather: Hot and Windy
Peak Agenda: For a change hb came back early fm the exhibition hall.. we had dinner with two other guys fm Germany and hb's working colleague.. I get to see a different side of Roma city during night time.. lots of restaurants.. all lite up.. little cafes... different crowd of ppl.. lots of fake goods vendor hehehe... .historics buildings somehow looks different.. more elegant I must say... enjoy the photos first and i will try to continue writing the captions tmrw morning - if I hv the time!

Little Sonia busy plucking flowers again...

The Piazza Navona (Sonia admiring the naked Romans? :)

Lots and lots of "artists" and peddlers selling their wares.

Again the area around the Fontana di Trevi (in the evening)

Fountain by the Spanish steps (Sonia is obsessed with Fountains!)

Spanish Steps - The elegant staircase consists of 137 steps over twelve diff flights.

My last night in Rome - I finally found the road that leads to all the super duper branded goods shops and the best part.. they're all closed! hahahah

I am very very sleepy... I plan to get up early to do my last min shopping aka groceries shopping here before our afternoon flight... soooo good night and see u guys in Singapore - InsyaAllah


Yat Maria said...

Sweet! Beautiful pics..branded gds shop tutup? kuikuikui..tu dia suro spent on the baking stuff instead tu..divine intervention kot?? journey back dear.. :)

Rima said...

LOL dear.. nasib nasib but kan ade a little bit hope lagi tau... siapa tahu ade yg i berkenan kat rome airport.. bukan italian man ye .. i meant their goods hehehe

farra said...

hi k.rima..luv to see ur recipe i ur blog..hehe..u at rome sister gud fren ada kat sana..she looking of the best district to stay at venice...if u have any idea can u let me know...hehe thanks...

Anonymous said...

dear rima,

awesome pics! just love cute lil sonia. nasib baik the shops closed kalau tidak sure shopping sakan ;o)

have a safe flight back to singapore!

regards *yan*

Rima said...

Hi Farra
I hv never been to Venice so i tak leh recommend her anything except we usually will go and look online.. she can try tripadvisor for reviews on hotels..

Rima said...

Nasib baik?? haizz ingat last chance boleh check out kat airport ... tak tercapai lagi cita cita ku cos i had to queue for a very long time just to get tax refund.. by then dah too late cos departure gate dah nak closing :o((

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nice pictures, I love all the statues. Unique.

MoXchuBakes said...

thanks..k.rima..btw hehe nak tanya,have u seen tart ring mould in singapore tak?have been searching all d place tak jumpe..actually tart french punya style..and also ada tak silpat mat at singapore..hehehe..if both of the item k.rima pernah tgk let me know eh thanks so much hehehe

Rima said...

Silpat u can get it in sun lik n shemay cooking school.. Tart ring i've seen it in sun lik.. Check it out ok

MoXchuBakes said...

ok2 tq so much hehe..

Rima said...

No worries ..

Rima said...

Well if u go to Rome there are too many that u feel like taking photos of each and every statue that u see hehhe... too many historic buildings... very very nice city ..

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