A story to tell...

Time: 05:34am
Venue: Vienna
Mood: Good... no more jet leg.. we recovered pretty fast...
Weather: Looks promising... no rain this morning.. thank goodness cos hb has rented a BMW convertible kah kah kah... I hv been making fun of him since like day one when he told me that he had rented that car... duhhhh its been raining here non stop dear hahahahha
Peak Agenda: Ohhhhh I sure hv a story to tell when I get to S'pore... I think some of the oldies here (in Austria) need to learn how not to be too blunt? Dont get me wrong yah.. I know lots of Viennese that are kind and soft spoken but I guess its just our luck to run into this b**** hahahha.. oh well.. I will definitely not recommend anyone to go to this cafe.... yesterday after we did our typical tourist shopping , we went to this cafe with Anna and her son, Christoph and after ordering coffee/cakes we realized that its actually a place where all the oldies wud hang out... it started with Sonia climbing onto their seats so that she can sit in between me and hb.. and immediately one of the ladies (they are in their 50s) behind the counter told us not to let Sonia stand on it cos her shoe might dirty their couch... and of cos hb being an Austrian he told the lady not to worry and that she shud be more concerned of ppl that burn their couch with cigarette butts!.. soooo while we were having our coffee and having our conversation ... we gave Sonia her iTouch so that she can watch her mickey mouse and barney (she was getting a little restless) and just as Sonia was watching barney.. out came another woman behind the counter and told us that its too noisy.. errr first of it wasnt noisy at all... hb told her that hes "grateful" for her comments and she got pissed off... kept on pacing up and down and began to grumble (in german yah) that we shud talk to our child instead and not let her play with iTouch... that Sonia shud be reading books instead... that she "can comment as much as she wants"... blah blah blah to which hubby then said that "she can comment what she wants and he will pay her as much as he wants" lol... gessshhhhh u work in a customer oriented line and u can talk rudely to ur customer?? if she were working in Sg she'd get a complaint and in return wud get a thing or two fm her supervisor lol... anyway long story short.. we ignored her and ended our day with lots of shopping.... oh oh we got to meet Sascha (Sil best buddy) when he came over for dinner... I had cooked Rendang (tks to Brahim hehhe) and Lodeh (so so easy to get stuff fm the market) and they loved it.. especially bibik Silvia,,, hehhhee!!

Olive Oil anyone?? At the Naschmarkt.

Cheese.... yummiessssssss

Whatever you want... u can get it here... halal meat.. all sorts of vege.. all sorts of fruits.. u can even get durian in this market hehehe

Lunch in some Lebanese restaurant with the Seibels..

The super unfriendly child cafe... they shud put up a sign outside that says "No child allowed.. this is an old folks home cafe" grrrrrrrrrr

Bef Sonia's iTouch was "confiscated"

Shopping district... Mariahilfer Strasse ... H&M everywhere... I loikeeeeeeeeeee!!

My Brahim rendang sauce has never tasted better here in Vienna (so far away fm home) kah kah kah

Well ok... hv a good day peeps.. we are off to Graz in 2hrs time with our super duper BMW (rain rain go away muahahahha) .. I hope I can take a lot more photos today if the weather permits... its a 2hrs drive fm Vienna...we're gonna go and visit hb's aunt.. (macam hari raya visiting bila balik kampung hahaha)


CS said...

Sewonoknyaaa ...

Oh ya, since you dah tunjuk gamba, dengan tamaknya I nak 4 botol olive oil, 4 ketul keju n berkilo2 buah2an, boleh ke Rima? Heheh.

I kinda like jwpn your hubby given to that you-know-who.

SurayaCoghlan said...

amboi..amboi..sakan berjalan ye..sungguh jealous bila mengenangkan diri ini dok basuh bontot baby aje tiap2 hari..sigh*..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Rima, you'll definitely going to love Rome as Italians love big family, infact di restaurant, boleh jadi sangat bising. Kids are goddes to them, i think :-). I pernah terperangkap dalam suasana yang I thot rombongan sekolah pergi Zoo Negara :).

On the contrary, what you've experienced in Vienna tu, sama sahaja kalau you pergi ke Jerman.
Not that they dont welcome kids tapi ada different kasta untuk mereka.
Every time I pergi sana untuk kerja atau training, my subordinates yang beranak pinak akan ajak I datang rumah sahaja sebab susah nak cari restaurant yang kids' friendly accordingly :).

Have fun, oh you are absolutely right about H&M. I pun gila kat kedai tu. Aside from Zara, check out Massimo Dutti..price murah and nice design. Kalau di KL...sebulan lah I tak makan nak beli baju kat kedai tu ..hehehe.


Anonymous said...

I just read the "Old Hag Cafe" story and I am surprise with you. Don't you get it Rima? You are right at the heart where your TYPE "A" origin. Why do you think he and senior "Von der" behave like that. hehehe hahaha. Just ignore them and enjoy yourself. But do watch out for chopper!

Rima said...

Aduh mak.. berkilo buah buahan?? hahahha nak bukak kedai buah ke?? i probably will get my olive oil fm Italy.. the last time we were in Turin, Italy.. i bawak balik bertin tin of olive oil and berbotol nutella hahahah

You kinda like?? I loikeeee... walaupun ku tak dapat menjawab tapi ku puas hati sekali hehehe

Rima said...

Tak yah jeles.. gosok bontot baby lagi better dari gosot bontot periuk.. take it easy... enjoy the moment walau pun ku tahu ape perasaan mu ketika ini .. been there done that dear kahkahkah

Rima said...

I know the italian loves kiddies... we were there one and half year ago and i hv never terserempak orang macam gini.. even when we gi Germany.. Switzerland.. tak de problem pun... entah ape lah our luck yesterday...

Anyway with the exchange rate yg power right now.. Zara murah sikit lah dari kat sg... and Massimo Dutti.. i loike... tak kira lah beli kat sini or anywhere else in the world.. kalau dah berkenan di hati... sampai tak leh tido hahah

Rima said...

I think i know who u are lol... will enjoy myself of cos... who cares abt little things like this.. i am used to it hahahha

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Heran kan?, orang tua ni. Ada ada saja. Tapi kalau cucu dia buat gitu, I bet it's ok for her :D.

Take care.

Zee B. said...

Hey Rima,was going to go through your cake recipes when i saw this latest entry.My goodness..cant believe the audacity of some people to pick on a small innocent child.Bukan budak tu lompat sana lompat sini...maybe they are old ladies who are left on the shelf.
Do enjoy the rest of your stay in Vienna and dont let some little unethical nonsense by some depress old ladies get in your way.In the meantime i am going to try out your swiss roll recipe:)
Take care and Assalamualaikum.

Rima said...

Entah ade cucu entah tidak.. an old skool lah

Rima said...

Salam ZeeB
kah kah kah or semalam tak dapat tak?? hahaha anyway do try out some of the recipes.. good luck and ty for dropping by... ur daughter pweeetty lah... dont worry things like this will not ruin my hols... i adore orang macam gini.. buat kita geleng kepala... :o)

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