Nusstrudel or Mohnstrudel is one of the Austrian speciality.. had it for the very first time when we were visiting hb's aunt in Gratz.. she had told us not to take along any desert as she had baked something special for us to munch there.. anyway judging by the amt of butter it uses.. u wud have guess how delicious this pastry/bread is... doesnt use much ingredients but the taste is simply awesome! u can use nut as fillings or use mohn ( ahem.. u do ur own translation ok) if u happen to have it in ur pantry..

Am in love with the taste and the texture and ohhhhhh the fillings of this strudel.. ty to hb's aunt and to my SIL for sharing with me this wonderful recipe and ahem SIL.. it cant be 60g of yeast hahahha... ur bro did a little googling and it actually uses 20g of yeast which we later found out thats abt 7g of instant yeast.. nevertheless am grateful I had the chance to taste something different when we were there... ty for ur hospitality and ty for being a good baby sitter to little Sonia... errr can u come and be our babysitter permenantly in S'pore?? muahahha... Missing you loads!

660g Flour (I used 330g of flour and 330g of bread flour)
250g Butter
60g sugar
20g yeast (7g of instant yeast)
pinch of salt (next time i will use 1/2 tsp)
approx 1/4 ltr Milk (abt 250ml)

400 ml Water
180g Sugar
20g Butter
400g ground Nuts or Mohn if ur making mohnstrudel
120g Breadcrumbs
80g Raisins
Lemon Peel

1. Crumble the salted flour and the butter. Knead together with Sugar, yeast & milk into a smooth dough and then cool.

2. In the meantime prepare the filling. Bring to boil Water, Butter and sugar. Mix in remaining ingredients to a smooth texture. Let it cool. Divide dough into 3 parts and then roll out each part into a rectangle. Layer with filling and roll.

3. Glaze with eggyolk and poke 20 times with a fork.

4. Bake at 150-170deg for 30mins.

Note: I dumped everything in my breadmaker.. let it do its magic for an hr or so.. gv a light punch and roll it out.. spread filling and roll it like ur making swiss rolls.. oh yes my SIL also said that u can make this as kipferl (sort of croissant), then use half the filling instead of all... oh another thing.. since i get 3 strudels out of this recipe.. i used nutella as filling in one of the studel (thats for Sonia consumptions hehehe)

I bought the readymade fillings and added 7 tbsp of milk to it..


lemongrass said...

Hi Rima,
I have been wanting to make this poppy seed roll for quite some time already sbb I found a recipe for it on the Taste website and it looks really good.
Now, you've tayang on your blog, lagilah I terus mengidam nak buat, hehehe....

Ain said...

looks yummy!!...esp kalau filling dia nutella...lagi lah yummylicious!...hehe...lapar lah plak...*rummaging my stock of junk food*

Rima said...

Mengidam? jeng jeng jeng kahkahkah.. si Mohn ni tak leh dapat kat sini tu sebab bila gi negeri orang macam orang jakun.. beli berpack pack.. eh excuse me.. for own consumption yeee

Buat ah.. sedap.. krap krup gitu and full of flavors.. :o))

Rima said...

Nutella as filling pun sodap but i still prefer mohn.. something diff.. pakai nut also sedap.. "eh go on.. makan all the junk food.. u need to gain weight hehehe"

In btw.. that day ade a little misunderstanding ah.. when i didnt get any sms fm u i thought u dah beli kat ION.. haizzz lagi pun that day i tak sempat nak gi longchamp.. got mad at the tax refund lady lah.. sampai lambat boarding :o(

silcleo said...

you're most welcome ... i would love to babysit Sonia everyday. Your strudel looks very very authentic! much better than my .. um ... muffins! lol.
Did the gang like the mozartkugeln?

Rima said...

LOL SIL.. ur muffins are fine except all i can taste was poppy seeds hehe.. I will gv ur muffins recipe a try someday soon... anyway the gang like the mozartkugeln.. in fact we get to gv it all out the very same day we arrived..

Ain said...

gain weight?!?!?....errkkss..u might not see it...but i feel it..da naik badan ni....ekeke...jeans semua da ketat..haha..tak caya tanya ur BIL...he sure say i fat oredi...

oh takpelah..hehe..will find other source..hehe..if other bags...(padahal bag da berlambak..haha)

CS said...

Rima *you nih macam2 kan?* hahaha.. ada aje new recipe.

That polka dot mould is kinda sexy!!

Rima said...

Kinda sexy?? I think so too.. Boughr it kat rome.. Tinggal one aje.. I think pasal kinda sexy lah sungguh laku si polkedot tu hehehe

Yat Maria said...

Ooppps..I thot I was overseas when looking at those Mohnstrudel pics....siap ngan foreign sidekicks lagi sebelah the main bake.. :) tu alas paper tu , overseas newspaper ka??

Rima said...

Lol Yat.. The rest memang dtg dari overseas.. Brot basket ku beli kat vienna .. Newspaper tu actually comes fm a shop that sells scrapebook stuff.. U can get them kat plaza sg basement.. :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, I have been your silent reader for quite a long time. Loves your recipes. I have a question about Mohnstrudel, do you have to let it prove for 1 hour or just bake it immediately after you have roll it?

KL mari

Rima said...

KL mari..
Ty for stopping by.. Actually tak yah but i did proof it for half an hr or so.. :))

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