Jet Lagged...

Time: 0:34am
Venue: Singapore
Mood: Sleepy and tired
Weather: lol why am I still talking abt the weather? hahaha
Peak Agenda: Desperately wanting to bake but dont hv the energy to do so... Sonia has yet to adjust back her sleeping pattern... she will have her afternoon nap as late as 5pm and will get up an hour later... we will put her to bed at half past 9 and she will wake up at 1am and will not go to bed till 5am... I really dont know how best to get her back to her normal rhythm... today I didnt let her sleep till midday but instead woke her up by half past 10.. put her to bed again at half past 4 for her afternoon nap and woke her up at half past 6... we let her stay up till midnight and up to now shes still tossing and turning... I am hopping that she will sleep thru tonight for I am desperate to hv a good night rest... sigh...

On a lighter note... we flew back safely last weekend... attended my nieces' bday party and didnt do anything on Sunday except cleaning the house and finishing up my dirty laundry... My mom flew in fm Jeddah this afternoon.. she looks healthy eventho shes been having stomach flu while performing her Umrah... glad shes ok... glad she got home safely...

Anyway I better go and check on my little Sonia... am praying hard that she will sleep thru tonight so that her mama can start baking again soon hehhe..

Nite peeps!

Waiting for papa to check us out of the hotel...

Getting bored... playing with paped..

Again waiting for papa to send back our rented car bef departure... or lets just say bef mama got into an incident where mama got pissed off with the customs lady and by the end of the day didnt get her tax refund simply b'cos this Italian customs lady needs to learn how to speak English and gv proper instructions!!!! u shud see how mad mama was!!!... oh well... EUR100+ down the drain! grrrrr


Yat Maria said...

Welcome home!!!!!! :) Santek Miumiu(meow meow) bag Sonia :) :)mummy nyer bluer kaler ong santek..

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Welcome home :D.

I hate jet lagged. Well, good luck.

Rima said...

Ty dear.. MeowMeow tu memang santek.. Sonia yg pilih sendiri... mama punya bluer kaler tak sesantek yg orange kaler one... yg itu kesayangan mama hehehe

Ty ty .. whenever we fly fm europe jet lagged nye lagi teruk dari when we fly fm Australia.. haizz

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