Two weddings and a brunch..

Finally the busy weekend has ended.. we were invited to a wedding by the pool on Saturday.. a Sunday brunch and another wedding... we did our typical errands yesterday afternoon and did our marketing right after the last wedding invitation today... got home just after Magrib and here I am .. in bed with my lappy..

We had a wonderful time last night.. wasnt ur typical wedding dinner since it was the 2nd wedding for both bride and bridegroom.. the ever so famous Abby Sheikh was there to entertain us and let me tell u .. he is hillarious! The wedding was filled with laughter... the bride even organised a sort of "lucky draw" for all her guest... she had punjabi dancers to entertain her guests... it was fun... weather was super hot and Sonia kept wanting to take a dip in the pool lol.. she was running up and down and was sweating like there was no tomorrow!!

This morning I woke very early to prepare another batch of cream puff but this time i used double cream (whipping cream with 38% fat) for the vanilla pastry cream.. tasted a lot creamier.. took it to Alex and Evita's place for brunch.. everyone loved it and said it was delicious.. heeheheh that put a smile on my face... all the effort paid off! We got home at 2pm and after Zohor we fetched mom and dad to go to another wedding.

Anyway long story short... I am exhausted right now and gonna go to bed early.. so Gute Nacht, sit back and enjoy the photos taken during the wedding by the pool..

Dafinah and my little Sonia..

Sis Lyn aka the mohawk woman aka the mother of Danish and Dafinah.. tsk tsk how old are u again Lyn?? kah kah kah

My super duper mom ...gaya nampak?!! hahahah

Got to love Indian spread..

My one and only...

His one and only .. ahem hehehe

You girls all grown up ey cousins...

The aunties with Abby Sheikh..

The bride.. my sis Wati did her make up..

Dancing away.. bride and bridegroom... can u see my better half dancing the night away?? hahahha

Sonia with my BIL aka "ayah"


ain said...

was tat my brother in coat??!!...

Rima said...

lol.. yep yep... pulak tu that day the weather was super hot!

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