Le Pate A Choux de Chef Safura

My super duper hb has begged me to make cream puffs for almost two weeks, it’s one of his favorite pastries. I finally had the time to make a special one, the recipe is fm Chef Safura Atan

So after eating 4 pcs in one go.. i know.. gross .. oh heck!... I am gonna describe this super wonderful recipe in one word... AWESOME!!!!!!!

Thank you.. thank you.. thank you to KG for sharing this wonderful recipe!! the best recipe ever... the vanilla pastry cream is to die for... arggghhhhh there goes all my diet kah kah kah

Please head over to Kitchen Guardian for recipe

Milk and vanilla pod

Egg yolks, cornflour, sugar, salt and whipping cream

Milk, water, flour, eggs, salt and butter

Do not line ur baking tray with baking paper.. lightly grease it and pipe batter.. fresh out of oven..

Pipe in vanilla cream pastry.. drizzle with melted chocolate..

Let it set in the fridge.. take it out and dust with icing sugar... YUM YUM!!

All the different names and varieties that come fm Pate A Choux.. Commonly known..Cream Puff.. profiteroles and eclairs..


Yat Maria said...

Babe...everytime I look @ yr bakes, it wanna make me weep....weep sebab tak dapat makan!!!!!!! seriously, u r one talented baker!!!if I yr neighbourrrrr, makanya takkan turun weight ku ini...

Rima said...

Yat dear..
You also ape kurengnye.. Can bake.. Can cook.. Kira sama lah kita.. U tak yah jadi neighbour one.. I can help u ti gain weight one hehe.. Eh u tinggal which side ah?? Nirth, soth, east, west kah??

KG said...

Hi! tqs for mentioning me in your apa kurangnya, penuh dgn treasure and trove, must try some recipes here! am in the midst of organising my site (yg tak kunjung tiba tu!), anyway, hope i can organise myself in terms recipes and the likes in my new site!

Rima said...

No worries.. I harus berthank you to u tau for sharing such a wonderful recipe for others to try.. my hb addicted to it sampai that day bila kita went to his boss place.. he suruh i baked it for everyone to enjoy.. all the germans and swiss suka bangat hehehe

Anonymous said...

Kak Rima

I tried this recipe tapi adunan jadi cair after I add in the eggs... :(((
kenape ya?? I followed the recipe to the T.
Plse help kak...Tks


Rima said...

cant be.. did u whip ur batter hingga betul betul sejuk bef u masuk kan eggs?

Anonymous said...

Kak Rima

Thanks for taking time to answer my question, appreciate it!

I suppose the batter is slighly warm masa I masuk kan telur...but will that cause to mixture to become cair?
Haiz...I will try again bcos I know your recipes has never failed me before. Thanks again kak..have a blessed day ahead.

Anonymous said...

Opps..sorry lupa nak sign off - Nurul

Anonymous said...

Hi rima, may I ask how many puffs did this recipe yield?

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