If only....

We hv been here for 5 days  and I'm beginning to miss my pantry... this is me lol.. whenever I wanna travel.. I will be thinking abt it and when I stay too long aka more than a week I will start to miss my comfort zone... I think I hv covered almost all the malls that I wanna go this time round... been to One Utama, KLCC, Pavillion, Sungai Wang (for my shhhhhh dvd), Ikano, Petaling street (for my burger ramli) and yesterday I finally get to go to The Gardens Mall.. now whats in the gardens mall u may ask... thats where Delectable by Su is...

I hv been reading her blog eversince she was still studying in Aussie land..think I was 3 months preggie back then..  and when she did pastry art course in the US, I knew this young girl is gonna follow her passion.. now after almost 3yrs .. she has her own designer cake shop... very proud of this girl... shes young and shes good at what shes doing... if only I'm still young... ya know.. 24 yrs old instead of 42 .. Muahahhaha ...  I too would love to go to Notterschool of pastry art in the US... wud be nice to someday hv my own cake shop too but but.. oh well.. I hv a daughter... who knows what my little Sonia is capable of... maybe someday she will hv interest in pastry art... :o))

Anyway Su is well known for her designer cupcakes and since I am not a cupcake person.. I bought her chocolate cake instead... was it sinful?? hb thought it was alright (sigh.. difficult to please him when it comes to desert)... i told him.. for $12 ringgit what do u expect?? honestly i think her chocolate cake was delish.. keep it up Su!

My poor little Sonia... eventho shes been caughing for the past 2 days.. she wasnt fussy at all and enjoying her mini hols :o)


lemongrass said...

Poor Sonia! Hope she gets better soon. Tak best lah kan nak jalan2 when the kid's not well.
How many shopping bags are you bringing back this time? :-)

Rima said...

Kah kah kah.. i good girl lah LG.. bila budak not well.. kita nak jalan lama lama pun tak shiok.. come weekend sure shopping bags i akan bermula.. Tesco punya plastic bags hahahha

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nice pictures of mommy and daughter.

Note: Hope she get's better soon.

Rima said...

Yeah.. i hope so too... lucky i took along her medication and Ty.. hb took our photo..

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