Bolu Kukus Mekar

Keeping it real with bolu kukus aka steam cupcakes aka steam sponge cake.. heres the deal.... few tips to get ur bolu merged like there is no tomorrow hahaha... unfortunately its in bahasa Indon.. so to those who need it in english pls do the google translate yah... in any case here is the awesome tips and step by step pic fm Ibu Lisa Basuki..

I decided to try out two of her bolu recipes using zebra cake technique... ya know just so i know which one to use for this weekend family outing.. both taste different.. the one that uses soft drinks is a little denser tho... I prefer the one that uses milk... nevertheless both taste good... so i guess i will use both recipes for this weekend..

2 eggs - 100g (mine weigh 110g)
250g caster sugar
1 tsp (8 g) emulsifier / SP
250g flour Key Blue or low-protein flour (cake flour)
50g corn flour
200 cc water/coconut water/milk/coconut milk (i used milk)
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
2 tbsp Chocolate Paste (i used 1tbsp)

- Prepare the molds with paper cups
- Heat the steamer
- Beat the eggs, caster sugar and emulsifier until thick, if it looks heavy you may add liquid portion a little at a time.. do not use it all up tho
- Add flour and liquid alternately and continue to whisk till well blended
- Take 1/3 of batter and add chocolate paste, stir well, set aside
- Add vanilla essence to the white batter, set aside.
- Fill half of the mold with white batter... fill the rest with white and chocolate batter alternately (I use pipping bag) till its almost to the rim (7/8 full)
- Steam in a steamer over high heat for 15 minutes if ur using smaller paper cups, and 20-25 minutes for large paper cups.

Bolu Kukus Soft Drink

3 eggs (150 gr)
400 gr caster sugar (or regular sugar blend)
1 tsp (8 g) emulsifier / SP
1 / 2 tsp salt
450g Key Blue flour or low-protein flour (cake flour)
1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
300 cc of softdrink - Fanta or Sprite (i used soda water)
1/2 tsp banana essence (i used vanilla essence)
2 tbsp strawberry or other type of paste (i didnt use any)

Same as above ... whisk sugar, eggs and emulsifier.. add salt.. add liquid and flour mixture alternately and continue to beat till thick. Add condense milk. To 1/3 batter add whatever paste u want and colour.. to the rest of the batter add whatever essence that u like.

Pic fm google.. The best type of mold for bolu kukus.. I am so gonna get this one when i go to Jakarta again heheh


Yat Maria said...

Hi dear..

purposely wat I jeles kan....kan.....kan??? ha baru ku tahu how to make them ketawa guling2 ahakssss...thanks for sharing time to jkt, sumbatlah I dalam luggage bag u yg besar tu...aku pong nak ikut, nak borong tu acuan...

Rima said...

Make u the jeles?? Memang pun hahaha j/k eh dear!

Eh their ketawa guling guling lagi power leh.. Mine still tak ketawa like hers but ok lah kan.. Kata pemalu haha

i cannot imagine if u itut.. Pakai nampak tak duduk diam kat htl.. Asyik gi Titan shopping barang baking cake hehe

CS said...

Rima, you nih macam2 tau <- nada jeles yang bermacam2 gak, heheh.

Rima said...

Kah kah kah.. Tu my hb fav word too... "you macam macam lah"

Lisa Basuki said...

Hi Rima...
Alhamdulillah udah berhasil bikin bolu kukus...
Coba isi adonannya lebih penuh lagi sampai setinggi paper cupnya.... Insya Allah akan tertawa guling-guling... ha haa haaa...

Rima said...

Hi lisa
ty for the tips, resepnya n step by step.. insya Allah Esok nanti akan ku isi hingga sepenuhnye biar ketawanya guling guling dan terpisah dari badannya hahaHa

terimakasih kerana sudi mampir.. Salam kenal yah Lisa

hana said... pong jeles tahap gaban nehhh! nampaknya kene g jakarta dulu carik mould tuH! hahahahaa...

Rima said...

Hana tak yah jeles one Tu ade tips.. Sure u can get yg tetawa besar punya.. U also very the power bab bab memasak n baking hehe

Zee said...

Hello there,i couldnt recall what i typed in google that leads me to your site but whatever it is i was googling for,i am glad i stumbled upon here.Your site is really inspiring especially for someone who likes to bake like myself and is constantly looking for recipes to try out.Cheers.

Rima said...

Awwww.. Ty Zee... Trying out new recipe = challenging = i loikeeee hehehe... Come by whenever... Try out new recipes n gd luck.. Cheers!!

yammy said...

hi,i just did my bolu kukus with another did smile,but it was very dry thus making it to be hard..thot of trying your receipe,can i use plain flour instead of cake flour?and the chocolate paste,can i use cocoa powder?Wil the cake turned out as dark as urs if using cocoa powder?because i like it dark,thanks!

Rima said...

Yes u can Yammy.. one cup sifted cake flour can be substituted with 3/4 cup (84 grams) all-purpose flour plus 2 tablespoons (15 grams) cornstarch.

You can use cocoa powder like valrhona to get a darker shade.. I hv never tried using cocoa powder.. gv it a try and do let me know??

yammy said...

ok, thanks alot!
by the way what brand milk u are using?
and when adding in the flour, do we need fold in the flour or just whisk it?
where did you get the small metal cups?

sorry for so many questions!

Rima said...

I use PURA milk and yes all u hv to do is to whisk ur flour and milk alternately.. F-M-F-M-F

The small metal cups i got it fm Jakarta

Anonymous said...

hello,for the above bolu kukus,is a strawberry and chocolate mixture? But the receipe only state chocolate,how about another mixture?thanks!

Rima said...

Hello.. errr can u leave ur name so that i can adrs u properly??

Anyway the other mixture i use pink colouring..

sammi said...

hi,sorry abt name is sammi..u are such a great cook,and everything you bake looks so good

Rima said...

Ty Sammi.. happy baking!

Roadz07 said...

Salam Rima,
Any secrets to a "kembang" baulu? Mine refuse to "kembang" so it turned out quite flat n kalau "kembang" pon at the sides not in the middle like yrs..

Rima said...

Salam Rosie
Use the tips abv n u will get a kembang semerbak bolu hehe

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