Black Forest Cake

A quick update... been more than a year since I last bake black forest cake and since I hv like half a bottle of optima flour that is abt to expire .. I decided to use it on my black forest cake... to be honest.. I much prefer chocolate chiffon cake as the base.. I always find the texture of sponge cake a little dry for black forest cake... thank god for the syrup and whipping cream.. at least my cake is still moist this time round!

250g chocolate sponge cake mix
250g eggs
60g milk
1tbsp chocolate emulco
70g corn oil

Topping and Filling
1 tin pitted cherries (halved, keep the syrup)
450ml whipping cream
12 pcs marashino cherries (didnt use)
Chocolate rice or grated cooking chocolate (optional)
Kirsche cherry brandy (optional)

Syrup, add in
1 tbsp cornflour
1tbsp caster sugar

Sponge cake
- Line and grease a 9" round baking tin. Preheat oven at 180C
- Place ingredients (A) in a mixing bowl and whisk at slow speed for one minute... Increase to high speed and whisk for another six minutes
- Add in (B) beat at low speed until well combined
(I used optima flour and added 2tbsp of cocoa powder to get chocolate sponge mix - shud hv just added the cocoa powder cos the taste of chocolate emulco was a little overpowering)
- Pour into prepared tin and bake for 35 - 40mins. Cool cake and slice into three layers horizontally.

Topping and filling
Drain out juice fm cherries and leave aside. Cut cherries into two and strain
Put juice in a pot and add in sugar and cornflour. Stir until combined and cook over low fire until slightly thickend. Stir constantly while cooking. Leave to cool
Whip the cream until stiff

To assemble:
Place a slice of cake onto cake board. Sprinkle with kirsche (i used simple syrup). Spread a layer of whipped cream and syrup then decorate with cherries. Repeat with 2nd layer of cake, kirsche, cream, syrup and cherries, ending with layer of cake. Spread whole cake with cream. Decorate sides with grated chocolate. Pipe rossette on cake and decorate with marashino cherries. Serve chilled.

Source: Delicious Cakes Y3K


Yat Maria said...

Gosh girl.....U bake cake macam nak jual kat kedai cake punya...Saip dengan deco yg lawa2..feeling2 macam I nyer birthday..kalo makan nih!!!

Rima said...

lahhh tadi konon nye i pun feeling macam my bday bila we ate a slice and i bilang hb.. eh tangs telepoing me yesterday.. kitchenaid selling at $599.. he said.. but this week not ur bday what.. kah kah kah

Ribbon and Circus said...

I'm Googling on KitchenAid price for days and now I know where and how much it cost.. he he at least, i got some figure here.thanks!

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