Sonia's newest hobby...

I hv not been baking for the past two days cos i injured my finger .. nothing serious but hey.. it hurts even when i am typing.. i do hope that i will be able to bake something tomorrow tho i hv to run a few errands in the morning.. so for now.. I am gonna end this month post with Sonia's photos... enjoy and hv a good weekend peeps!


chiclesschia said...

always a delightful pleasure to be reading about Sonia. Thank you for sharing her with us all.

And not forgetting, the baking photos are not helping at all with my diet coz I ended up asking my son to accompany me on a dessert escapade/hunt.

Regardless the excess weight gained, still adamant on reading your blog.

Rima said...

Mrs Hilmi
Reading my blog is better than the ones that bake every single day tau hehehe.. desert kat depan mata all the time... kadang tak nak makan pun macam "termakan" jugak eventho i am trying "very" hard to loose the excess weight.. eh dah setahun i kata nak loose weight tapi macam sama aje hahahah

Yat Maria said...

Artist @ work! how cute!!! best eh ada toddler around...teringat dolu2..walaupun penat terkejar2..i loved running ard after them esp@ this age..enjoy ya cik rima..sebab bila dah over, we just have our memories to rely on...I rasa budak2 paing byk dicium, dipeluk, diromos, dicuddle, dipicit pipi & nose pat umur cam ni lah...geramm..& happy at their

Rima said...

Believe me.. i know.. now that Hairi is gonna be 20 this year.. i'm blessed that i get to experience it one more time.. (cukuplah once.. dah tua pun muahahhaha)

Memang betul kata u.. walaupun penat cos she memang jenis hyperactive, keletah dia tu yg buat everything just worth it.. especially when u get to "meromen" dia just abt anytime hehehh

silcleo said...

oh my! i LOVE her! I want to make my own sonia ... lol.

she is adorable. can't wait to meet her :-)

Rima said...

LOL SIL.. if ur ready.. why not ey.. i'm sure another Sonia will not be a bad thing in the family :ox

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