Roti Sobek

I am so so addicted to indon food blogger... not only they can take really good photo .. their recipe is to die for... believe it or not when i first started reading up their blog.. i dont even know how to read their recipe properly... terigu tepung tiga lah.. terigu rendah...sedang.. bubuk.. rhum bakar... apa yah tuuu hahahha.. now bisa ajaaaaa hehehe

Another recipe fm Ningnong blog... superb.. wonderfully soft... yummmmmies... this is what they called Roti Sobek aka Roti Sisir... u can use just abt any kinda of fillings... i did red bean and chicken sausage... the one here is plain jane.. dough is super easy to handle... love it!! sooo nuwon yah mbak heheh

500 gram tepung terigu protein tinggi (aku pakai 450 gr cakra + 50 gr segitiga) (bread flour)
100 gram gula pasir (castor sugar)
10 gram ragi instant (aku pakai 1 sachet isi 11 gram ragi instant merek Haan) (11g instant yeast)
5 gram bread improver (aku pakai merk baker bonus, gak pake juga gapapa)
5 gram garam halus (fine salt)
1 sdm emulsifier (t tbsp ovalette)
50 gram telor (aku pakai 2 kuning telor) (2 egg yolk)
75 gram mentega (butter - melted)
175 cc air (tergantung kelembaban tepung) (175ml water)

Bahan olesan: (i didnt use any)
1 kuning telor
3 sdm susu evaporated (aku pakai 1 sdm susu bubuk instant + 3 sdm air)

Variasi bahan isi (untuk bikin roti sobek): (fillings)
coklat meises (chocolate)
keju parut (grated cheese)
dll (etc etc)

Untuk roti sisir: olesannya butter cream

- Aduk semua bahan kering jadi satu
- Masukkan telor & mentega, aduk sampai rata
- Tuang air perlahan-lahan, sambil adonan diaduk
- Kalau pakai mixer besar, aduk selama 6 menit sampai kalis
- Bulatkan adonan, tutup dengan plastik, diamkan 30 menit
- Setelah 30 menit, kempiskan adonan.
- Timbang sebesar 40 gram, dan bentuk bulat-bulat. Diamkan 15 menit
- Kempiskan adonan, bentuk panjang, dan isian sesuai selera (jadinya roti sobek)
- Letakkan di loyang panjang ukuran 30 * 10 yang sudah dioles margarin.
- Diamkan selama 30 menit untuk pengembangan.
- Olesi dengan bahan olesan, panggang dengan oven suhu 200 deg C selama 15 menit

Blah blah blah... i dumped everything into my bread maker... let it run for an hr.. take it out.. gv it a light punch.. weigh my dough 40g each... add whatever fillings that u desire... let it proof in a greased tray or even muffin tray for abt 75mins or so.. once double in size.. bake it in preheated oven at 175C for 15mins.. once baked.. brush buns with melted butter..

Easy peasy!! So ok i am off to the florist to get my fresh flowers.. hv lunch somewhere and will be back to bake more muahahhaa... what a life... or as what my super duper hb wud say... NO LIFE!! kah kah kah and oh oh... hes coming home tonight! yayyyy


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

The directions looks so complicated hehehe. I prefer your directions :D.

Anonymous said...

rima dear,

happy baking :o)yours is more simplified n understandable!!

have a nice day!

Rima said...

Tell me abt it.. Sometimes i pun tak faham n hv to read a couple of times

do u hv a name?? Hehe .. I prefer simple recipe n to explain it as simple as i can is a must for my own reference..

Anonymous said...

dear rima,

i do hv a name....hehehe but whenever i signoff asyik terlupa nak letak nama!

salam kenal drp yan,kuala lumpur. i bumped into u at the curve last yr( x sempat nak tegur u..hehehe)

love all ur cooking n baking! rajin sungguh :o) thumbs up!

take care n hv a nice day :o)
hope i'll remember to put my name whenever i comment at ur blog :))

Rima said...

Halooo Yannnn
ahhh baru best... Salam kenal n ty cos sudi singgah rumah ni.. Lain kali tegur lah.. Boleh minum kopi ke hehehe.. Aduh my oven dah bunyi.. Ttyl

Anonymous said...

Hai.. saya minta izin untuk copy resipi ini, sebab selama ini saya jumpa yg bahasa Indo, tapi tak berapa faham. Saya akan cuba nanti, sebab malam ini saya dah buat roti lain. Oh ya, saya dah copy link blog ini di FB saya... here --->>


Rima said...

I cant look at it Jue.. its ok to copy the resipi as long as u credit it back to me :op

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