Lapis Surabaya Cake

I woke up at half past 5 this morning..  kiss hb's hand.. waved and went straight back to my room.. i decided not to tag along cos he has to fly to Surabaya fm Jakarta in a few days time and i wud hv to fly back on my own.. so i figure i am better off staying home aka driving around with Sonia hehehe.. i'm thinking of taking her to the zoo one of these days.. hmmm 

Oh guess what.. just as hb was abt to go on business trip.. my internet connection went fm super best to super blaaahhhh and thats not even the most irritating part... yesterday i found out something was not right with my camera... unlike hb.. I hv always been using the auto function but for some reason my auto function wasnt working... it didnt wanna take pic when i zoom it in!! i got really agitated that in the end hb told me last night that maybe its a blessing.. that my camera wants me to learn how to use the manual function.... grrrrrrrrrrrrr... will hv to wait till hb comes back bef sending it for repair.. sighhhh... hate what happened.. its like its beyond my control... hate gadgets.. dont like to read manual.. hubbyyyyyyyyyy.... i need u here to teach meeeeee!!!  

Anyway i better not dwell over this.. yesterday bef we went to JB I managed to bake Lapis Surabaya.. I dont know how long I hv been dying to bake this cake.. every single time i wanna bake it.. i was put off by the amount of egg yolk it uses... to separate 36 eggs is no joke lol but honestly to keep on buying a slice every single time i crave for it is just not worth it cos it doesnt taste as nice as the ones i had in Jakarta...

Lapis Surabaya might not look glamorous, but it’s so delicious. It’s almost like a cross between a custard and sponge cake. The rich egg flavor is irresistible. The texture is fine and deeply moist, and it has a delicate sweetness from the thin layer of apricot jam in between. And the heavenly fragrant... my goodness!

350g cold butter (cut cubes)
1 tbsp rum or vanilla extract
50g condense milk
1g salt

650g egg yolks (abt 36eggs)
285g caster sugar

10g full cream milk powder
10g corn flour
120g flour (i used hongkong flour)

Bahan D:
1/2 tbsp chocolate paste (i used 2tbsp valrhona cocoa powder and 1tsp of paste)
3 22X22X4 cm cake pan (i used brownie pan)

150g apricot jam

Cream cold butter for 20mins using medium speed..Add in the rest of the ingredients and continue to beat till creamy and fluffy.

In another bowl.. whisk egg yolk with sugar using speed 2 1/2 if ur using kenwood mixer or on medium low speed for 6 mins.. change to medium high speed and continue to beat for another 20mins.

Add in (B) into (A) mixture using rubber spatula and mix till well combined.. Fold in sifted flour, milk powder and corn flour to egg/butter (AB) mixture.

Pour each tray (22x22) with 420g of batter.. pour out 120g fm the rest of the batter and add chocolate paste to it. (u will get abt 1500g of batter in total.. take away 120g n add chocolate paste)

Bake on preheated oven of 175C for 25mins

Once cool.. spread apricot jam (i heat it up a little for easy spreading)in between layers.

If ur using brownie pan like mine u will get 2 cakes out of this recipe.. weigh 210g plain batter each for 4 trays.. divide the rest of chocolate batter into 2 trays

I did marble effect one one cake but my marbling didnt turned out that good.. oh well..

Since this recipe doesnt use any ovalette.. best to keep in fridge..

Awesome recipe is fm here


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Oh wow, need so many eggs. Terpaksa fikir 2 kali :D.

Rima said...

Yep thats why it took me so long nak bake this cake.. banyak pakai telur but sedap and not to good for ur cholesterol hehehe

Yat Maria said...

Rimaaaaaa...take me along to the zooo..and bring some of that lapis cake..OMG girl...u sure can bake!!!!!! no amt of eggs wld deter max is 7..itu pun I'm shaking already!!!

i'm back home now..gonna take a nap soon..tummy problemos la...sigh!!! but I can still eat the cake no worries there!!!

Rima said...

Lah Yat.. cake nye wis entek.. dah dibagi bagi n my hb makan laju aje.. :o(

Kesian nye!! last week i kena stomach flu.. macam contraction dibuat nye.. i hope u will get better soon... musim sakit lah sekarang..

Eh i pun shaking leh nak buat this cake.. dah tu bila tak buat buat asyik cakap aje.. thats why my hb bought me one tray of eggs tak.. to stop me fm membebel hahahah... ni dah buat kan.. Rima senyap ah..

lemongrass said...

Patutlah your hubby bagy you a tray of eggs as a present sebab you nak guna untuk buat kek lapis surabaya. But it looks really really good though!
I pun like Yat jugak, tengok 7 eggs in a cake, dah menggeletar, hikhikhik...
Tu yg I tak sanggup nak buat chiffon cake ;-).

Rima said...

Tu lah bila ku pikir pikir balik .. patut lah he gave me a tray of eggs.. mana tak.. every time i buy a tray of eggs i will say the same thing... "eh i wanna try and bake that lapis surabaya lah but sayang want to use all the eggs in one go" .. yesterday when he saw all the egg shell kat bin he said.. "oh finally u decided to bake it.. good!" hahahah

T said...

Hi Rima,

So what happened to the egg whites? Did you or will you be making anything special with it? :-)

You can make Angel Food or macaroons, or lemon meringue pie.

Rima said...

Hi T
Its in my fridge.. i can do lots with egg whites.. too many recipes that i hv not tried.. definately will be making macarons.. definately will be making steam cakes.. definately will be baking financiers.. definately will etc etc etc lol

Kairos Moments said...

What kind of butter you use? I can't find wijsman and when I used regular butter, the whole dough "sunk"

Rima said...

I'm sorry to hear that.. I cant remember what brand i used on that day.. usually i will get my butter fm phoon huat and other time i will either use golden churn or scs.. so far so good..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis Rima,

May i know where can i buy brownie tray like your.

Thank you
sis lia.

Rima said...

Sis Lia

I bought it fm Titan in Jakarta..

Anonymous said...

oh is it..its okay, jauh tak tersampai lia kesana. Anyway thank you so much dear. i love yr blog so much.

Rima said...

No worries Sis Lia n ty cos sudi singgah :o)

hawa said...

Salaam...Rima your cake looks sooo SUPER fine and YUMMY! You ada pegi kelas baking ke? You are soo good in baking! And btw, saiz loyang tu berapa? TQ!

Rima said...

nope i hv never attended any class baking.. learn it over the years.. size loyang i will check it out when i get back home.. in KL right now..

Dzah said...

kena bakar sekali ke keknye kak? atau bakar satu2 xpe?
nervousnye nak buat... banyak telur tu...

Rima said...

Yes if u dont hv this kind of loyang u hv to bake 3 times.. After u dah bake all three layers baru u sapu jam in between layer

Dzah said...

Kak rima, Kalo x jumpa HK flour, tepung mana yg paling sesuai? sorry banyak sgt tanya.

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