Is it better than ...

Hello... Hello!! The sickness had gone away and hopefully its not gonna come again anytime soon.. If you have had stomach flu, you know it's hell... We got home safely last night fm KL.. i thought after i was down with gastric flu i will be fit for our KL trip.. i was wrong.. for whatever reason.. i had stomach flu on Monday and it was bad.. sigh.. anyway lets not talk abt it anymore.. I am feeling much better now and finally settled into my daily routine..

Ok back to the tittle of my entry today..Is it better than... sex cake??

Oh yes it is! Mua ha ha ha ha .. I made this cake many, many, many, many times as it is hb's favorite cake... to he honest.. its one of my favs too! I think the orange zest got him.

Today he requested me to bake this cake... I complied eventho a moment ago hes being a pain!!! arghhh men!!!!

And here it is...

I will not be posting the recipe again as u can get it fm my previous post.. bake it and i am pretty sure u will agree with my blog entry today .. kah kah kah


Yat Maria said...

woo hooo!!! sicilian orange cake rulezzz!!! what a lovely cake and last pic..priceless..look @ those adorable loving smile..she sure is a cute kid;)

Rima said...

Ah ah sicilian orange cake is the ONE!!

Lahhh u know Sonia kan.. shes always around whenever i wanna take photo... macam bees tau.. hanging around and trying to pinch lah.. nak touch lah.. nak makan lah cake tu.. look at the way she smile lah.. ade makna tuuuu hahahah

CS said...

Hi Rima, hope you dah sihat. BTW, camana rasa stomach flu tu? Memulas ke?

P/S: Untungnya Sonia .. dpt jadi model n paling best dpt makan *menjeling nih*

Rima said...

Hi somuffins
hmmm bayang kan u tengah contraction nak bersalin.. Come n go every 10mins or so dah tu munrah muntah also.. Sakitnye sampai air mata mengalir sob sob.. Now dah better.. Kalau rasa pun tak lah sesakit hari itu.. Can tahan..

silcleo said...

Can I make this even if I don't have a gugelhupf form? (ie: just using a normal cake tin?)

Rima said...

Hi Sil
yes of cos! I hv done it in 8 n 9" round n square pan.. If ur oven is a little temperamental.. Place a foil loosely on top of ur pan after 20mins into baking.. Gd luck!!

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