First Blogersary

My Blog is now a year old .. i remember exactly what hb said to me that night.. "You bake every single day.. why dont u create a blog so that Sonia will be able to learn a thing or two when she grows into a young woman".

By creating this blog I am greatful that I have made good friends all over the world via the blog experience. I've even met one of my Blog Friends.. Sue, of "Waking up in Adelaide" when I was in Adelaide last year. I've received a lot of positive feedback and comments, not even one negative experience.  

I hope that this first year is the first of many to come and that I can leave something for Sonia for when she's older and starts baking. Maybe one day I might even bind all the recipes into a book! Lets see...

A big "Thank You" to all of you who visit and for leaving your lovely comments and dont forget to hv a slice of ohhhh so so sinful brownies fm me.. :o))



PamCakes said...

You are amazing!!! I'm so excited to try out your recipes!!! <

SurayaCoghlan said...

To tell you the truth...i'm so so so envious..your cakes, your deco, your photography...high class ok!!! But i am also happy for you, your blog have grown so much eversince i've seen it for the fist time. Very impressive ok. In fact it was the reason why i started baking...konon nak buat macam kek you lah..hehehe. Anyway, congratulation gf!!! Keep it up. Tak dapat buat kek macam you dapat tengok aje pun i enjoy dah :))

p/s: oh! sungguh honoured name ku disebut di dalam blog ini..hehehe ;)

lemongrass said...

Congrats Rima! Your blog is truly awesome. Penuh dengan cakes and cookies and macaroons yang melelehkan air liur.
And most of the stuff you baked memang orang2 malas mcm I takkan rajin nak buat like all the kek lapis so cuma boleh drool aje tengok your photos, hehehehe.
Well done!

CS said...

Congrats Rima! (you have successfully make my 'saliva pond' dries up everytime there's something new from the oven, I forgive you, heheh).

*drooling buckets* Have mercy pls *wink*

Rima said...

Hi Pamcakes
Ty and do let me know if u hv bake any.. good luck!

Rima said...

Can u see something is growing bigger fm there?? hahahha... ty gf.. ty for meeting me in adelaide... ty for listening when we were in KL.. ty for just being u... no need to envious pun... deco tu tak de high class mana pun.. lagi murah lagi mak suka hahahha.. photography tu i am still learning and baking tu.. memang minat i... so really.. just glad that i get to know u in person thru blogger world.. take care!

Rima said...

Ty ty.. i am still learning fm ppl like u pun... i wish i can berceloteh and bercerita macam u but i guess thats not my specialities hahhaha.. sometimes i wanna put words into writing macam susah gitu.. nasib baik ade gambar cake, cookies and macarons.. kalau tidak tak ke blog I ni sunyi sepi dibuatnye muahahha

Rima said...

eh u tadah tak.. jangan tak tadah pulak.. banjir kang nanti rumah i ni hehehhe... ty somuffins.. ty sudi singgah and emptying ur buckets here.. appreciate it! :o))

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Betul tu you boleh buat buku for all your recipes. For sure I will buy one :D.

Note: Congratulation :D.

Anonymous said...

rima dear,

congrats on ur 1st anniversary n many more to come ;)

Rima said...

Ty Ty... I ni angan angan aje but if someday it becomes reality u must support I tau hehe

Rima said...

Hi anonymous
Ty n come by again ok..

Unknown said...

Yes ... u r amaizing Rima ... u inspire me sey ... wen my fwen nurul show me ur blog i was like oooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhh ... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.... so i decided to follow ur blog ...

Rima said...

Hi ilah
lama seh tak dgr berita.. Hope all is well.. I didn't know u guys r friends until ain told my sis.. Anyway Ty for following.. Much appreciated but ah if u do try any recipe let me know ok..

Shal said...

congrattsss... on your 1st blogersary... as your fan, i tot of it will be great for me to tried out one of my guru's resep.

i bake kuih bakar using ur resepi (i would like to try others but i x have mixer and BM, n i am saving my $ for that...boohoo).

i turn out great, great taste, lemak, not so eggy, great...great resp. so i ate xtra just for my guru... thanks thanks

Rima said...

so glad ur kuih menjadi but ah if ur eating more to celebrate my anniversary.. Don't blame me if needle kat weighing machine tu move slightly hehehe

eh if tak de mixer why font u try to bake muffin.. U don't need mixer actually.. Pakai hand whisk or rubber spatula to mix ur batter.

Ayu said...

Hi, Rima
I hope its not too late to wish a Happy 1st blogersary to Bisous A Toi..(aduh susahnya nak type nama ni..berbalik2 spelling error)..hehe

May your blog lebih ceria dan banyak resipi2 yang menarik difeatured kan..

I took a bit of the brownie sikit..hehe

Rima said...

Hi Ayu
Jangan nak kata nak type terbelit terbalik.. Nak pronounce pun lidah jadi kelu haha

Ty n hopefully I am able to do so .. Be a better food blogger ... be a better baker :op

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Salam kenal :) I'm a singaporean, residing in NZ now. I juz stumbled upon ur blog y'day and i'm so luving all ur recipes!! Your cakes all look so yummilicious...yummzzz and i'm drooling...hehehez.

I'm having a dilemma with my u haf any tips to using the fan oven?? I'm not a frequent baker but i used to bake simple cakes and muffins in my old electric oven (the one w/out fan). I tried baking cakes in the fan oven and haiizzz....the cake comes out dry and overcooked on the sides and lembab in the middle and sticky on the top :(. Same goes when I'm baking my bread or buns...the middle ones doesnt cook as good as the sides.

I've always wanted to create my own food blog as suggested by a few friends coz I put up photos of my home cooked food on Facebook. I thought what's the use?? There seems to be a million other wonderful blogs out there. But now...I do agree with ur HB's's for my daughter when she's older. I will try to start day lah, biler tak malas...hehehez.

Anyway, tks for taking time to read my comment XD.

Best regards,
anie :)

Rima said...

Salam kenal Anie

Oven.. heheh i am still learning fm my newly fan oven.. for more than 18yrs i hv been using my convection oven to bake and it was so so easy.. i dont hv to worry abt anything.. but when we moved to our new place and the kitchen came with a built in oven i began to experience difficulties... now i think i am getting familiar with my fan oven.. did u use upper and lower heat element to bake ur cake?? i used it each time i bake whatever lah except cake lapis.. another thing that i notice abt my oven, whenever i bake cake.. 20 mins into baking i will hv to place a piece of aluminium foil (i apply butter on the foil) on top of my baking pan... kalau tidak the top part mesti burnt..

To create a blog or not.. that was me a year ago.. 365 days and 350 odd recipes later.. i am a one proud mama hehehe..


Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Tks for replying me and tks for the tips :) Me too...I have this oven dilemma since we moved into this new hse with the built in fan oven...but till today, I still cant figure the oven out...haiizz. Selalunya when I bake cakes...I use the funtion yg ada fan symbol & bottom line. I guessed that's why my cake mcm overcooked. Then there was once I used upper and lower heat, the cake got very2 burnt on top. Now I know to cover it with an aluminium foil. But just one more question...kalau bukak oven while cake is 20 minutes into baking, the cake won't 'bantut' ke? hehehez...Maaf yea tanya soalan bodoh....XD

Thanking u in advance for ur time. Keep on baking and sharing...luv ur blog :)


Rima said...

Hi Anie
Nope.. so far so good.. just make sure u do it after 20mins.. usually i will keep a look out once it hit 15mins.. by then i already so kanchong nak tutup pakai aluminium foil hahaha... dont like the burning colour lah on my cake.. nanti nak take photo tak pwetty hahah

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Tks again for ur tips and super fast reply :) I will give this method a try...hmmzzz mungkin nak buat kek pandan chiffon nanti..hehehez. I will update u my progress.


Rima said...

Good luck Anie! chiffon cake ni cerewet sikit.. just fold in lightly ok and ur chiffon will turn out perfect.. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rima. Your blog is awesome!! I am an Indo leaving in Australia, and can't wait to try out some of your recipes. Keep baking and can't wait to see your next blog. Miss Toby

Rima said...

Ty Ms Toby and pls do try out some of the recipes here.. let me know how it turns out ok... cheers!

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