I was tagged by the one and only Yat Maria :o)) Ty gf!

5 names that people call me
1. Rima
2. Kak
3. Rims
4. Wawa
5. Mama

5 Important dates in my life
16 April
24 Sept
24 December
6 March
3 November

5 things that I did yesterday
1. Woke up early so that i can get things done bef our saturday outing
2. Went to Vivo and United Square
3. Went to bakery supply shop and finally found the pie dish that i hv been wanting for the past 2 months
4. Managed to bake the pie just bef midnight
5. Hanging out with hb and Sonia while they skyped and webcam-ed with SIL

5 Ways to be happy
1. Sonia
2. Baking
3. Cooking
4. Hang out with both my sisters
5. Travelling

5 Favourite Movies
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Julie and Julia
3. My sisters keeper
4. Madu Tiga cos my grandmama and my mom are in that movie hahahaha
5. Any P Ramlee movie especially that has Tok Ngah (Yusof Latif) acting in it

5 Hobbies
1. Baking Baking Baking
2. Travelling
3. Sewing - sigh.. my sewing maching is collecting dust at the moment
4. Flower arrangement
5. Surfing for new recipe

5 Favourite People
1. Super duper hb
2. My little Sonia
3. My army boy
4. Family
5. My Concorde kakis

5 places for vacation
1. Paris - would love to go there again
2. Cape Town - would love to go there again
3. The US - particularly SF.. been there a couple of times and would love to take hb there once he stops thinking that theres nothing to see and do in the US (very typical European thinking lol)
4. Vienna - cant wait to go there! Sacher Torte here i comeeeee
5. Tuscany - once again.. next trip :o(

5 Reasons I answered the survey???
1. Because I had to hahahahhhah NO NO
2. Simply bec I appreciate Yat's gasture
3. Waiting for my pie to set - oppss an hr more to go.. :ox
4. Keeping hb company while reading newspaper
5. I cant sleep

5 Persons to be tagged by me


Yat Maria said...

Yeay!! thanks babe for doing yr 'homework" ;) fav movie kita shawshank sama ya..great movie & boleh nonton ulang2..he he..& I didnt know you can sew!!!! wahhhhh!!!! terer nya...dulu masa home econ in school I ingat jahit skirt..I dapat just pass je :( sebab my jahitan all lintang boleh sew apa Rima? cross stitch thingy or making stuff?

Rima said...

Ah ah.. actually the first time i watched that movie kat dalam kereta (maklum dah 2yrs tak tengok wayang hahah) lepas tu macam shiok pulak asyik watched the same movie aje..O)

Sewing used to be my first love... when i was a teenagers and in my early 20s.. i rajin ambil sewing courses and i can sew just abt anything.. sampai my father pants pun i nak jahit hahahha.. dah tu i was addicted to sewing curtains, table mat lah, cadar lah, ruffler lah .. anything got to do with house decoration.. hai kemaruk kemaruk.. then one fine day.. out of the blue i got sick of it and i stopped.. now once in a while i will take it out lah to sew zip ke.. alah the norm thingy..

Cross stitch i like but i dont hv the patience.. kalau u nak tahu pasal tak de patience lah dulu i can siap kan baju kurung i within one day.. kanchong spider kan i ni hahahha

Yat Maria said...

wow...thats great!!! sumer boleh..kalau sonia ikut jejak u,,wuuuiiii!!! saham tinggi..hantaran trus tripple...muah ha ha!!!

for me sewing is not my thing..sebab kalau dah salah buat tak leh cover2 terus kena unpick & jahit balik...u know sometimes alter length pants dude pun kadang2 I jahit tak the end I tngk dia slowly unpick & jagir balik..ha ha..dia punyer 'jelujuh mati' lebih terer dari I..buat bini dia malu jer...:)

Rima said...

Lol buat ape nak malu.. U guys been married for so long.. My hb punya butang putus pun i belum jahit dari last week hahaha tu dinamakan tak fav nak buat macam mengosok .. Kan kan kan

Anonymous said...

Rima, you suka Sacher Torte kat Sacher Hotel tu? I stayed there for Silvester celebration 2 years ago tapi kat Sacher Salzburg, tapi sebab I species tak makan manis and kureng makan kek, my friend yang belasah semua free stuff they gave.
Katanya sedap, tapi tekak kampung I ni tak synch pulak :).

Rima said...

Hi Su
I belum pernah gi Austria pun and tak pernah merasa cake tu except the ones that i baked yg recipenye is fm my MIL.. I just wanna know how the original Sacher torte tastes like.. heard sedap sangat..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, according to my friend yang membaham Torte tu, sedap. Two thumbs up. I makan satu suap sudu tapi kureng :).
Eh, agaknya resipi semua Austrian tu sama kot, macam tok nenek kita buat bahulu :) (sorry perbandingan yang tak masuk akal).

Rima said...

Agaknye lah tu but ah most of the sacher torte yg dijual only use ganache as topping wal hal yg original use tampered chocolate.. My Mil recipe uses tampered chocolate.. Anyway i will definately hv a bite when i'm there next month.. :))

Anonymous said...

sis rima,been reading your blog everyday! love love all the food here!!!i've even try your choco chip cookies recipe and it turned out so superb delicious!hehehe.

anyway, 3rd november is my birthday,is tht why it is so important to u?muahaha..just kidding :)

syira (from KL)

Rima said...

Hi syira
Ty cos sudi singgah everyday.. Glad ur cookies turned out gd... Did u try the ones that uses coffee oil?? Yg tu memang sodap baitu hehe

3rd november tu my army boy punya bday.. Wahhh next time senang lah sis nak ingat ur bday :))

Anonymous said...

x sempat nak try lagi yg uses coffee oil,but will do later :)

wah sama birthday dengan Hairi!!hehe


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