Mini Lapis Legit

Nice?? I must admit that this is one of the best recipe that i hv found online... ty Vin for sharing... she got it fm Sedap, Cantiknya Kue Kue Mungil Book... the texture is perfect, super moist, the sweetness is just right and it tasted just like the one i had in Jakarta the other day.. just one bite and ur in heaven hahahha

Honestly behind all the good ole thing i've said, theres a story.. I dont think i hv ever used so little flour and so many egg yolks baking a layer cake bef and thus felt that i shud take extra precaution by reading the ingredients/method over and over again... soooo thats what i did..

I decided to bake it yesterday of all the days.. fully aware of the time (midnight).. fully aware that its gonna take me at least 2hrs.. fully aware that i am actually tired but couldnt get myself to sleep...

Sooo after 20 egg yolks, 300g of butter and 2hrs in the kitchen.. I found out that i had actually been baking my layer cake using upper and lower heat instead of grill mode!! (i was on the phone with hb when i set the setting)... a pat on ur back... well done Rima!! duhhhh... i was very very frustrated... tired and cursing at my "gunduness" at the same time!

150g margarine (i didnt use)
150g salted butter (i used 300g golden churn butter)
200g icing sugar
25g condense milk
375g egg yolks (20 eggs)
35g all purpose flour (i used HK flour)
25g milk powder
5 drops of green colouring
1/4 tsp pandan paste
1/2 tbsp spekuk powder (mix spice)
50 gr fruit mix (i used prunes)

1. In a bowl, cream butter till pale.. add in condense milk and continue to cream for abt 10mins.
2. In another bowl, whisk egg yolk and icing sugar till thick and fluffy. Add in sifted flour and milk powder and continue to whisk. Add in butter mixture and mix till well combined.
3. Take 300g of batter and add in pandan paste and green colouring.
4. Add spekuk powder to the rest of the batter
5. In a greased 20 x 20 x 4 cm... pour in 90g of spekuk batter and grill using upper heat for abt 7mins or till layer turn slightly brown... do the same for the second layer.
7. For the 3rd layer, pour in 150g of pandan batter and grill for 7mins... the layer shud be 2 layer of spekuk, a layer of pandan, 2 layer of spekuk, a layer of pandan, 3 layers of spekuk.

This morning despite all that.. the first thing i did was to slice it.. took a bite and OH WOW... i rest my case! Alhamdullilah Aminnnn ...

Note: If ur using 22 x 22 x 4cm .. use 100g of spekuk batter to 150g of pandan batter. Use a cake presser for each layer, i brush melted butter on each layer too, i used prunes cos everyone in this house lovessss prunes


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said... delicious.

Rima said...

Taste delish too.. i likeee :o)

Yat Maria said...

Rima, till now I've not baked even a simple kek lapis, although makan banyak kali ;) no talent there la..but on my special day which is many more moons to come, thot of baking a small simple prune lapis..ala..susah2 u baked me one la & I go over & collect, can??

Rima said...

Of cos u can bake one... all u need is patience and skill.. i am pretty sure u hv that quality... if u want me to bake u one.. cannnn heheheh

CS said...

Hi Rima,

Statement yg sungguh 'menyayat hati' .. "just one bite and ur in heaven".


SurayaCoghlan said...

Sodapnye...aisey, HK flour yg u bagi i tu masih menanti-nanti i buat kek-kek lapis you ni...bila agaknye....jgn expire sudah tepung2 tu..

Rima said...

Lahhhh belum pakai lagi si tepung2 tu? better use it bef expire nanti karang you buat jemput2 pulak dgn tepung hongkong tu hahahah

Rima said...

tu statement yang menyayat ke menyiksa hati?? :op

Shal said...

Hey Rima,
nice work on ur kek lapis reSPect!!! spring lagik. anyway is there a different in between HK flour and normal all purpose flour (tepung gandum biasa)?

and also i love ur cake mold, the one that u used to bake steam soft banana cake. puas i carik kat bakers supplier in KL, tak de :(.

sorry ah askin too many questions,
saya budak baru belajar hihiks...

your fans

Rima said...

Hi Shalkina
No worries.. u can ask me anything pun hehhe.. You can read more abt different types of flour fm this site:

Bundt pan i got it fm one of the specilities store here in sg.. i am not too sure pulak if u can find it in KL.. anyway.. its fm nordic ware.. u can also get it online.. i heard its slightly cheaper..

Jane Chew said...

Dear Rima, Thank you so much for sharing all ur lovely recipes. I'm so impressed by your wonderful blog. I had recently try out few of your lapis recipes and fall in love with them. Before reading ur blog I had never think of baking a lapis even though I love this cake very much. Your step by step leading and guiding method make me feel more confident of doing this. Beside, I also learned so many things in your blog. Thanks again --You are truly a star!

Rima said...

Hi Jane
Ty for trying out some of the recipes in my humble blog.. i see that u hv tried lapis cake and also the egg white layer steamed cake.. hehe good good.. this way u dont hv to keep ur egg white in ur freezer - like me hehehe

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