A Macarons a day...

Sorry folks... been busy ... sickies in the family plus hb's supplier is in town with his family (They are fm Germany but now lives in Bkk).. so yesterday we were out the whole day.. had dinner and sent them back to their hotel.. (felt like a tour guide this week lol).. and the weather... arghhhhhh!!

Well, to be honest, I dont really like the weather now.. sometimes hot.. sometimes rain and other time.. well just HOT! Weather like this means... falling sick...

It started with Hairi.. he came home with a fever a few days ago and hb came down with a cold yesterday... the sneezing, the stuffy nose, the body aching and worse.. he refused to go and see a doc eventho he knew hes gonna go outstation.. sigh.. so so typical of him!.. its sucks cos it makes me worried abt his health especially when hes scheduled to fly to HCM today.. well u better take care of urself and get better soon... cos if not.. i will take u to the doc when u come home next thursday :ox

Anyway now that both sickies in my family are not at home.. i plan to do a little "dust free" cleaning tomorrow.. open up all windows... change quilt cover... washing... ironing etc etc... oh myyy ... oh myyy .. its gonna be a pretty long day tmrw... thank goodness i've baked two batches of macarons this morning.. munch to distress?? err thats not good lol or perhaps "A macarons a day keeps the doctor away"??... not??

Note: I used swiss meringue technique for this macarons.. for the apple green macarons i dusted cocoa powder bef baking em.. recipe fm here


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Cute :D.

Rima said...

Macam orang nye tak? heheh

cinta said...

Bonjour Rima, I just finished looking at all your mouth-watering cakes and delices...bravo, and I must say that for someone who is living in France, your Macarons are too die for, perfection in every angle!Felicitations!I look forward to more wonders from those magical fingers of Rima!
Bisous a toi aussi,
Gina Ismail Bocquillion,
tours, France

cinta said...

Bonjour Rima,
I just spent the past 2hrs browsing throug your mouthwatering and succelent cakes and delices, gorgeous and beautifully crafted!I must say that for someone who lives in France, your macarons are to die for, perfection in every angle!felicitations, sadly im not able to taste them, maybe when im back in Singapore,looking forward to more wonderful creations from those magical fingers of Rima!
bisous a toi aussi
Gina Ismail Bocquillion

Rima said...

Bonjour Gina
Ty for the compliments.. am just an ordinary sahm who happens to like baking so so much.. u live in a country that serves all my fav dessert lah.. cant wait to go to France next month! do let me know when ur in town ok..

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