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From Little Sonia to Aunt Silvia

No baking photos today as I was too lazy aka not in the mood to bake anything..hmm not really lol.. i did make corn kueh for desert tho.. Mama and Sonia were out and abt during the day.. took her to a bookstore and got her a few books.. I thought for a change i wud put up Sonia's everyday photos.. well its more for Aunt Silvia actually...

The day she dipped her fries in curry and chilli sauce..

Bef our typical weekend outing..

Oh did i tell ya that my little Sonia is into electronic gadgets?? u shud see how she uses her Ipod... yes she has her own Ipod mind ya and has lots of educational stuff in her Ipod.. she even knows how to get into her fav video and click on whatever she wants - she can swipe, scroll, tap etc hahahha

She loves to dig in my handbag and look for my reading glasses (yes I am getting there ladies.. the reading glasses.. the body aching... the the the muahahha) so now she has her own sunglasses!

Sonia and her fav leopard (she calls him papard hehhe)


Yat Maria said...


Sonia is soooo adorable..miss them @ this age...but tak miss the tantrum part..he he...look @ her expression after dipping the sauce..muah ha ha..

Unknown said...

OMG!!! so cute.... hah ... she has her own ipod????!!!!
hahahah ...

SurayaCoghlan said...

Love all the photos,Rima. She's so adorable and sweet. She'll be a babe lah bila besar nanti..hehe.

Rima said...

Part part tantrum tu yg tak leh ang lol but ah as what the french wud say.. "its normale yahhhh" (pronounce as nuhr mahl) hehehe

Everyday is a new day... everyday shes learning new stuff.. for the past 2 3 days ni she calls me Rima instead of Mama hahaha

Rima said...
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Rima said...

She is .. isnt she? we love her to bits! so full of nonsense just like her papa heheh

A babe?? muahahha.. hidung nye tu kasi mancung sikit kah kah kah

Rima said...

Ah ah.. she has her own Ipod.. papa got it for her after she kept on playing with my Iphone.. so now she no longer uses mine and whenever she sees me using my phone she wud say.. "Mama.. wheres mine??" or sometimes she melalut and says.. "Mama.. wheres yours??" hahahaa

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Lucky girl, kecil kecil dah ada Ipod hehehe.

Ain said...

kencang sey time see her...nak pinjam ah ipod dia... ;P

silcleo said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! so cute so cute! i love her expressions! keep them coming - i'm in love. :-)

Rima said...

Pinjam can provided she even kasi u sentuh Ipod dia hehehe

Rima said...

This girl has lots of expression and shes funny too! heheh

We hv far too many photos of her... will try to keep them coming for u fm time to time ok.. :o)

Rima said...

You meant lucky for her mama?? everysince she has ipod.. she cant be bother to touch my iphone lol.. selamatttt hehe

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