Cheese Temptation

Cant wait for the week to end... too many things going on... issues and i am not liking it at all... felt like running away fm it but how lol :o((((((

Anyway I finally finished preparing the long winded cheesecake yesterday after we got home fm Sonia's doc appt. She had her Hepatitis B and H1N1 injection and will hv to go for another jab in a month time.. poor girl... good news is.. doc said shes one healthy girl.. :o)

Honestly i wud rate this cheesecake as not an easy peasy kinda cheesecake.. its time consuming.. it has a few steps (a put off.. i know) and uses a lot of ingredients.. nevertheless i  assure u that this is one super rich (fattening too hehhe) cheesecake that u wouldnt want to miss out.. 


Digestive biscuit base
160g digestive biscuit (finely crushed)
80g melted butter

Mix all the ingredients until well blended. Press it onto bottom of 23cm loose bottom pan. Refrigerate for 15mins or until firm

Ingredients (A)
500g cream cheese
140g sugar
20g corn flour (I accidently used hoen kwee flour!!)
Ingredients (B)
3 eggs
Ingredients (C)
50g orange juice
1 orange zest
Ingredients (D)
150g whipping cream (dairy whipping cream)
Ingredients (E)
250g chocolate glazing

Press digestive biscuit base into bottom of 23cm round loose bottom mould. Cover the outside of the mould with aluminium foil
Cream ingredients A until light. Add in ingredients B, cream until smooth
Add ingredients C, cream until well combined
Add in ingredients D, cream until well incorporated
Pour cream cheese mixture onto the prepared biscuit base
Place it over double boiler, bake in water bath at 160C for 60-70mins
Refrigerate the cake for at least 4hrs

Chocolate Mousse
Ingredients (A)
60g milk
Ingredients (B)
20g sugar
1 egg yolk
Ingredients (C)
80g dark couverture (chopped)
Ingredients (D)
2tsp gelatine
30g water
Ingredients (E)
150g whipped topping

Cooked ingredients A until boils. Add in ingredients B, mix until well blended. Continue to cook for 1 min. Add in ingredients C, mix well combined
Mix ingredients D until well blended and place it over double boiler, cook until gelatine melts or u can micro it for a few sec. Add it into the above mixture
Cool it over ice water to 30C. Whip ingredients E until the soft peak stage. Add it into the abv mixture.
Pour it over the baked cheesecake. Keep it in the fridge for 2hrs or until set
Pour the chocolate glazing over the chocolate mousse. Keep it refrigerated for 20 mins to let it set
Unmould and decorate side of the cake with cream shell. Place some white chocolate shaving on top if u like.

Chocolate Glazing
300g cooking chocolate (melted)
75g milk
15g whipping cream
10g butter

Cook milk and whipping cream until boil. Add in the melted chocolate and mix until well blended. Add in butter, mix until well blended. Set aside to cool to pouring consistency, serve immediately!

My chocolate glazing didnt turn out the way i wanted it to be.. it should be smoother.. i think i must hv added the milk mixture bef my chocolate had fully cool down.. oh well...

Source: Alex Goh (Baking Code)


SurayaCoghlan said...

Rima! i so so love looking at your photography these professional you!! macam dalam food magazine tau.Very impressive. Cawan gambar bear tu..comelnye!!!! Your setting semua, where the cake is, the cup, the fork, the piring..isshh..cantik sangat!

Rima said...

Sue .. Yg benarnye when I look at other food photographers, I jealous tau cos most of them pakai Photoshop n their photos turned out so so good.. I harapkan a gd natural lights n of cos the slr camera.. Dah tu eversince tak de pokok pandan as backdrop terpaksa lah rima keluarkan segala macam khazanah fm her kitchen for her food photography termasuk cawan "bear" tu hahaha (it's a pic of cupcakes stand actually)

Yat Maria said...

Hi Rima,

I absolutely agree with yr friend, Sue's comment..setting is gorgeous;), didnt I tell u before babe?

And this cheesecake is sinfully yummilicious...i tak tau buat punya...can I go over, pretty please??? ha ha..

SurayaCoghlan said...

La..cupcakes stand ke..hihihi..nampak mcm bear..comfirm mak rabun!

Rima said...

LOL Yat.. if u follow the steps carefully.. u sure can buat punya cheesecake tu.. tak pun mai sini.. ade lagi cheesecake tu :op

Nurhasanah Dzulkurnain said...

Hi kak rima. May I ask..  for the cheese cake, do you have to whip the whipping cream first before adding it to the mixture? Or you just add it to the mixture and then mix until well blended?

Rima said...

For don't hv to whip ur whipping cream.. Just add n mix ajer

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