Yogurt Steamed Cupcake

If ur an Indonesia.. or at least.. a south east-asian.. I am pretty sure ur familiar with Indonesian Steamed Cake aka Baulu Kukus.. well this aint ur typical baulu kukus.. this steam cake uses yogurt.. it tastes more like hmm apam makoke?? ya know the typical chewy, rich and densed with a hint of sweet and sour kind.. soo why not gv this recipe a try.. who knows u might like it as much as we did..  

One of my new "toys".. a tall muffin cup and muffin cup liners..

Bring your steamer to boil.
In a mixing bowl, beat together:

2 cups sugar
1 tsp ovallete
2 cups flour
1 cup fresh yoghurt (thick)
2 eggs
1/2 tsp double acting baking powder
1tsp cocoa powder
1tsp chocolate paste

Beat all of them together until the batter becomes pale, thick, and the whisk leaves a vivid trail when stirring through the batter.
Spare some batter for the chocolate topping (about 5 Tbsp), mix it with cocoa powder and chocolate paste.
Drop the white batter into cups, then drop a teaspoon of chocolate batter on top of every cup. Steam for about 15 - 20mins.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Oh..just steam?, no put in the oven?. Macam simple lah pulak.

Rima said...

ah ah its simple.. use steamer (kukusan).. api nak besar ok..

Anonymous said...

Where can you get the cute little cup that you place the cupcake liner in?

Rima said...

If ur in malaysia i dont know where u can get it.. i got mine fm Jakarta and i hv seen it in that bakery shop kat yokoso (haig road) singapore.

Rima said...

I cover my kukusan cover with towel..

mas@mummy of nuqman said...

kak rima,
saya nak buat cupcake ni sekejap lagi since ada plain yogurt yang akan expired lg 3 hari tapi nk tukar skit resepi ke warna warni..hehe

Rima said...

How did i go?? u like it?

HomeKreation said...

Hi Rima,
Many thanks for the marvelous recipe. Tried it & very happy with the outcome.

Rima said...

Ty for trying Roz! woahhh meriah colour nye.. mekar sejambak.. memang this recipe kejadian nye meriah kan suasana.. mana tak.. bila buka tutup kukusan.. each and every one of em tengah tersenyum lebau hahaha

Anonymous said...

Salam Rima my name is Salwa Ali frm Bdr Utama, PJ, i love to read ur blog and I realize u like to go to One Utama well its just next to my house....

Ok I got question... M so lazy to go to Bake With Yan(the famous shop in KL and PJ selling all the baking product) To buy double action baking powder....kalau I pakai baking powder yg tak double action boleh ke? ;-)

Thks Rima

Salwa Ali

Rima said...

W'salam Salwa
Oh ye ker?? lahhh so close yet so far kannn... ok can can... if u tak de double acting.. tak yah lah lari gi BWY tu.. just pakai baking powder ajer

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