Wilton Muffin

I am not a big fan of muffins.. I like baking them tho.. As far as I know.. there are two ways of making muffins.. the classic method (one that tells you to pour the wet ingredients into the dry and stir them just until moist, creating lumpy batter) and the one you whip with an electric mixer while hot (creating a batter similar to pancakes) this method is also known as Ruri's method..

Now why is it called Wilton Muffin then?? hehhe simply cos the muffin recipe was created by mother Dinie in Cooking With Style, who also taught at Wilton, Jakarta..

So ok.. long story short.. this time round I decided to try out baking muffins using Ruri's method.. the texture of this muffin is rather moist and spongy unlike ur typical crumbly classic muffin .. if u want a sky high muffin look.. there are a few things that u shud remember.. All tips are fm Mbak Riana

1) Try not to fill all the cups with batter. Leave one empty, and fill it halfway with water. The steam will help the batter rise even better..

2) Fill your muffin tins full to the upper rim. It’s not a cupcake, remember? We need our muffins to be high, so it needs all the batter available in one tiny cup to rise and rise more. Don’t worry that the batter might spill. The batter on the rim would have been baked already and become a firm guard when the middle starts to rise, forcing the batter to break through the middle, creating the mound you want. In fact, if you have like 1 cup of batter left, do not use it to fill another cup. Instead, use it to add a little bit extra batter to each hole.

3) Do not tap the pan. While sponge cake batter needs to be tapped once in a pan to eliminate any excess bubbles, it is NOT the same case with muffin. It needs no tapping, it even hates tapping!

4) Preheat your oven at high temperature (200-220 Celcius degree) for at least 15 minutes before the actual baking. After you put your muffins in the oven, you can adjust the temperature as needed. If you’re using an electric oven, use BOTH UPPER AND LOWER HEAT. This is important, because one of the reasons why muffins refuse to rise high is because the upper area of the oven is not as hot as the lower area. Therefore, make sure your oven heats evenly.

350g flour
25g milk powder
230g butter (i used unsalted and added 2g of salt)
110 cc of water
4 eggs size M (200g w/o shell)
300 gr sugar (if you wanna bake savoury muffins use 200g sugar)
1 tbsp vanilla extract
8g baking powder
50g of ur fav fillings (chocolate chip, mix fruits, turkey, ham, cheese etc etc)

1. Boil butter, water and sugar till sugar dissolves .. put it aside
2. In mixer bowl.. add flour and milk powder and whisk it at low speed.. slowly pour in the hot butter mixed and whisk at medium speed until warm. (be careful while mixing cos butter mixture is HOT)
3. Add vanilla extract once batter is warmish
4. Add eggs one by one
5. Add baking powder and continue to blend till batter is fairly flat.
6. Sitr in ur fav fillings (chocolate chips / nuts / cheese / fruit etc)
7. Spoon the batter into a piping bag and pipe in batter into muffin tray
8. Sprinkle top with ur fav filling
9. Bake on preheated oven of 180C for 20mins

Source: Kueh Ruri blogspot


Yat Maria said...

Great tips Rima..

Thanks for sharing ;)


Rima said...

No worries Yat :o)

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

My kids love muffin, tapi masalah dia they mommy yang malas mahu baking hehe.

Rima said...

Eh mommy.. if u rajin baking.. u safe lots plus u know what goes into ur muffin.. heheh

Anonymous said...

hye rima,
adakah semua jenis muffin boleh menggunakan kaedah yg sama seperti di atas utk mendapatkan "mountain muffin".

Rima said...

Hi suzy
Yep.. Gv it a try ok :)

Anonymous said...

Hi rima,
Just wanna ask..100cc of water tu apa?

Rima said...

That's 100ml water Aisyah

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