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I know I hv not been updating my blog for a couple of days now... time is not on my side and whats worse I dont even hv the time to bake anything.. well until today.. sigh... to be honest.. i didnt plan to bake anything today but after i got a call fm Hairi's dad telling me that Hairi will be warded after his day surgery.. my mind went blank... I was stressed and I was thinking far far too much into it that I decided to bake and for whatever reason I decided to bake Macarons... why?? i dont even know the answer... the end product??? "NO FEET"!!... oh well... better luck next time! grrrr

Anyway we got home safely on Sunday night.. I must say that our plane ride was a lot more easier now that Sonia has her own seat... she wasnt as fussy and she knows how to just sit when the plane is abt to take off and land..

Hairi will be discharged tomorrow morning and it looks like hes gonna be home for a couple of weeks till he is fully recovered... in the meantime I really hope that tomorrow I hv the mood to bake something after todays Macaron disaster!

So ok .. heres a few photos taken fm last weekend.. Ty Husin for taking the time to meet us.. and also for driving us to a bakery supply shop called Toko Titan along Fatmawati (bad bad traffic area).. I bought not one but four baking trays.. 4 bottles of pure vanilla extract..all sort of  paste, cookie cutters, muffin tray.. friand tray.. etc etc etc hahaha.. (i went crazy in there.. imagine.. a 10x10 brownie tray with cutter cost only $3!!)


Yat Maria said...

Hi Rima

Welcome back ;)he he..

Hope Hairi recovers well & soon ok..Tak lah Mummy dia risau2, nanti tak boleh baking, tak dapat drool on the bakes & such ;)

Show us lah your baking stuff that you bought..and murah lagi..BTW, What is friand tray?

And thanks dear for posting the roti kirai recipe..I am gonna make it this Friday and have it with chicken curry yeay!!! thanks Babe ;)

Adnazthie said...

Salam Rima,
Semoga Hairi akan cepat pulih seperti sediakala..kasih ibu sampai ke syurga.

Rima said...

Morning Yat
Ty for the well wishes.. hopefully he will be discharge bef lunch..

That roti kirai recipe tu i usually will just agak agak aje.. if u takut fattening u can use evaporated milk.. but ah nothing beats coconut milk hahahha..

Friand tray tu macam muffin tray but instead of round its ovalish.. that one i paid slightly more than $2.. i will show what i bought as i go/bake along heheh

Rima said...

Salam Adnazthie

Hopefully and for the next few weeks mama dia will be busy kat dapur ah cos hes home :o)

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Hope he will be 100% better soon.

Rima said...

Ty SJB :o)

hawa said...

Where's this place Toko Titan? JB?

Rima said...

Toko Titan is in Jakarta

Hawa said...

Sayaang :( ...just went Jakarta a few weeks ago but didnt know where to find bakery stuff...Well next time Insyallah will defianately go to Titan! Ty Rima!

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