Kjeldsens Danish Butter Cookies look alike

First of.. I am pissed off with my Internet connection last night... after uploading photos and writing a long "essay" i couldn't published it.. it kept on saying i had no connectivity!! arghhhhhh... hate it when that happens.. shud hv just listened to hb when he told me to go to bed since it was already past midnight.. blahhhh

Anyway i cant simply remember what i wrote last night.. so i am gonna keep it simple.. Was out and abt with Sonia yesterday since 9am.. err well thats what happens when Rima has the car for the day lol.. took her to a few places.. the early learning center (ELC) was one of them... she loves to just play with the toys there and wont ask me to buy any... the same goes when i took her to ToysRus... she will play but will walk out of the store without any toys.. good girl!

Had planned to take her to Bambini but unfortunately she fell asleep while I was driving there so had to make a u turn and drive back home...and since i knew that hb would be home late cos of some office bowling event.. i decided to keep myself busy and one of them was definitely baking hehehe

Got online.. saw this butter cookies recipe in florence blog and realised that its time i make use of some of my newbies i hv in my pantry (hb had bought me baking stuff as vday gift hahaha) dont u just love the colour of this Mastrad rolling pin??

We love the buttery and crunchy texture of these cookies.. its easy to prepare and it doesnt use a lot of ingredients... just make sure u use quality butter and also use the demerara sugar for topping as it makes a lot of differences then using the normal coarse sugar..

75g butter (I used Golden Churn canned butter)
50g fine sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 egg yolk + 1/2 tsp vanilla essence (lightly beaten)
150g cake flour (remove 1 tbsp)
pinch of baking powder
1 tbsp skim milk powder

1 egg white
Dry Demerara sugar for sprinkling

1. Cream butter, sugar and salt with electric beater till pale and fluffy.
2. Add in egg yolk and beat till well incorporated.
3. Sieve in the flour and baking powder, add in the milk powder, use the lowest speed of your electric beater to combine. Mixture will be bread-crumbs like and will form a dough easily.
4. Put dough into a plastic bag and roll it into a flat sheet as in Photo 5. Chill in the fridge till harden before cutting out the cookie.
5. Cut out cookie with cutter. Brush on some egg white and sprinkle dry demerara sugar on the surface.
6. Bake on a lined tray at 180C for 10 minutes in the middle rack and shift to the upper rack and bake a further 2 - 3 minutes to get the golden brown color. (i baked mine at 170C for 8mins)

Notes fm Florence
1. The sprinkling of the dry demerara sugar is optional. If you omit this step, please increase sugar to 60g.
2. Please really only use a pinch of baking powder as you don't want the cookie to be out of shape when it is baking in the oven.
3. Chill the dough again if it is too soft to be cut out.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Look so easy to bake (^_^).

SurayaCoghlan said...

love that rolling pin..what a vibrant colour!!

Rima said...

very easy and yummy too.. try to bake it if u hv the time yah..

Yep something different ah fm ur typical rolling pin.. semangat sikit nak mengrolling kan dough hehehe

CS said...

Hi Rima, suka semuanya, hehe.

Smlm my son buat sendiri butter crumbles (kesian I tengok sbb tak ikut resipi, sedar2 dah nak bakar). Without checking the thickness of the crumbles, I set the oven for 30mts. Teruslah jadi biskut, hehe (nasib baik my son tak salahkan I that I set the oven too long). This morning he told me that his sister likes the biscuit n claimed it tasted like shortbread.

Dia mesti suka if I bake biskut cam you nih. Thanks .. I dah 'kopi' the resipi.

Rima said...

Lahhh kesian nye ur son.. rajin pulak dia membaking.. my son.. makan pun i masih siap kan..

Try and bake ok and let me know if he likes it.. good luck!

levisgenie said...

Hi Rima

Thanks fr the recipe. Sounds yummy.

By the way where did you buy the cookie cutter? Did u get it from Singapore?


Rima said...

Yes Jean.. I got it fm singapore.. Kitchen Caper to be exact

Julia said...

Where is Kitchen Caper in Singapore? I really want to get one. Btw, I'm loving your blog. =)

Rima said...

Ty Julia! the adrs is just a click away on my ABOUT button

faizwan said...


Nur Faizah Rahim

Anonymous said...

Hi, where can i get demerara sugar here? Can i use the normal coarse sugar? simthi

Rima said...

Hi Simthi
U can get demerara in any supermarket here.. cold storage.. ntuc.. giant.. etc etc etc

Unknown said...

hi kak rima! haritu leen try resepi akak ni. bestnya. anak2 leen suka betul! tapi leen terpaksa buat bentuk lain la sbb cutter mcm biskut danish ni leen takde. heee.. thanks ya kak. resepi mudah macam ni mmg diperlukan utk org2 amatur mcm saye hehe :)

oh ya. entry psl biskut tu saya letak dalam ni

MK Moon said...

kak Rima.... where you bought the cutter? i cannot find in msia :(

Rima said...

i got it fm singapore... hv seen in it in one of the bakery store in JB tho

MK Moon said...

then i need to do some searching in KL area .... anyway, thanks for ur info n great recipe!

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