Counting my blessings

I love this photo.. am blessed to hv both of them around me... blessed to hv so many great things in my life.. family.. friends and of cos God.. Last night Sonia was up till 11pm waiting for hb to come back fm dinner appt.. poor hb... he must be super tired... oppss sentimental moment muuuahahah..

All the photos below were taken fm this morning.. had my breakfast at the club room and took Sonia for a swim.. hb was gone even bef Sonia was up.. hmm since 7am i think.. bad traffic!.. Sonia is sleeping and once shes up I plan to venture out bef meeting hb at Cilandak Town sq for our dinner appt.. Anyway dont u just love Orchids?? I know I do..

The Chocolate Boutique that I told u abt.. I wished i can take a close up pic of all their goodies... no photos allowed even tho i asked for permission lol .. lots of  fine details chocolate goodies.. they even hv a tiny tiny handbags made out of chocolates... too pretty to be eaten!!


Yat Maria said...

Hi Rima

Gd job on the choc boutique pics albeit long distance pics...paparazzi pon kalah...I'm sure the chocs are very pretty..;)

Love too the pics of Sonia by the pool and her 'consentrasi' with her toy....

Adnazthie said...

Salam Rima,
Very sentimental moment Sonia with her commelll. I love Sonia's photos wearing kiddies swim suit. So sweet.

Rima said...

Paparazzi ni boleh tahan tau.. tak leh take close up pic.. ku naik tangga and sembunyi belakang pillar to take pic hahahah

Sonia if tak de papa dia.. she doesnt wanna swim lama lama... this time round she said.. "mama.. hottttt" hehehe

Rima said...

Salam Adnazthie
Tu lah.. thats why todays entry macam sentimental sikit.. heheh tapi sikit aje tauuu

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Serious juga muka Sonia tu (pic no 5)hehehe.

Rima said...

SJB if u wanna know.. my hb does the same thing when hes writing or reading.. serious face... like father like daughter :o)

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