Little Bun aka Roti Paun Diana

Roti paun .. also known as little bun, is a toasted small rectangular bread loaf that is made up of 4 little buns.. u can eat it as it is or u can hv it with margarine, butter or kaya (home made coconut jam). I am not too sure how this bread really tastes like but after baking it today i realised it actually tastes like sweet bun.. I could be totally wrong .. i dont know.. I wish i had bought roti paun when we were in Terengganu.. after all it is one of their famous local delicacies there...oh well... maybe next time.. 

Anyway I think i  printed this recipe like a year ago and only today i had the urge to gv it a try... dough was rather sticky after i took it out of my BM.. I had to add a little more flour and had to really powder my hands before i could even roll it individually... nevertheless its well worth all the effort cos we ended up liking the texture and the taste of this bread... so ty Diana! 

6 cups flour (maybe add 1/2 a cup more) 
1 3/4 cup evaporated milk or fresh milk
3/4 cup sugar
11g yeast
3 eggs
1/4 cup melted butter (I used unsalted butter)
a few drop of yellow colour
1/2 tsp salt (i added)
1 tsp bread softener (i added)

Add ingredients according to ur BM manufacturer instruction.
Select dough cycle
After an hour... take dough out of ur BM
Gv it a little punch and divide dough into 18 round balls.. 80g each
Place dough into greased baking pan
Let it proof for abt half an hour or till double in size
Drop  1/2 tsp of butter onto each roll
Bake on preheated oven of 160C for abt 20mins

Source: Koleksi Resipi Pilihan Diana


Anonymous said...

Hi, what kind of flour did u use? Celine

Rima said...

Hi Celine
I use all purpose flour for this bun..

Nisaa Shah said...

Hi... May I know... What is BM that ure referring to? Thanks.. -Nisaa-

Rima said...

Hi Nisaa
BM is break maker hehe

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