Rainbow Serimuka and Sausage Puff

I started this blog to record and share recipes that I have tried. Most turn out pretty good and are successful. Some not many, fail me. And I will try to "fix" it as best as I can. But as you all know, a bad recipe sometimes can't be fixed.

U see, I hv a husband who is very particular abt the taste of Serimuka (Putri Salat) . So much so that my "long-term" recipe from my "so called" bfriend was untouchable. Until today....

I decided to try out another Serimuka recipe... at first I was worried that it wouldn't turn out well.. I was wrong ... my Hb loves it more than the old recipe!! so ty Gert fm My Kitchen Snippets for  sharing this wonderful recipe.. :o) 


Bottom layer
400 grm of glutinous rice - wash and soak for at least 4 hours or overnight
230 ml of coconut milk
2 pandan/screwpine leaves
1 tsp of salt (next time i will use 1/2tsp)
1 tsp sugar (I added)

Top layers
4 large eggs
6 tbsp rice flour
5 tbsp custard powder/cornstarch
500 ml of coconut milk
200 grms of sugar
1 tsp of salt
Few drop of red and yellow coloring
Few drop of pandan paste
Few drop of vanilla essence (I added)

1. Prepare the steamer. Combine glutinous rice, salt and coconut in a square or round cake pan. Mix well. Place the screwpine/pandan leaves on top of the rice and steam over rapidly boiling water for about 30–35 minutes or until cooked through.
2. Discard pandan leaves. Fluff up the rice, and then press rice firmly down with a banana leaf or aluminum foil until it is compact. Return it to the steamer.
3. For the topping, stir eggs and sugar until well combined. Add the coconut milk and the rest of the ingredients. Strain the batter to remove any lumps.
4. Divide the batter into 3 equal portions. One portion adds a few drop of red coloring, another one with yellow and the last one with green or pandan paste.
5. Scratch the surface of the steam rice lightly with a fork. Pour in the first (red) layer of the batter on top of the rice. Steam over a low heat for 5-7 minutes or until set.
6. Before pouring the second (yellow) layer scratch the surface lightly with a fork. Steam until set and followed by the last (green) layer. Steam for another 7 minutes.
7. Set it aside to cool completely before cutting into serving pieces.

So ok.. I'm gonna make this quick as we are going to bed in a few minutes and my hubby is glaring at me right now... *I get the hint.* kwang kwang kwang hahahah..   

You need instant puff pastry.. a couple of chicken sausages and egg yolk for brushing

Cut puff pastry into 4 parts... cut sausage into two... roll em' up... brush with egg yolk and bake it at 175C for 20mins

Had prepared it for our kite/picnic session.. quick and easy!


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Are you baking everyday?

Yat Maria said...

Hi Rima

This looks like a yummy's been sometime since I last had 1 ;)

BTW, ty for sharing the sicilian orange cake..I followed the recipe to a T...really sedap...the best I've tasted so mum likes it v much too ;) take a look la @ my site...

Have a gd week ahead !


Rima said...

Almost every single day i get to bake.. its like ... its like... ahhhh cannot describe the feeling dahhhh hehehe

Yat Maria
Good job Yat!! see i told ya that u can bake it as nice time if ur baking it for urself.. u shud do the icing too.. lagi yummmmmmmmmm

Glad ur mom likes it too.. nothing beats the smile on their faces when they take their first bite ey heheheh

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