Mango Cream Cheese Layer Cake

Yawnnnnn... I just cant stop yawning.. very very sleepy and I dont think i hv the mood to even write anything...

Felt hasitant if i shud be baking today.. why? I dont even know lol.. probably not in the mood... so after an hour of sitting and surfing I finally felt the need to try out another kind of layer cake.. looked at the time and figured that if i wanna start baking layer cake .. i better do it fast..

I decided to bake Mango cream cheese layer cake.. (thank goodness I hv 2 sweet darlin' mangoes 'standing' in my fridge!) .. glad i chose this recipe cos...

besides being moist, buttery, soft and yummy.. this cake is so so rich in flavour and err fattening too hahhaha... hb ate 7pcs at one go and complained of a bloated tummy cos he ate too fast!! geeeshhhh...

450gm butter ( I used golden churn)
1 can condense milk (397g)
250gm cream cheese, room temp
10 eggs (grade A)
150gm sugar
200gm Hong Kong flour
1 tbsp ovalette
100gm Horlick
120 gm preserved mango (slice and cut into smaller chunks and mix it with mango puree.. i used 3tbsp of puree )
2 tbsp mango puree (I used 4 tbsp)
Mango essence (I didnt use)
Orange or yellow colouring (I used both)

Preheat oven 180C.. greased and layer a 10x7" pan... (u can use 9x9 if u want a higher cake.. I am using 10x10" this time round)

1. Cream butter, cream cheese and condense milk till white and fluffy.. put it aside.

2. In another bowl.. whisk egg, sugar, hongkong flour, horlick and ovalette till thick and double in size.

3. Mix both batter and stir till well combined. (I used rubber spatula to mix and later whisk it on low speed for a few sec)

4. Divide batter into two portion.. add orange/yellow colour and mango paste in one and leave the other one plain.

5. Grill layer by layer starting with orange batter at 180C for 7mins.. grill plain batter and add in mango preserve.. grill again for another 7mins.. repeat process till batter finish.. once done bake cake using upper and lower heat for 10mins.. oh dont forget to use a cake presser on every layer to get that even layer..

Good Luck and Enjoy!!  

Source: Bro Rozzan


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Sedappppp. (^_^).

Anonymous said...

salam rima,

tabik spring (toiiiiinnnggg!!!!) to you, dear ;o) delicious looking cake...burp! da kenyang.

have a nice baking cake day :))

Anonymous said...

salam rima,

tabik spring (toiiiiinnnggg!!!!) to you, dear ;o) delicious looking cake...burp! da kenyang.

have a nice baking cake day :))

Rima said...

if u live here boleh I share with u hehe

lol anonymous... First time I heard someone said tabik spring

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