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When Sonia met Dr M..

Can u imagine how we must hv felt at that very moment...
honoured and blessed...
Selamat Menyambut Maal-Hijrah 1431 (Happy New Year) to everyone.. 


Anonymous said...

salam maal hijrah 1431H!

dear rima,

wow! u bumped into che det? kat mana tu? KLCC? bes nyer. sonia is one lucky gurl :-)

take care n hv a nice day.

Rima said...

We bumped into che det kat KLCC.. tak sangka betul hehe

Lils said...

hello there,
you guys are so lucky to meet che det! I am so jealous :)

btw, I suka reading your blog sebab banyak food pics (nice shot!) with the recipes semua ;)

Rima said...

Hello Lils
Food pics always attract us ladies hehe

CS said...

Dear Sonia, aunty is so jeles of you.. (sambil menjeling manja)

Rima said...

Dont be aunty... u shud hang around KLCC and u will get to see lots of famous faces hehehe (sambil winking at u)

Ana Suki said...

Salamz sis, I enjoy reading you recipe.. but this particular blog of yours.. am just so jealous.. hehehe.. you met Dr Mahathir?!!!! Aauuwwww.. lucky you.. haiz.. (",)

Rima said...

Salam anasuki39
Tu lah siapa sangka that day boleh terserempak dgn Dr M.. Lucky us!

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