Waste of space

What a shitty day today...
dont u just hate it if someone
is talking nonsense abt u??
dont u just love it the way they twist
turn their words so as to make u look like a moron..
ohhhhh ohhhhh better still...
when that person literally said...
"maybe shes just not happy when someone is better off than her"...
OH MY GOD... u got to be kidding right??!!!
First u talk behind me
then u judge me?
Am I still living in the olden era where
jealousy... showing off yadda yadda yadda
is the IN thing?
That is sooooooooooooo not my kinda thing..
if I am not happy..
I will say it out
but if I am being misunderstood for being a biatch...
oh sorry...
I really hv no time to entertain that kinda of nonsense...
Adios gf... and oh ...
If ur reading this crap.. you are so not welcome in my blog

Sorry peeps..
didnt mean to bore u guys..
some things are better left unsaid..
but this one is well worth saying out loud..
Hopefully I will hv a good day tmrw
see u guys in KL!

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